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In fact, Jason was afraid.

He was afraid that Serial would tell Sarah about this. He was also afraid that he would tell Sarah more things about himself.

He really didn’t want to disturb her life anymore.

“Will won’t beat me up.” said Serial with great certainty. He also braced himself to have a deep chat with Jason. “Start with today’s breakfast. If you still won’t rest properly, I’ll tell her about you.”

“Serial.”Jason got a little angry.

Serial met his gaze naturally.

As the former heir of a super big family, he wouldn’t lose to Jason in terms of aura.

It was just that he was guilty because he did something.

“I know what you’re thinking, and I also know that you don’t want to bother Sarah with your own affairs anymore.” Serial changed a way to talk to him, “But if you continue to be like this, your parents will know it sooner or later, and they will let Sarah advise you to live a good life.”

Jason’s eyes grew colder and colder.

Mom and dad won’t bother Sarah, he was sure of that, but sooner or later, things will reach Sarah’s ears.

He didn’t know about Sarah’s attitude for him, nor did he know



what did she really think of him in her heart.

He only knew that…

He could not let Sarah know about this.

“If you dare to let her know, I’ll tell your parents about your search for Bella.” It was Jason’s first time to threaten somebody like this. “And then I’ll tell everything I know between you and Bella in your circle.”

Once people knew about those things between Bella and Serial, the two of them would definitely be in the middle of public opinion.

At that time.

Something bad will definitely happen.

Serial would never let Bella go through something like that.

“Whatever. I don’t care.” Serial’s answer was unexpected. “My families knew that I left them because of Bella. So I don’t care if you tell everyone about this in the circle. In fact, if everyone knows that Bella is mine, they’ll stop coveting her.”

“What if it ruins her future?” Jason suddenly felt that he could not understand Serial.

“Your words could indeed threaten the person I was five years ago, but things aren’t the way they were now.” Serial viewed life affairs very naturally. “Bella and I now are the gods of the circle, no one wants to go against us.”

When you’re just a oridinary person, some public opinion can crush you.

But when you reach a field that others have not reached, some voices will automatically disappear.



Bella was no longer making money by being a doctor, and neither was he.

If things had to be like that…

He didn’t care about the public opinion whatsoever.

No matter what, he would stand by her side and help her block everything away.

“I hope you can listen to my word of advice, cherish your health.”

Serial spoke to him in a serious manner. “I am a few years older than you, just like a brother. I have experienced the same thing you are experiencing now.”

When he was forced to leave Bllla, he was living in hell.

But he got through it.

“Get out.”Jason tried to kicked him out.

“Have some breakfast first.” Serial was clearly trying to supervise him, “I’ll call Sarah now if you don’t.”

The cold air around Jason almost condensed into substance.

Serial and he did not give way to each other.

The two of them stalled for a while, and then Jason walked towards outside.

He made his attitude very clear. He was not going to eat anything when he had no appetite, and he wouldn’t accept Serial’s threats.


Serial was determined to fight with him to the end today.



The moment he left, Serial took out his cell phone and called Sarah,and turned on the amplified sound.

The voice of beep could be heard very clearly in the empty living room.

“Take a guess. How long will Sarah answer the phone?” said Serial slowly.

Jason stopped because of these words, and his feet stood there as if they had been rooted.

The beeping of the phone continued, and Serial did not speak again. He believed that Jason would make the right choice.

When it came to the sixth beep.

Sarah picked up.

The moment the phone was connected, Jason’s body went frozen invisibly.

Sarah’s voice was as light as ever, and it was clear that her relationship with Serial was not close, “Hello.”

“Looking for your help to make a security system.” Serial gave Jason a chance and didn’t tell Sarah directly about his situation, “The effect should be better than Noths group’s. You can name a price.”

“Not interested.” Sarah refused without hesitation.

How dare he mentioned the Noths group.

If it wasn’t for Serial, she wouldn’t have had so many incidents with Jason.

They wouldn’t be together for so many times from the beginning.

Sarah hung up the second she finished. It was obivous that she didn’t want to talk too much with him.



Serial knew the result before he called. He took the phone in his hand and said one last thing toJason, “Are you sure you still don’t want to have breakfast?”

“You think it’s funny?” Jason didn’t understand.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m letting you go now. The previous agreement is cancelled. And I’ll tear up that contract in front of you.”Jason didn’t want to get involved with Serial anymore. He was really not someone you can deal with. “From now on, you go back to New York immediately.”

“I’m not going to leave until you are cured.” said Serial.

He also wanted to go back, but it was useless to go back now.

Bella had booked a flight to leave New York a month ago, and her whereabouts were hidden by K, so he couldn’t find her even if he wanted to.

He was not going to leave Atlanta for the time being until his staff found out some news of Bella.

Jason’s eyes were like the icy water pool being put on an extra layer of frost. “Serial, you should know that I have little patience.” “Well, I have a lot of patience.” answered Serial in a careless way.

He did not take Jason’s anger seriously at all. “At worst, you and I are both lost. My loss is not big deal, as for you… it seems like you won’t lose anything, either.”

“Maybe it will also make Sarah get back together with you because of the guilt.” Serial deliberately said these words.

Jason clenched his fists in a sudden.

Serial sensed it.

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Jason has been holding it in for too long since the accident, except for the night he got drunk once in New York, he never had let out his emotions again.

A long-term repression will make someone have psychological problems.

In addition, he did not treasure his health at all. It was just a matter of time of his collapse if he chose to suppress his feelings.

In order to completely irritate Jason, Serial deliberately said words that would stimulate him, “Do you want to pretend to be a terminal patient? I’ll tell Sarah that you have been blaming yourself and regretting because of the past, so you did not rest and eat properly, and got a stomach cancer.”

“Then I’ll let your parents say something similar.”

“Just tell her that you are dying, and your last wish is to be able to spend some ordinary and peaceful days with her.”

“Maybe in this way, Sarah will be in guilt. She may break up with Will, only to be with you.”


Jason gave him a punch without ceremony.

Serial had expected Jason to have this action. The moment Jason punched over, Serial hurriedly raised his hand to block.

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