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I will fulfill all your wishes for you

“That.”Will glanced at Robert and whispered to Sarah,”How about I show you a meteor shower?”

“Meteor shower?”

Sarah was slightly puzzled.

Will didn’t explain too much. He took her to look at the starry night sky.

Robert sent instructions to people for the first time, and after a while,a meteor shower fell on the entire sky.

“Meteor shower?!”

“Is this arranged by Captain Leon?”

“How did you do it?”

Julian and others were surprised.

In the plan book,the meteor shower wasn’t part of it.

“This is…”Sarah was also a little surprised.

She only saw the meteor shower on video,but never in reality.

But this scene was not much different from the video,it was like an actual meteor shower.

“I sent you a meteor shower.”Will squeezed her palm,giving her all his tenderness and love, “I will help you realize all your wishes on their behalf for the rest of my life.”



“Captain Leon…”Sarah had mixed feelings.

Will smiled softly.

This night.

The grand fireworks and romantic meteor shower left a deep impression on everyone.

Will took everyone to eat the dinner he had prepared earlier after the meteor shower.

The dinner was at the edge of the grass, and people were present to prepare the ingredients.

After they left,a person appeared in the dark.

Jason looked at the back of them leaving, his eyes filled with oppressive emotions that weren’t visible. His presence was unknown.

While the video was now widely shared on all short video software,Sarah was busy having dinner with everyone.It eventually boarded the hot search.

Sarah and others did not know at this time.

She was having dinner with Will on the left and Eve Kent, Rita Yeats,and Eric Yeats on the right.

When Rita Yeats watched Will keep adding vegetables to her sister’s bowl,a deep smile appeared in her sly and cute eyes.

My sister finally found happiness.

At ten o’clock in the evening,everyone went home.

Same goes for Sarah and Will.



Looking at the person leading her inside,Sarah was a little curious and asked,

“Captain Leon,can I ask you a question?”

“Before you ask me a question, let’s talk about how you lied to me.”Will pulled her to sit on the sofa.His deep voice was sexy and lazy,”I didn’t expect Elaine’s acting skills.It was so good.It even fooled me.”

Sarah didn’t like things like afterthoughts.

She pursed her lips, “This can only mean that you have been too comfortable recently and have lowered your vigilance. You can’t blame me.”



“So,I can lie to you in the future?”Will teased her.

Sarah retorted, “No.”

“Oppressive rule?”


“What is that?”

“Double standards,”Sarah said confidently.

“You also know that you have double standards?”Will was amazed and hugged her, “Tell me, what else can you do that I can’t?”

Sarah fell silent.Suddenly,she didn’t know what to say.



When you don’t know what to say,changing the subject was the best answer, “I want to ask you a question,how did you get involved in this?”

“Have no idea?”

“Do you want me to think for you?”

“I’m going to sleep.”Sarah avoided it decisively.

Will stood up and carried her upstairs,”I’ll carry you up.”He said with a smile,and Sarah didn’t say no.

On the way upstairs,there was floating in her mind,attention at first sight,interest at second sight,love at third sight.

Didn’t he beat them to death when they first met? There seems to be no difference between the second and third times. They were both training them.

Was this called love?

Will could tell she was lost in thought that she was thinking about it. He didn’t tell her the details either,except for the meeting when they were young, only he knew about their subsequent encounters,and Atha couldn’t figure it out even if he tried his best.

“Do you want me to take you to the shower?”Will looked at the person in his arms and asked.

Sarah jumped out of his arms and said flatly,”No.”

After speaking,he crept into the bathroom and looked at her like a rabbit.

Will stopped her, “Atha.”



“Today’s outfit and makeup are also very suitable for you.”Will boasted,his eyes full of tenderness, “It’s beautiful.”

Sarah paused,hummed and went to the bathroom in a fake calm manner.

Even if people told her she was beautiful every day,she didn’t think it was a happy thing to be appreciated.However,she was a joy right now.

Will had a panoramic view of her thoughts,and his thin lips curled into a curve.

After he heard the sound of water in the bathroom, he returned to his bedroom.

If the proposal was successful,it was time to think about marriage.

As for Sarah,she went to Jasmine and Jim to reminisce after she came out of the wash,trying to make sure there was any error in her impression of meeting

Captain Leon at first sight or the third time.

“I wonder if I can just ask Captain Leon?”

“Didn’t he say that he will help you realize your wishes in the future?”


Both told her in the video.

Sarah shook her head.

Her intuition told her that if she asked such a question.Captain Leon would trick her.

“You all know the character of Captain Leon. He will help me fulfill my other wishes.



He will make excuses for this.”Sarah understood,”I will ask him tomorrow.If he doesn’t tell me,I will wait.Let him ask me when he talks about marriage.”

Both are also supportive.

After chatting for a while. Jasmine suddenly became curious about something,”Ask you something.”


“What kind of experience is it to fall in love with Captain Leon?”

This question,Jim also wanted to know.

Sarah paused and relied upon her feelings, “Very reassuring,very down to-earth.”



“Didn’t you say before that he often tricks and digs holes for you?”Jasmine asked.

“It’s a small fun game between lovers.”Sarah replied, “We can’t get along with each other.”

Jasmine and Jim thought for a while and found that what she said seemed to make sense, “Then when did you fall in love with Captain Leon?l remember you were quite fond of him before?”

She heard the words.Sarah’s mind wandered to the past. She had always thought that she had no other thoughts about Captain

Leon until that night when they asked Captain Leon to call the person he liked to confess,and a reminder of his call appeared on her mobile phone.

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Only then did she know that her feelings for him seemed more than that?

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