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If you are not afraid of being beaten by Will, then do whatever you want.

Just two minutes after 10 p.m., Serial arrived.

Chris took him upstairs to the study to see Jason. On the way, Serial started to gossip about Jason, “Did he get up on the wrong side of the bed today?How come I was asked to hypnotize him to sleep?”

Jason had never accepted Serial’s idea of hypnotizing him to sleep before.

But today, he suddenly asked for this, which really made Serial confused.

“Boss may finally straighten out his thinking.” Chris did not explain too much.

He didn’t exactly know what was converstaion between Boss and Edgar, but he did hear Boss talking about moving house.

As for the rest.

He had no idea.

“I hope he really straighten out his thinking.” Serial was more worried about Jason’s situation.

Chris didn’t say anything more and took him upstairs to the study, then closed the door after sending him in, leaving the space for the two of them.

Jason was as indifferent as usual.

Serial didn’t hypnotize him immediately, but sat on the sofa opposite Jason and said, “An effective hypnosis requires your complete cooperation, so if your consciousness resisits, it won’t work.”

“I know.” said Jason coldly.



“Why did you suddenly accept the idea of hypnotizing you to sleep tonight?”

“Because I want to have a good sleep tonight.”

His simple answer made Serial understand that Jason didn’t really straighten out his thinking.

Serial sat there in a casual manner, with a few more warmth in his demeanor. “You are tangled in the past, but you and Sarah no longer owe each other. You don’t have to keep falling into self- blame because of the past.”

“I did not.” answered Jason with only theree words.

He wasn’t blaming himself.

He was regretting.

Regretting all the things in the past, regretting that he didn’t know how to truly love someone from the beginning.

Serial sensed that Jason didn’t want to talk so much. He said, “Get ready, I’ll start hypnosis.”

Jason did as he said. He went to shower, and then lay down on the bed in the bedroom.

The hypnosis went very smoothly, and Jason was very cooperative throughout the process. He was so cooperative that it only took about ten minutes for him to fall into a deep sleep.

After the hypnosis ended.

Serial tucked Jason on his bed with a blanket, and made sure he was sleeping steadily before leaving.

Chris had been waiting outside. When he learned that the hypnosis went well, he was slightly relieved.



“I still hope you can persuade him to accept psychological guidance.” said Serial with his nice thin lips, conveying his tenderness and sincerity that had never been felt before, “If he still can’t sleep well, he will wear himself out.”

Chris promised him.

But deep down, he knew that no one can persuade Boss to accept any advices, unless Boss could figure out by himself.

“Where is his recent medical report?” Serial was really concerned about Jason’s health, “Did it come out?”

“Yes, I just got it when I came off duty, but I haven’t had the time to read it yet.” said Chris while leading Serial to go downstairs.

Serial went with him to get the report.

When he saw Jason’s current physical condition, he frowned.

Chris was also startled for a moment.

“What happened to him?” Serial looked at the data and the medical condition in a gloomy mood, “He even got gastritis.”

Chris was silent and did not say anything.

For this period of time.

Boss did not eat well. Sometimes he ate nothing, sometimes he would have only one small bite of the dishes.



Ordinary people wouldn’t have the physical strength to work if they did not eat properly, but Boss acted normally with full spirit, and doubled his work.

“You can go have some rest.” Serial thought that he must talk to Jason, “Don’t let Jason work in the next few days. I’ll talk to him.”

Chris was in silence.

He was tempted to say, “It’s useless even if you talk to him.”

Boss had always acted according to his own will, even his parents could not persuade him to do anything, let alone Serial.

But he could not say it.

Dr. Lance was clearly going to play hardball with Boss.

“Fine.” Chris agreed, in case of troubles, he also added, “If there is something that you can’t manage, just call me. I will come in time.”

Serial nodded. He would spend the night in Jason’s villa.

Jason woke up the next day and saw Serial. He did not say a word at first. After taking a glass of water and drinking for two sips, he said, “You may leave now.”

“No rush.”


“There’s something I need to talk to you.” Serial sat on the sofa and threw his medical report on the table, “Look at this.”



Jason thought it was a business document and took it over. When he saw that it was his own medical report, he paused, then naturally flipped it over. Page by page, he read all the results of the report.

After that, he threw the medical report on the table. He tone was indifferent, just like before. “I read it. What do you want to talk about?”

“There’s nothing you want to talk about?”

“About what?”

“What else can we talk about?” asked Serial in reply.

“I don’t know.”Jason did not want to talk about these things at all.

His eyes were cold. “If there is nothing else you want to say, you can pack up and leave. I’ve got work to do, excuse me.”

Serial stood up and held his shoulders, “Sit down!” Jason was confused.

“It’s only been two months, and you already have several abnormal data.” Serial was the most worried about Jason’s physical health.

“You also got gastritis. If you don’t take it seriously, you’ll end up in a bad health in less than a year.”

He only sleeps for two or three hours of sleep a day, and never catches up on sleep.

Irregular diet had also caused troubles to his stomach.

If everybody just left him like this, Jason was very likely to die suddenly one day!



“Nobody knows me better than me.”Jason was really aware of his own physical condition, but he then said something exasperating, “I I’ve no intention to pop off yet.”

There were several times he felt pain in the chest while working, and he stopped working and went to rest immediately.

He was not a fool.

He would take his life seriously.

“If you know yourself so well, why don’t you look at the index of your heart?” Serial was really worried about that Jason might end up in a sudden death, “From this day on, you must eat well and rest well. If you don’t do so, you know the consequences.”

Jason looked at Serial in confusion.

As if his eyes was asking a question.

Are you threatening me?’

“What consequences?”

“You know them.” said Serial frimly and painstakingly.

Jason, who didn’t care much about the medical report, answered him naturally, “Well, I’m not so sure.”

“If you don’t rest and eat well, I’ll tell Sarah how you’ve spent the past two months, and then show her your medical report.” Serial threatened. He knew that was best way to control Jason.

Not surprise.

The moment these words came out, Jason’s surrounding aura went cold.


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Jason looked at Serial. His eyes were like icy water pools. “If you are not afraid of being beaten by Will, then do whatever you want.”

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