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I know what kind of person will is.

Sarah was silent.

These words sounded so familiar.

Will’s eyes fell on the car keys she had just inserted, said carelessly, “Are you going to get off the car by yourself, or do you want me to do it for you?”

“I need to go on a business trip now.” said Sarah seriously. It’s hard to find a single sign that she was lying. “I wasn’t sneaking away.”

“You wasn’t?”

“I wasn’t.”

“I don’t buy it.” Will did not talk to her anything more this time.

Sarah was very well prepared and already had plan B. “If you don’t believe me, I can call Sivan right in front of you. There is a business collaboration abroad waiting for me. I’ll go with him. He is on his way to the airport.”

Will glanced at both of her hands. She was not holding a communication device, and he found no earphones on her ears.

There is no possibility of making plans at this moment of time.

“There are also contracts and some files for this collaboration in the luggage.” Sarah was really well prepared for this leave, “You can open it up and see it for yourself.”

“How long is the business trip?”



“I can’t say for sure. It might take a week if it goes well, a month if it doesn’t.”

Will’s eyes were still on her.

He was sure that this must be a lie, but she acted so sincerely, which made him ran out of ideas.

After all, Sarah had no reason to sneak away.

And he was not a bad guy.

“Call me before you come back.” Will didn’t ask anything more. His eyes were cold but clear. “I’ll pick you up at the airport.”

Sarah was relieved. “Okay.”

After a while, Sivan came.

When his car arrived, Will’s distant black eyes went darker.

Didn’t she said she need to go to the airport?

Why did Sivan come?

While Will was still suspecting, Sarah was not nervous at all. From the words she need to say to the progress of certain matters, all of the arrangements were set steady by her in the morning.

Sivan parked his car nearby, then came over with some documents in his hand.

“Sivan? Why are you here?” asked Will intentionally.

“I came to pick up Boss to the airport.” Sivan’s face was as cold as ever, “Some files needs to be checked by her on the way.” “Wouldn’t it be more convenient to check them on the phone?” Will had



always been suspicious, but he could not find the evidence, “You can also check them on the plane.”

“The files are on the cloud backup, and they need to be networked to check.” answered Sivan. His tone was so calm that no one would suspect. “Also, it’s better to check the files face to face than on the phone.”

While he was explaining.

Sivan had opened the computer and started to talk business to Sarah.

They were talking real business.

Sarah was also talking to Sivan seriously.

Judging from the content of their coverstaion, there was nothing to doubt.

“Rest of the files will be checked in the car.” Sivan put his laptop away and said in a businesslike manner, “If we don’t leave now, we may not be able to get to the airport on time.”

“Okay.” answered Sarah.

Sivan helped her get her luggage.

They were very tacit. Will’s eyes looked at Sarah for a moment.

“I’ll go on the business trip with Sivan first.” Sarah came to Will and gave him a hug, “I’ll call you when I come back.”

“Okay.” Will did not force her to stay.

After all.



He also had to go on an errand.

After watching the two of them leave, Will called someone to book a flightt for him to go abroad.

Sarah didn’t know Will’s action. After the car drove out of the villa region, she was relieved and became less nervous.

“Boss, you are very afraid of Will?” asked Sivan.

“No.” Sarah sat with him in the back seat, while there was a driver driving in front, “I was just simply playing some games with him, so as to encourage affections between us.”

Sivan was speechless.

She was definitely telling lies.

And she was definitely afraid of Will.

“He should find out that you lied to him.” Sivan told her his observation, hoping that she would be able to deal with it calmly, “What are you going to do?”

“It’s normal for him to find out. As long as he doesn’t find the exact evidence, there’s nothing he can do to me.” Sarah knew Will well, “He is a man who cares about evidence.”

Sivan thought there was something wrong in her words, but he couldn’t name it.

Sivan decided not to go further on this matter.

On the way, Sivan said, “Then I’ll cancel your flight, and let someone else come to pick you up after driving out of the city later.”

“No.” Sarah had already decided, “I’ll go on that business trip with you.”



Sivan was really going on a business trip.

That was why she had plan B. Last night, when she saw Captain Leon bought that thing, she called Sivan, telling him that if she had not called him at nine in the morning, use the excuse of checking files, so as to come to pick her up.

Sivan was confused.

He sensitively sensed that something was wrong. “You had a fight?” Wouldn’t every new couple want to be with each other every day?

Why did she want to take a business trip?

“No.” explained Sarah. She did not want to hide this from Sivan.

“The engagement ring is about to be ready. I was going to see the sample. If there is something wrong, I can tell them to change.”

Hearing this, Sivan was a little relieved.

He didn’t say anything more about Sarah’s proposal to Will.

As long as she was happy about it.

“Boss.” Sivan suddenly thought of a problem.


“I want to ask you something.”

“Go ahead.”



“If one day, you find that Will is together with another woman, what will you do?” asked Sivan seriously.

“I’ll go to them to see what they are talking about. If it’s about business, I’ll leave them alone first.” Sarah is very rational and won’t just mess around for no reason. “If it’s something bad, I’ll also wait for them to finish first and talk to him afterwards.”

She does not like misunderstandings and does not think that seeing is necessarily believing.

There are many things that need to be said in a clear way.

“Aren’t you afraid that Will might cheat on you?” This was Sivan’s biggest worry.

“No.” said Sarah with certainty. Her eyes were also flooded with seriousness. “He won’t.”

Captain Leaon is not that kind of man. He won’t do such a thing.

His character determines his style of handling affairs.

Sivan did not know how to describe his feelings. He was rejocing at her words, but at the same time, he was a little worried.

He was rejocing at that, after having been through a bad relationship, she could still believe in the one she loves as always, and she was still frank and sincere as before.

But Suvan also worried that she would be hurt by love twice.

At this moment.

His felt really complicated.

“Don’t worry, I know what kind of person Will is.” Sarah saw his

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emotions through his calm face. She tried to placate him. “If he really does something bad to me one day, my people will punish him for me.”

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