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I attach great importance to him

Chris couldn’t calm down anymore. His first reaction was that the boss thought he was not good enough and wanted to recruit someone to replace him.

Regardless of whether it was late at night,he went to him.

Jason saw him coming,but he didn’t react much. He let him in and sat down.

“Boss…”Chris’s heart was flustered, but he still hoped to stay in Noth Group, “If you think there are mistakes in my work,you can tell me directly,and you can also tell me if you are dissatisfied.”

Didn’t that mean they were going to replace him?

Jason was a little puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“I’ve seen all the messages you just sent me.”Chris pursed his lips and said directly.

“Hmm.”Jason didn’t think about why his topic spanned but replied indifferently, “What do you think?”

“I have no plans to find a partner yet.”Chris expressed, “I can also be qualified for the position of a special assistant as before.”

“You’re not young anymore.”Jason’s thin lips parted slightly.

Chris was not much different from him. The age of 28 or 29 was still very young for them, but for the elders in the family,that was already the age to start a family.

“If you have a girl you like one day and want to make time for a date,you can tell me directly.”Jason was very lenient with his employees on those matters,”I will arrange less work for you,”



Chris’s heart became more and more complicated, with various emotions intertwined. He suddenly said, “Are you planning to fire me?”


“Do you want to fire me and find someone new to replace me?”Chris asked very seriously, but his tone was the same as before. Although there was uneasiness in his heart, his face wearing glasses was calm.

Jason’s pretty brows frowned suddenly.

It seemed that he was very puzzled as to why he would ask this question.

Let Chris understand that he had misunderstood.

“You have been by my side all these years. You have always been there.”Jason said, heart-to- heart,”Whether you are married or not,the position of special assistant is yours.”

“Why do you…”Chris didn’t understand.

The boss was very humane in management and had always been generous,but he never intervened in personal affairs. At most, when he needed to ask for leave, he asked the reason and approved it.

“Let personnel recruit two special assistants,and you will train them well in the past two years.”Jason felt that what Edgar said before made sense, “When you are busy,they can take over your class.”

Chris hesitated and finally said one word, “Okay.”

He didn’t know why the boss suddenly thought about this,but since it was his consideration,he would help him.

After Chris understood the matter clearly, he obediently went to his room to rest,but



Jason didn’t fall asleep for a long time.

He looked out the window into the night sky,unconsciously thinking about what Sarah was doing now between various thoughts.He fell asleep in the middle of the night.

The twelfth was Monday.

Sarah didn’t go to the company and slipped out early in the morning to check the process of her proposal, and Will’s side was similar.

In the afternoon, she put on beautiful makeup,and the clothes she chose were more exquisite than before. She changed her usual workplace style into a ladylike outfit.

When she joined Jasmine and the others, they were both taken aback.

“Not bad,Miss Yeats.”

“Finally,she looks like a young lady.”

“I’ve known you for so long, but I’ve never seen you dress in this style.”

The two were discussing,and Sarah didn’t like the kind of outfit,high heels,dresses,but for her,fighting was inconvenient.

“But…”Jasmine looked her up and down and asked a more realistic question, “Your delicate makeup and hairstyle,won’t it be messed up when you put on the doll costume later?”

Makeup was okay as long as it didn’t rub off.It’s not a big problem but bangs messed up.

“It’s okay.I want to let Captain Leon know that I value him.”Sarah straightened her air bangs.She hadn’t done this hairstyle for a long time.She was still not used to it.



What clothes to wear on what occasion?

Since it was a marriage proposal,she would show the greatest sincerity.

“Tsk tsk tsk,this dog food is spilled.”She raised her hand to glance at her watch.”According to the time we made an appointment with Captain Leon.He will arrive at the appointed place in one and a half hours.Should we go there now?”

“Go.”Sarah made a decision immediately.

After tonight,Captain Leon was hers.

It was seven thirty in the evening, and the sky outside was already a little dark.

Will wore a suit with exquisite eyebrows and eyes and was sitting on a bench surrounded by a wide grass field,and some small flowers bloomed in the grass field.He looked down at the watch again,obviously waiting for something.

At the same time,a figure in a Sarah doll costume came over,came to Will,and raised her hand toward him.

“Is there something wrong?”Will said very lightly,

“I want you to hold my hand,”Sarah began.

Will didn’t recognize it was her, whether it was a man or a woman.

“I have something to do now. You can go over there and find someone to play with.”Will politely declined,

“Hold hands.”



Will sat there pursing his lips.

He glanced at the time, and when he saw that Jasmine and the others hadn’t brought

Sarah,he unconsciously wondered if there was a traffic jam.

Sarah moved her body awkwardly and passed the hand behind her back, “Someone asked me to give this to you.”

She handed a white card with words written on it.It says, “Follow Sarah.Pumpkin is here.”

Didn’t it mean to bring Sarah here? Why did she temporarily change the location?

Seeing that he hadn’t moved all this time,Sarah felt a little uneasy.

Ten minutes ago, Sarah had been thinking about the best way to bring

Captain Leon to the meeting place she had set up.Jasmine said she had a way,so he took a card and wrote it to her,saying that after Captain Leon saw this, he would follow him.she goes.

But now,there seemed to be no response.

“Please lead the way ahead.”Will accepted the card and could only act accordingly.

Sarah offered her hand,motioning for him to lead.

Will glanced at Sarah’s paw and asked questions as he walked forward,avoiding the matter:”Are you going this way?”

If she were aware, she would have prepared a blindfold in advance.

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After she said yes,she took Will and headed there. When she saw she was about to reach her destination,Sarah stopped him, “Please wait here for a while,close your eyes,and count from one to ten,”

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