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Love at Three Sights

This sentence made Will suspicious. There was no such step in his marriage proposal process.

Who made it?

Full of doubts, he closed his eyes and began to count,”One.”

Sarah immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

After gesturing to the person in the dark,she quickly took the hood off and doll costume and tidied her bangs before Julian delivered the rose.

Will’s hearing has always been excellent, and he could clearly hear the rustling sounds around him and the footsteps of the second person.

Julian was about to slip away with the doll costume when a word came out of Will’s mouth,”Ten.”

Sarah and Julian didn’t expect the result.

“Wait a minute!”Sarah quickly stopped him from opening his eyes,but she forgot to take off the doll costume, and she took off the voice changer as well.

At the moment,it was the soundtrack.

Will opened his eyes when he heard her. He saw Julian holding a doll costume,and

Sarah was anxious.

Her hair looked messy because she had just taken off the headgear.She was beautiful,a princess,and the delicate makeup on her face was naturally beautiful though he saw panic in her eyes.



This series of scene changes made him a little confused.

“You are…”Will was a little unresponsive.

Sarah scratched her face with her index finger,a little embarrassed. She didn’t expect that after Captain Leon finished counting.He would count tens directly.

“Flowers for you,”Sarah said. Her plans didn’t go well,so she could only act accordingly and handed the roses in her arms,”Also, I want to propose to you in front of everyone.”

Wilson immediately manipulated the drone to deliver the ring to Sarah.Hundreds of drones with blue lights appeared in the sky,neatly arranged following the program written by Sarah.

Will’s heart skipped a beat.

Not for a while.

Drones formed a pattern in the sky,forming the well-known organization’s emblem.

After stopping for about ten seconds,the drone changed again and finally turned into two stick figures,a man and a woman,saluting the badge just now.

No one spoke during the procedure, but Will felt overwhelmed when he saw it.

He knew that Atha wanted to tell him that whether he would return to the organization or not,she would go forward and retreat with him and guard their homeland together.



“What’s the situation?”



“What else could it be,Pumpkin proposed to Captain Leon.Can’t you

“Not Captain Leon and…”

In the discussion room,drones neatly arranged in the sky and suddenly sparkled with fireworks. It was colorful and beautiful!

“Will.”Sarah started a marriage proposal under the sky full of fireworks. She took off the ring on the drone and asked nervously, “Will you…”

“Don’t worry,”Will said suddenly.

He put his index finger on her lips,stopping her from speaking.

A marriage proposal should only be done by men,so it was impossible for him not to marry such a peculiar woman like her.

Sarah couldn’t talk.

In her blank eyes, Will pulled out a ring box from his pocket and opened it.

At that moment, she understood everything.

“When I was twenty-two years old,I met a girl.At first sight,I was interested in the second sight,and I fell in love at the third sight.”Will knelt on one knee. His lazy voice became more beautiful than ever,”That girl,you are the one who just joined the organization.”

Sarah froze.

Will’s dark eyes are full of love, “I want to give you happiness for a lifetime and protect you without worry.”




“Will you marry me?”Will asked the last word.

The fireworks bloomed to the extreme,as beautiful as a dream.Everyone around was booing.

“Marry him!”

“Marry him!”

“Marry him!”

The voices of the crowd rose higher and higher.

Against the background of fireworks.Sarah slightly parted her red lips and said three words full of concern,”I do.”

Will put the ring on her and kissed the back of her hand softly.

“It’s done!”

“Please eat,Captain Leon!”

“Jasmine, Jury!Julian!”Samuel walked over handsomely and called out the full names of several people, “You three traitors!”

Jasmine raised his eyes and confronted him, “Why are we traitors?” Jim and Julian also countered.

Samuel looked at the grand proposal,not to mention any feelings in his heart,”You helped Captain Leon propose, but you secretly told Pumpkin.”

“You’re not in the position to say that.”James also spoke.



“The three of you are very brave to leak about Captain Leon, “Robert spoke slowly and suspected the three were responsible.

Both of them proposed on the same time and day.

It would not believe it was a coincidence as long as it was an individual.

“Who told you that we leaked the secret?”Jasmine spoke when bickering with them,

“Pumpkin ordered the number 12 first.”

“That’s right!”

“If we hadn’t told Captain Leon,Captain Leon wouldn’t even know.”

“The biggest credit for this proposal is the three of us.”

“I know you are a little unbalanced because Pumpkin didn’t tell you.”Jasmine started to make trouble, “But it’s no one’s fault.If you want to blame someone,you can only blame yourself for getting too close to that cunning Robert.”

Everyone knew the relationship between Sarah and Captain Leon.

Even if the other party were Pumpkin,as long as it was a marriage proposal,Robert would not hesitate to tell Pumpkin.Everyone wanted to refute it but couldn’t find a reason.

“Will,isn’t your proposal too hasty?”Zack and Susan also came out,their eyes full of teasing, “I borrowed Sarah’s drone fireworks for the proposal.”

Initially, they planned to send flowers to Will at the same time.

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Unexpectedly,things changed because of Will’s irrational playing of cards, which resulted in some marriage proposal procedures.

Will frowned,holding hands with Sarah, “You have no chance to borrow it.”

Zack and Susan didn’t respond.

“I haven’t given away this ring yet… “Sarah pursed her lips,still holding the ring she had customized in her hand.

Will stretched out his hand with a smile on his lips. He even spoke softly, “Please,help me put it on.”

Sarah frowned.She put it neatly.

“The drones are all withdrawn?”Will glanced at the sky,but the blue light was gone.

Sarah hummed.

The previous modification was to combine fireworks with drones.

This way,a spectacular firework display would show.

The most important thing was the improved UAV would not be out of control and accidents due to fireworks blooming.

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