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Enough to finish abusing you

So far.

He had only lost to the captain in global single combat.

Although her skills, marksmanship and abilities were impressive in the squad, they were not as good as Leon’s, and she would have been at a disadvantage in the same situation against him.

Now that she had caught her opponent off-guard, she must not lose this opportunity she had so easily seized because of her opponent’s words.

“Boss, you said she was k.”

“The k who defeated you and Ike with Will during the double combat?”

The two little brothers were shocked.

The k hadn’t shown up in front of everyone.

Whenever something happened, Will said that k wasn’t exactly inside the organisation and couldn’t show up to affect her real life.

But now!

k turned out to be such a fair-skinned, good-looking girl.

“Fuck off.” The stubble man felt that these two guys were too disrespectful, “If it wasn’t for that Ike guy not helping out in the first place, I wouldn’t be losing.”

“Well, you’re right.” The two people were extremely perfunctory.



For what they said, Sarah’s mind was not affected at all.

The man with stubble was very appreciative of this concentration of hers.

But they were not enemies, and after knowing Sarah’s identity he didn’t tease anymore, not to mention he didn’t have the advantage now.

“K, put the gun down and we’ll go to the other room and talk slowly.” The stubble man persuaded, also put down the poker in his hand, “This kidnapping is pure entertainment, we mainly want to see what Will’s reaction will be when he finds out.”

Sarah did not move.

She didn’t know the truth, didn’t know what was going on up there, so naturally she wouldn’t relax casually.

The stubble man sighed silently in his heart, “If you don’t believe me I’ll give Will a call now.”

“You call.” Sarah’s very faint words.

Stubble man, “……

Various emotions intertwined.

He obediently gave the phone call.

The result……

No one answered.

“Boss it’s not good! Something’s wrong!”



“Will has put an end to our base!”


The man outside suddenly burst in.

The man with stubble, “?”

The two little brothers, “?”

Sarah, “?”

All three men showed some confusion at the same time.

The stubble man knew the character of his men, and did not spend any more time with Sarah, turned around and walked towards the outside.

Just opened the door, a red dot appeared on his brow.

“Boss……,” the two minions panicked, knowing the joke was too big this time, “There’s a sniper.”

The man with stubble, “?”

He was being targeted.

Can he not know!

“Will! Get your ass out here.” The stubble man was furious enough, never expecting this guy to be serious, “I was just playing a joke with you, and you’re taking it seriously.”

And brought a sniper.

You bastard!



In the midst of angry curses.

Will appeared in a suit, his demeanour was noble and gentle, his bearing

elegant and distinguished.

He stood just a short distance away, his thin lips pursed in an arc, his voice unhurried, “You tied up my life and you’re telling me it was a joke?”

“Shit!” The stubble man let out a low curse.

Why was this guy so carnal now.


Life, my ass!

“Where are my men?” The stubble man scanned the area and didn’t see any of his own men walking around, “What did you do with them all.”

“Just knocked out and locked up, if not for the thought of leaving two more people to report to you, you will have no one left in this base.” Will said this seriously, his eyesight relieved to confirm Sarah was safe.

“Don’t be so extreme.”

“You are the one who messed up first.”

The words came out.

The man with stubble knew he was in the wrong.



He sidled up to Sarah and apologised, sincerely, “It was my fault, I wanted to scare Will, to see how he would react when his girlfriend was caught, but I didn’t expect it to come to this.”Sarah subconsciously looked at Will.

It didn’t matter to her, it was mostly Leon.

“If you really want to apologize, bring out your newly developed weapons.”

Will walked over, lazy and reserved, “verbal apology is more meaningless.”

Stubble man, “……”

He was outraged.

How could this guy still be so annoying!

“If you don’t take this give us your card.” Will had never been polite, “it is not easy to come here, I should always take something back.”

The stubble man was not stingy and had his bank card given to Sarah.

Will Helped her to take it.

This matter ended in a farce.

When the stubble man went to get his things, Sarah asked about the situation and was relieved to learn that the two sides were still on friendly terms.

“He’s Laird I’ve often mentioned before.” When Will confirmed that she wasreally okay, he introduced the man to her, “The god of America with over three hundred and fifty missions without a single failure.”



“Guess so.” Sarah nodded.

Although they had participated in the competition together, but at that time, shuttling through the jungle, it was impossible to see the real face of everyone.

She did not go to the award.

“Don’t worry, it’s okay.” Will knows Laird, naturally clear that he had business in addition to pranks, “next time you encounter this kind of nonsense, directly beat him, and leave the consequences to me.”

“Okay.” Sarah agreed.

The moment he received the photos, he knew that Sarah was taken away by Laird’s people.

The photo had the logo of their base on it, so it was likely that the photo was not taken by Laird, but by one of his men.

When they talked about this, Laird also came in with a stack of information. He was gossiping the whole time. He gossipped Will and Sarah all over again.

“I know it’s a joke, but bring the sniper anyway.” This was Laird’s biggest worry, anger beyond words.” What if it goes off, my life is worth a lot of money.”

“If it goes off, take your head to the prize.”

“Damn it!”

They gossipped each other.

Laird was angry enough by Will every time.

“Alright.” Will did not want to waste time with these people, “Let’s get in the business.”

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“Here you go.” Laird handed it and said, “The Global Special Organization

Competition is about to start again, this time every country will send the most elite forces, the country that wins the championship will have the highest right to honor and a generous reward.”

“It has nothing to do with me.” Will only glanced at it and put it down.


“I’ve already retired.”

“I know.” Laird was keen for him to get involved.” But your boss said that there’s no problem on their end, so you can always get involved.”

“I won’t get in.”

“You have been the winner for so many years, aren’t you afraid of being ridiculed if you lose?”

“Won’t lose.” Will said with certainty, “The people I personally raised up is enough to finish off you.”

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