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Sarah’s Peak Acting Skills

“Don’t you want to think it through again?”Wilson asked tentatively.

“It’s already settled.”Sarah told him,not afraid that he would leak the secret to anyone,

“All of the procedures had been planned and there’s no room for delays.”

Wilson hesitated.If he didn’t help,Pumpkin would go to Muffin.She was their sister-inlaw.If she knew Pumpkin was also planning to propose to Will,she would stand by Pumpkin. Most importantly, she might tell her all about Will’s plans.

“Let me just make a phone call. “Wilson’s acting was good,but he thought he talked carelessly,so he deliberately said a little more,”If people are enough on my friend’s side,I will help you.”

“Okay.”Sarah nodded.

Wilson immediately pretended to go to the side to fight. He seemed to chat seriously with others, but in fact,his mind was full of thoughts about whether to reveal a little about Pumpkin’s proposal to his brother-in-law,but after five minutes of struggling, he chose to be a good guy. He decided to keep the secret of the two.

He would pretend he was just a guy who didn’t know anything.

“It’s done.I’ll help you on the night of the 12th.”Wilson put away his phone, “What do you want me to do?”

“Help me operate the drone to deliver the ring.”Sarah said the specific details.



Sarah didn’t care if there was an ordinary wedding or none.She didn’t care even if there was no one to remind her. She would directly forget and pay no attention, but this proposal was different,

A marriage proposal was a serious and romantic matter.Sarah wanted to make the best of everything she could.She told him her plan.

After hearing it,Wilson was very touched,so he agreed without hesitation,”Okay,I promise to help you finish it beautifully.”

“Thank you,brother.”Sarah also let go of one thing in her heart.

During the proposal process, Jasmine and Jim took a video together to ensure that everyone and everything could be captured throughout the process. The romantic and beautiful moments and things are worth keeping.

After they talked about things,Sarah went back.

While Will received a message from Wilson, which probably meant he had something important to do on the night of the 12th, he couldn’t help him.

Will frowned slightly,”What’s wrong?”Sarah was concerned.

“It’s okay.”He answered, Will send a message to Wilson. He asked if he could adjust it.

If Wilson hadn’t been there, the perfect proposal would have been a little bit of a pity. He didn’t want Atha to have regrets after being with him.

“Your expression tells me something is wrong, “Sarah said slowly,imitating his previous tone.

Will’s eyes moved slightly, and he said lazily, “Then,did my expression tell you what I’m thinking right now?”



Knowing Captain Leon has deep routines, she was very witty and didn’t continue the conversation.

Will glanced at her face,thinking about Wilson.

Sarah met him once, and he changed her mind.

Could it be that what Wilson said had something to do with Sarah?

“Atha.”Will’s deep and pleasant voice called him slowly.”What did your brother ask you to go out today?”

“It’s nothing.”Sarah briefly described, “He doesn’t want a blind date.Let me pick him up.”

Will’s eyes flickered,his scrutiny fell on her,and he said calmly,”That’s

“Um.”She hesitated.

“Didn’t you say anything else?”


“Really?”Will said deliberately casually.

It was his tone and casual attitude that made Sarah’s heart tense all of a sudden. Could it be Captain Leon discovered something?

“Did I just hear you talking to him about other things?”Will’s words were purely deceiving her.”Before you hid and played with your phone in the bathroom, you just talked to him,right?”

Really.Captain Leon was not easy to deal with.



Seeing her expression, Will knew that the sudden failure of Wilson to help him had something to do with Sarah.

What was the thing that could make him refuse to participate in his sister’s marriage proposal?

“Tell me, what did you talk about?”Will asked again.

Sarah felt she was now a sheep.She had nothing to look at in front of the big bad wolf,Captain Leon.

Her mind turned quickly,and her mouth echoed his words, “It’s nothing.”Sarah continued emphatically.

Will quickly thought about all the possibilities and finally settled on one thing,”Are you going to propose to me on the night of the 12th?”

The only thing that could make Wilson describe as important was Sarah. His parents birthdays are not on these two days. He has no girlfriend,either.

As for brothers and friends,they were not ahead of Atha.

Sarah paused as she stuffed the white rice on her mouth. Her heart was pounding if she hadn’t lowered her eyes to eat at this moment, he would have found it abnormal,but even so. Will also noticed that she stopped for a moment.

When he thought this was the case, his whole heart was a little confused,and at the same time, he was surprised and happy but also had some complicated emotions.

“I knew you would say that.”Sarah looked embarrassed and uncomfortable and started her acting skills.

Did he guess wrong?


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“I want to propose to you,but you did not cooperate.”Sarah stared at the pressure in her heart and said, “Don’t go out with me to buy a ring and don’t tell me what kind of proposal scene you like. Don’t ask me too.”

Will watched her intently to tell if she was faking it or not,but it wasn’t.

“Then why have you been avoiding me?”

“I’m afraid you might have mistaken. I’m going to propose to you after you discover something.”Sarah said sincerely,”It turned out that it was a joy in vain.”

Will questioned his judgment for the first time;his speculation shouldn’t be a problem,but Atha’s reaction was also not acted out.

“During this time.I’ve been helping my brother prepare for the marriage proposal.”Sarah had already figured out a way in her mind and said with mixed feelings,”Accompany him to go abroad to order rings and help him to test out girls. The tone of a friend.”

“He has a girlfriend?”


Will noticed that things were getting more deviated from what he had guessed.

Sarah’s eyes are serious,and her ability to talk nonsense has become stronger after staying with the fox for a long time, “He once had an underground relationship that no one knew about,and they separated.Looking single,I have always pretended to be a person in my heart.”

“Then he still goes on a blind date?”Will asked. He found a point of doubt. Wilson doesn’t seem like a half-hearted guy.

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