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This matter is a bit complicated

Captain Leon was the guiding light for them.

They all trusted him, but if he did anything wrong, they would definitely not let him go.

Sivan said yes.

They got on the plane together. After they arrived at the airport and got off the plane, they went into the same hotel.

Sarah first took a picture and sent it to Will, telling him that she and Sivan had arrived at the hotel, ready to rest, and asked what he was doing.

Will was at the airport.

He was surprised to see her message when he was boarding the plane. He texted her.

Will, I’m at the airport, ready for a business trip.

Sarah, Business trip?

Will, It’s a company business, but don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll go back to New York before you.

Sarah, OK.

They stopped chatting after saying goodbye.

Sarah was also a little tired after a few hours of flying, so she lay down on the bed to sleep after ending the conversation. Early the next morning.

She got up and went about her business.



Sivan also went to talk about cooperation.

They went to work separately and agreed to call each other after everything was done. Then they together went back to New York.

Sarah first went to meet with the custom ring designer, and saw the ring before its final completion step. She did not propose any suggestion.

Both rings were very nice.

Sarah went back to the hotel after making the appointment to get the ring in ten days.

She was planning to go outside and have a trip these ten days, and prepared for her honeymoon trip later.

But all this was stopped by a phone call from Wilson.

It was eight o’clock that night.

She was having dinner when Wilson called her and said in a mysterious tone, “Pumpkin, I want to ask you one thing.”


“Do you know what Will is doing recently?”

“What happened?”

“I want to have a talk with him.”

“He is busy these days.” Sarah ate her meal while answering him and did not feel anything unusual, “Last night he was on a business trip. I will tell you when he returns to New York.”



Wilson then kept silent.

Sarah waited for a while but Wilson still said nothing.

She asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Do you know what he’s traveling for?” Wilson was on the balcony of a restaurant, looking at a man and a woman talking and laughing in the restaurant, and his eyebrows frowned.

He didn’t know how to tell Sarah that Will was chatting with a beautiful woman happily.

This was a business trip?

“Business.” Sarah noticed that his tone was a little strange, “Are you in a hurry? I can call him if you’re in a hurry.”

“OK. It’s better to have video call.” After Wilson said this, Sarah hung up the phone.

He didn’t leave but continued watching them.

What if he was the one who misunderstood?

Will looked very sincere and loyal, who wouldn’t cheat.

You couldn’t jump to conclusions without being sure of things, so let’s see.

Will then looked at his phone, then texted a few words on his phone and put it back down.


Wilson also received a message from Sarah.

Sarah, He’s talking to someone and will call me after 10,00.



Wilson frowned at once.

Just then.

What more exasperating happened!

Will opened one of the boxes, took out a lady’s ring, and then handed it to the woman sitting opposite him.

The woman seemed a little surprised, but still took it and put it on her finger.

Wilson was astonished.

He was really angry.

He took out his phone and took a picture of this, intending to send it to Sarah, but stopped the second he clicked on the dialog box.


He couldn’t just send it then.

He clicked the back button again.

He planned to go to Will to ask him what happened later. After all that, he could tell Pumpkin this.

Thinking of this, he continued to watch them and saw that the woman was observing the ring on her hand, with a gentle smile on her face.

It was such a sweet image.

After a while.



Wilson couldn’t stand looking at it anymore.

He went directly to the parking lot and sat in the car waiting.

As long as Will came out of the restaurant, he would definitely pass by here.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he was. He even wanted to beat Will up.

His secretary called him several times, but he hung up and let him go back first.

Another five minutes passed.

Will walked out of the restaurant.

He said goodbye to the woman with a smile.

Wilson was irritated at once, and when the woman drove away, he got down from his car and greeted warmly, “Will? What a coincidence. You are also here.”

Will paused for a moment.

After looking back and seeing it was Wilson, he also greeted in a low voice, “Wilson.”

“Coming here on business?” Wilson glanced at the restaurant and paced in front of him.

“Not really a business trip.” Will also did not expect to see Wilson here, “Just came over to do some business, I’ll be back in a few days.”

“Is that so?” Wilson was unhappy obviously.

Will told Sarah that he was traveling for business.



But he told Wilson that he was just doing something.


“Yes.” Will sensed his mood change but didn’t think too much about it, “You came over here on business?”

“Yes.” Wilson took out his cell phone, “When I was on the business

trip. I encountered one thing. I don’t know what to do then.”

Will asked naturally, “What is it?”

“Seeing a friend’s husband cheated.” Wilson unlocked the phone and did a part of the padding first, “Still thinking about whether to tell my friend.”

“If it were me, I would say as long as I was sure this was true.” Will gave a suggestion.

The friend’s character and the way to handle things.

All would affect whether to say it or not.

Wilson tapped the photo inside the phone and pointed the screen at him, “Then you help me look at this and see if it’s real or fake.”

Will then also saw the two people in the photo.

One was him, and the other was the designer he had just made an appointment with.

Only a moment.

He knew what was going on.

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“It’s a misunderstanding.” Will was sensible and calm. He glanced around and said, “I will explain to you somewhere else. This matter is a bit complicated.”

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