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The knot should be tight.

“Why did you hit me? You think I can’t handle the situation?” Serial continued to stimulate him, trying to let all of his emotions out. “Well, I can assure you, as long as I was telling lies from the beginning, K could not find out.”

Jason was still clenching his fists, “If you dare to do anything stupid, I will absolutely put your and Bella’s reputations to shame.”

“You are that angry, huh?” asked Serial.

Jason’s eyes were like knives.

The coldness around him reached the extreme at this moment.

“If you don’t want me to say anything to her, well then, I won’t do it.” Serial brought the topic to the point. “As long as you eat well from now on and receive hypnosis and psychological guidance, I promise I won’t say a word to her.”

Jason did not answer. He went back to have his breakfast on the table.

Serial stood aside, watching Jason’s eating. When Jason was finished, Serial was relieved.

Jason finished eating and came to Serial. He was still indifferent.

“Come. We can go to the backyard to have some practices. I need a coach to tell me how to fight.”

Serial was speechless.

Do you have to be that serious?’



Even though Serial was very reluctant to do so, but in order to adjust Jason’s emotions, he chose to follow Jason to the backyard.

Want a fight, huh?’

He’s not afraid.

As for Chris’s side.

Not long after he arrived at the office, he received a call from Mr. and Mrs. Noth, and the couple made an appointment with him.

Chris went to the family mansion of Noths to meet with them. He noticed their solemn faces, figuring that they might have known something.

After a brief opening statement.

Mr. Noth cut to the case, “Did Jason have a full medical checkup a few days ago?”

Chris paused.

Then he answered honestly, “Yes.”

“What was the result?”

“Everything is normal.”

“We called you here alone to know his true condition.” said Mrs. Noth warmly. Her frowning eyebrows showed her worry. “Given his recent life routine, his physical statement can’t be normal.”

Although this time Jason was still the same as before.



But this weekend, when Jason went back to the old mansion, his spirit was clearly not as good as before. His appetite was not too good, and he seemed to have lost a lot of weight.

“If the report did find something wrong with him, I hope you can tell us.” Mr. Noth added.

“He’s fine. I assure you.” Chris promised Jason not to tell his parents about this, so he could only lied to them. “Although his spirit and appetite are not so good recently, he made sure he got enough rest time, and his office is always stocked with food.”

Hearing this.

Mr. Noth and Mrs. Noth knew that Chris wouldn’t tell them anything.

Mrs. Noth’s gentle eyes darkened, revealing a desolate look.

“Can you show us the physical examination report?” asked Mr. Noth.

“I’ll send it over later when I go back to the office.” Chris had prepared a fake medical report. It was Boss’s instruction. “Please don’t worry about him. Boss is fine.”

The Noths couple just nodded.

Chris was nervous.

He was ashamed of lying in front of his boss’s parents.

But he knew what it felt. If something happend to him, he also did not want his parents to know. After all, in the world of adults, most people tended to tell good news, instead of bad ones.

If you tell them bad things, you could only see them worrying about you, and they couldn’t help you solve any problems.



It is better to carry on by yourself.

After the meeting, Chris went back to the company to pick up the fake medical report.

Watching Chris leave, Mrs. Noth’s heart was still in worries. “Is Jason really all right?”

“There’s no way he’s all right.” Mr. Noth was telling half truth and half lies. He knew what was the most appropriate way to appease Mrs. Noth. “But you don’t have to worry about him too much. Jason’s a grown up and he knows how to live his own life.”

“I’m still worried…” Mrs. Noth was still not relieved.

“I’ll go talk to him tonight.” Mr. Noth always treat Jason with free-

range parenting, “If there is something wrong, I’ll tell you, okay?”

Mrs. Noth could not think of any other solutions, so she could only say yes to her husband.

She knew her son so well.

Though she did not have many conversations with her son after he grew up, she still knew her child very well.

There was something wrong with Jason in these two months.

When Chris returned to the company, he reported to Boss on this matter, then sent the fake medical report to his parents.

Jason made a simple reply to Chris. He didn’t worry about this.

The reason was also simple.



Serial gave him medicine.

“One pill a day.” Serial gave him a bottle of medicine, only one. “If you are finished, come to me to get a second bottle. If you don’t take the medicine in a proper way, I’ll go to Sarah.”

“You may leave now.”

“Remember to take your medicine.”

Jason didn’t answer.

When Serial left the gate, Jason immediately made a phone call, asking someone to check on Bella.

He could’t live in Serial’s threat for the rest of his life. At this time, he must take the initiative to negotiate with Serial.

Humanity has always been greedy.

If you compromise once, you’ll then compromise a second time and a third time.

He had to avoid that in advance.

“Boss, you can ask Miss Yeats if you want to know something about Bella.” Chris knew that the relationship between Bella and Sarah was close, so when he got the order to check on Bella, he called Boss immediately. “Miss Yeats should know.”

Jason refused.

He would not bother Sarah for unnecessary things.




He thought of the hacker he hadn’t contacted in a long time.

He sent an email to the hacker, using the email adress which was only for contacting the hacker. Jason said in the email that he had a patient who needed medical treatment and wanted to find Dr. Bella, asking if she could help.

By “patient”, of course he meant Serial.

Sarah was planning to sneak away when she received this email.

She was in the garage. She got on the driver’s seat of the car and was about to leave. When she saw the email appeared on her phone, she paused for a second and replied, “No results found.”

Bella said that this time she was going to travel and relax for a while. She could just be herself during this time.

If so.

She wouldn’t care about a patient or what not.

After replying, she was about to leave. But Will stood in front of the car before she could start the car.

The two looked at each other through the windshield.

Sarah’s palms began to sweat.

“Want to sneak away?” Will paced up and down to the driver’s door and opened it to look at her.

“How did you untie the rope so quickly?” Sarah was a little bit of unease. She didn’t know what Will would do next. “I tied you up. The knot should be tight.”

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It was said that Caption Leon would be on a business trip, but last night he suddenly said the trip was cancelled, and he would stay here to be with her for a few days.

She had no doubt at first.

Until she found that he ordered a kind of small box on his phone.

Although that may be simply hoarding, but she still thought that she needed to leave firtst, in case one day Captain Leaon really intended to let her to make up for the lack of diligence, telling her to take more exercise.

If that happened, she would be worn out.

Will was unhurried. He looked at her and lightly raised his eyebrows. “Have you forgotten who taught you the way to tie people up?”

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