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Sarah sighed slightly, and her heart became heavier,”He hasn’t told his family about his girlfriend yet. My aunt and the others thought he was still single and forced him to go on a blind date. This time,they didn’t escape successfully.”

“Why didn’t he tell his family?”

“The matter between them is very complicated, and I don’t know the details.After

Wilson told me,he only asked me to keep it a secret.”Sarah concealed the things she couldn’t explain with complexity, “If he fails to propose this time,Now, don’t tell him about it, he won’t let me tell anyone.”

Seeing her solemn expression, Will believed it.

After all, when he saw Atha abroad, Wilson was indeed there.

“Are you disappointed now?”Sarah suddenly said something.

In terms of momentum,she couldn’t beat Captain Leon, but she hadn’t made any progress during this period.

In a situation,it depended on a person’s will whether he would lose or not.

But she didn’t realize that Will had accurately said about the 12th.She might have guessed that Will would propose to her if she wouldn’t feel guilty.

Will relaxed slightly and didn’t think about it anymore, “What’s the disappointment?”

“I’m not going to propose to you.”Sarah said in a muffled voice,as if it was a bit complicated.



Will raised his hand,tapped her on the head,and called out a fool dotingly and tenderly. This time,even someone as cunning as Captain Leon was a miss.

Feelings were what he cared about most. When Sarah said that Wilson and his girlfriend separated for complicated reasons,he automatically made up a heartabusing story so that his emotions relaxed afterward.

“Give me your finger.”Sarah decided to play to the end. Will raised his eyebrows, “What?”

“Measure your finger circumference.”Sarah said very seriously,”Customize the ring and propose.”

Will’s thin lips pursed into a nice curve,and he smiled. His eyes seemed to be shining.

He very cooperatively handed her his finger and let her measure it.

Sarah’s palms were sweaty from nervousness.After all,this was the first time she had lied seriously in front of Captain Leon. She had deceived him.

“You can’t stare at me every day for the next two months. “When Sarah said these words, Will became even more suspicious, “Even if you find out that I am planning to propose to you, you still have to pretend that you don’t know.”

“Okay.”Will was very cooperative.

Anyway, after the successful proposal the day after tomorrow,this guy would not propose again.

Just let her be happy first.

“Also,”Sarah said again.




“You can’t prepare for the proposal during this time, “Sarah added.

“So many demands?”Will teased her.


“Do you agree?”


“Okay.”Will obediently agreed.

He had already prepared everything. The rest was just a matter of proposing.

This evening,before returning to the bedroom,Sarah’s heart was beating so fast that she was afraid that any detail would be exposed.

That night,after the two went back to their rooms.

As a final test, Will texted Wilson,”I wish you a successful marriage proposal.”

Even if he believed it, he would try it out. Wilson replied, “You too. Let’s work together!”

Thanks to Sarah,she sent him a message as soon as she got back to her room.Otherwise,he would expose.

After all, when Wilson saw this message, he might subconsciously think that Will had sent it to the wrong person and would only throw a few question marks in the past without a reminder.

Seeing this, Will threw the phone aside and began to wash and sleep.

They slept in separate rooms, and he understood everything.



Sarah was still not calm after washing and lying on the bed.She told

Jim and Jasmine about what happened.

After the two heard that she told a big lie in front of Captain Leon,they both replied awesomely!

“But as for other things,Captain Leon has already realized something is wrong,”Jasmine replied.

“Yes, you have too many loopholes.”Jim agreed, “It seems a man’s IQ will drop a little,”

Sarah was a little puzzled.She knew there were loopholes,but there were too many.

“You should have said it in a different way, which would be more convincing,” Jasmine suggested.

“What?”Sarah asked.

“Say that the girl your brother likes is back.She secretly asked you to help him test whether your brother like her.If he still,she will directly propose.If not, she will chase after her.”Jim added.

“In this way,it will be more convincing for your brother not to propose marriage to Captain Leon, “Jasmine concluded,

Jasmine noticed something was wrong when she sent it and immediately retracted the message.

What a coincidence.

Sarah didn’t see the message.

After Sarah saw the message from Jim,she started to think about everything. She tried to see which way was more reasonable.After she thought about it,her eyes returned to the phone screen, and she didn’t ask about the withdrawn message reminder.It was just that Jasmine made a typo.



Jasmine panicked and had a private chat with Jim,”Pumpkin won’t see it?”

Captain Leon would not spare her if Sarah found out.

Her words would derail the carefully planned program.

“Wait a minute.I posted a message in the group.If there is nothing unusual,then I didn’t find it,”Jim said,

“I will never accept this kind of errand again in the future.It is too easy for people who both parties trust to accidentally,” Jasmine swore.

“Touch your head, don’t worry,” Jim said.

Amidst all kinds of complicated emotions, Jim took up the words just now in the group with a nervous mood, “You know that your brother is a little emotional after going on a blind date with other girls,so I told you about her plan to propose to your brother,in this way,many things will be more rounded.”

“Yes!”Jasmine agreed.

After the two sent the message, they were all waiting anxiously.

Sarah didn’t know that Will asked Wilson to help him propose,and naturally,she didn’t think about what Wilson did so that Captain Leon wouldn’t be too suspicious.

All she cared about was how to clear up her marriage proposal.

“This is not good,I am not familiar with that girl after all,so it is more reasonable to propose to my brother,”Sarah replied.

The two paused, they realized that they were analyzing this matter from the perspective of God, and both Pumpkin and Captain Leon knew about it unilaterally.

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Fortunately, she didn’t find out.

“I’ll leave the day after tomorrow to you,”Sarah said.

Jasmine and Jim said no problem.

After the chat, Sarah put the phone aside and went to sleep.After speaking out what was in her heart,it was not as uneasy as before.

Over the weekend,Sarah and Will stayed at home. Both were looking forward to

Monday with their concerns.

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