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You didn’t do anything disloyal

“Okay.” Wilson wasn’t impulsive this time.

In fact, he still believed that Will was nice and loyal, who didn’t hurt Sarah.

But what he just saw did make people have to think more.

Will found a cafe.

As they just sat down.

Wilson said first seriously, “Explain. If the explanation is not reasonable, I will tell Pumpkin.”

“The person in the photo is the designer I have an appointment with. I was talking to her about the proposal ring and the engagement ring.” Will said clearly and sincerely, “I plan to propose to Sarah some time later, to give her a surprise.”

Wilson’s eyebrows were slightly knitted.

It was sensible.

But he always felt a little uncomfortable as he thought of Will giving the ring to that designer to wear.

He should what did it mean that a man gave a woman a ring to wear.

“You can ask any questions you have.” Will could see that Wilson was still confused.

“If that’s the case, you shouldn’t give that woman the ring you gave to Pumpkin to wear.” Wilson said without hesitation, “She’s still satisfied with the ring.”

“Misunderstanding.” Will said again.



Will could never give the ring customized for Sarah to someone else to wear.

Wilson waited for him to explain.

“The two rings you saw are just templates.” Wilson thought about the proposal with Sarah when he said this, “I gave it to her to wear because I wanted to tell her that the inner ring design like that would make the person who wore it uncomfortable and let her try it.”

Sarah was a pianist, and a martial artist, as well as a calligrapher.

She was also very sensitive to things on her hands.

He couldn’t give her a ring that would make her uncomfortable.

“She was teasing me and said that she didn’t expect me to love someone so meticulously.” What Will said was true and he did not want to be misunderstood, “If you do not believe me, I can go with you to the restaurant to retrieve the monitoring.”

“No need.” Wilson already believed.

When Will said these, he was recalling the images of that time.

No matter which sentence, it matched with their expression at that time.

Will should not be lying.

“You believe me, right?”

“Yes.” Wilson deleted the photo, and said awkwardly, “Sorry. I misunderstood you.”

“No need to apologize. I’m glad Sarah has a brother like you who thinks of her in everything.” Will did not have any negative emotions, and then asked an important thing, “You should not have told her yet,




At that time when he was talking with the designer, Sarah gave him a video call.

He hung up and sent her a message.

The message she sent was normal, but he was worried that she might misunderstand.

“Not yet.” Wilson was glad that he didn’t tell her.

“I hope you can help me keep it a secret.” Will said and his eyes lit up, “I want to surprise her with the proposal.”

“No problem!” Wilson agreed.

After this matter was resolved, Wilson was relieved.

He was really afraid that Pumpkin would encounter this kind of thing again. Once Will really cheated, she might not believe in love again in this life.

If so, no one could heal her.

After all these, Wilson went back.

He called Sarah first to tell her not to call Will again.

“You don’t need to call Will, and I’ve already talked to him.” Wilson talked to Sarah on the phone and incidentally said something else to relieve her, “Do you want to come over here to have fun. I have found several fun places.”

“You turn the camera.” Sarah stared at the picture thoughtfully.



Wilson was confused.

But he still did as he was told.He showed her the whole hotel room, and at the end he asked,

“What’s wrong?”

“You come to Room 503.”



“You’re over here?”


Wilson felt that it was too coincidental.

He didn’t even hang up the phone. He just took it and headed upstairs.

When Sarah saw the inside of the elevator, she was already 100 percent sure that this was the hotel she was staying in.

She hung up the phone and got up to open the door of her room, waiting for Wilson in the living room.

When Wilson arrived, he saw that the door was open. When he was about to knock on the door, he saw Sarah sitting on the sofa inside.

“Pumpkin?” Wilson was really surprised, “Why are you here? Did you come here on business?”


To follow Will?



“I have some personal matters.” Sarah did not tell him specifically.

“What personal matter?”


“You can trust me.”

“No.” Sarah said straightforwardly.

Only Julian, Jacob and Jim knew this.

“Then forget it.” Wilson didn’t ask further and directly changed the topic, “Do you know where Will is?”


“Also here.” Wilson just chatted leisurely, “When I finished talking about cooperation and came out of the restaurant, I met him outside the restaurant.”

Sarah was surprised.


She remembered that Captain Leon had no cooperation projects in this city.

How did he come here?

Sarah was thinking about whether he followed here.

Once she thought of this, she was nervous and said, “Do you know when he will leave?”

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“Not sure, but certainly not in these two days.” Wilson said so but then he felt that this might expose Will’s secret, “You are going to find him?”

“No.” Sarah pursed her lips and began to think, “Can you do me a favor?”

“Go ahead.”

“Have someone keep an eye on him for me these days, and if I’ll meet up with him, let me know in advance.”


What did she mean?

Wilson was confused.

If this weren’t his sister, he would have to wonder if she was going to do something disloyal.

“I can’t let him know what I will do. You have someone keep an eye on him.” Sarah said, “After the matter is completed, I can help you deal with some business in the Yeats Group.”

“You…… cheated?” Wilson said.


“Ahem.” Wilson also realized that what he had said was improper and said, “I mean why are you so afraid of meeting him. You didn’t cheat after all.”

“I want to surprise him. I can’t let him know.” Sarah changed her words.

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