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Madam winterss fight for her children by summer wine

Some things are not optional

That night, Jason followed Chris to New York.

Stepping into this place again after a few months, Jason felt an indescribable complexity in his heart.

“Boss,didn’t you ask me to discuss cooperation?”Chris asked.After they arrived at the hotel, “Why did you come together?”

“There is something, “Jason said very lightly.

“What’s the matter?”Chris was curious.

Jason was silent for a long time. He stood in the floor-to-ceiling windows and looked at the vehicles and buildings with lights. After a long time, he said, “It’s important.”

Chris was such an intelligent person. He would understand it all at once. The boss called it relevant. Therefore, it must be something to do with Miss Yeats.

“Miss Yeats…”

“You may go to bed early. According to what I previously stated,we will discuss cooperation tomorrow.”Jason changed the subject,obviously not wanting to talk about these things, “If the other party does not back down, we will abandon this project.”

“Are we not going back at all?”

“No retreat.”

Jason’s thin lips parted slightly, and he gave a reply.



Noth Group is already very successful, and as long as it continues to run smoothly, he doesn’t care about anything else.

Chris said hello and left.

With the door closed, Jason was left alone in the room. He just stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and looked at the outside world,the stars were twinkling, and the crowds were busy. His eyes were looking in one direction,and that direction was the direction where Sarah was.

As soon as Edgar entered the door,he saw an alienated,indifferent, lonely figure standing by the window. His whole body seemed integrated with the night outside the window.

Edgar put the wine on the table and walked over with light steps,”Come and have a drink or two. What’s there to see outside?”

“Do you know the time?”

“Have no idea.”

Jason didn’t speak again. He didn’t know,so what did he do?

“Why do you have to know the time?”Edgar asked him while pouring wine, “Could it be that you still plan to sabotage?”

It was a joke.

He knew very well that Jason’s character,it was impossible to do such a thing. This guy couldn’t love,but after experiencing it once, he grows up,and naturally, he won’t do anything to hurt Sarah again.

Sometimes he wished Jason was a bigot,so he wouldn’t think about it and keep Sarah tied to him, but the children Uncle Noth and Aunt Noth raised would not be like that.



Jason didn’t answer him.

He’s not going to wreak havoc.

He knew that Sarah didn’t want to see him and that his presence would cause a little emotional distress to Sarah and Will. He wouldn’t show up. He just wanted to hide in the crowd and see how she was doing. To see if Sarah was happy or not.

“Don’t be bored.”Edgar handed him a glass of wine,trying to stop him from being so reticent.”Although I don’t know the exact time,there is still good news.”

“What?”Jason asked.

“I’ll tell you when you drink it.”

“Quit drinking.”

Jason still had a few words. He used to think that drinking could make people feel better, but later he found out it wasn’t. Drinking couldn’t solve any problems.Compared to being unconscious after being drunk,he hoped to remember everything between them soberly.Even if it hurt when he thought about it,and it hurts.

“No fun.”Edgar put down the drink and said the rest,”Eve Kent will go out tomorrow night. No accident, Will intends to propose to Sarah tonight.”

“Understood.”Jason’s eyes darkened, and his heart tightened unconsciously.

Edgar wanted to joke with him and mobilized his emotions,” Just one sentence?”





Jason looked at him sideways.It was visible in his eyes. He didn’t want to guess what he wanted to say directly.

“I want you to give me the project you won the bid for.”

“I’ll tell Chris tomorrow, and he will make arrangements.”

“I’m going to get wine from your wine cellar.”


“I want those limited edition cars in your garage.”

“Except for the black one, you can choose.”

Edgar thought he became too much,so generous?

“But I just want the black one.”

“Sarah bought it with me,and I can’t give it to you,”Jason explained directly, without too many emotional fluctuations.

Edgar wanted to say something more but gave up. Never mind,shaft it.He didn’t believe he could live like this for the rest of his life.

“Don’t blame me for not reminding you that the Noth Group needs someone to inherit it.”Edgar began to tell him something serious,”As the president of the Noth Group,you have no choice in some things.”

If he didn’t get married,it didn’t matter if he didn’t have children.However,it’s been a long time.

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The power of public opinion could crush people.He knew Jason could

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