Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 100

Could he say no? It had not been easy for him to get a reservation here.

Catherine. “…”

Could she refuse? It was too hard to face Shaun’s demonic face.

“You two… don’t seem too welcoming of that idea. Are we disturbing you?” Shaun looked at them, his voice deep and magnetic.

“No, please join us.” Wesley then asked the waiter to bring the menu over.

With four people at the table, the space grew cramped with the bouquet of roses on the table.

Catherine reached out to put the roses by her side, but Shaun was quicker than her and handed the bouquet to the waiter.

“Take this away. I’m allergic to pollen.”

Catherine wondered if she had heard him wrongly. She had never seen him getting allergic reactions when she bought flowers to decorate the vases at home. He must be doing this on purpose.

“I didn’t know you’re allergic to pollen, Mr. Hill.” Wesley was barely able to force a laugh.

“Yes, I’m especially allergic to pink flowers.” Shaun calmly opened the menu and ordered leisurely.

After ordering, Wesley changed the topic. “Actually, I’ve been quite curious as to why Mr. Hill turned down my case last time.”

Chase was afraid that Shaun would speak too harshly and completely offend Wesley, so he quickly said, “He suddenly became too busy.”

Catherine silently ate her cake while listening to them with her head lowered. She never knew what Shaun’s profession was, but now she did. It turned out he was a lawyer, and it seemed he was quite a good one.

She really wanted to take an iron plate and hit herself to death with it.

She had seen on the internet that lawyers were one of the top ten professions that one should never marry.

If you married a lawyer, you would not even be able to leave with your underwear as a settlement during the divorce. Even if you reasoned with a lawyer, he would just drill you with legal loopholes.

It was no wonder he dared to say that as long as he did not agree to it, she would not be able to divorce him even in 30 years.

Damn it, what kind of devil had she provoked?!

Wait, what was that devil doing? He was actually rubbing her leg with his foot under the table.

Catherine’s face flushed, and she kicked him back.

‘Behave yourself! Don’t act like a hoodlum!’

However, in the next second, Shaun stared at her expressionlessly. “Ms. Jones, why did you kick me?”

The rest of the people at the table all set their eyes on her face.

Chase blinked playfully. “Rin, although our Mr. Hill is handsome and charming, don’t forget that you came here on a date with President Lyons.”

Catherine glared at him angrily. “The table is small, so I accidentally bumped into him. You’re the ones who insisted on squeezing at our table.”

“So you’re blaming us for interrupting your date?” Shaun said in a low voice.

“No, I just don’t like you guys joking around like that. After all… Mr. Hill isn’t my type.” Catherine shrugged with a helpless look.

The smile on Wesley’s face brightened up completely. “Young Master Harrison was just joking. I know you didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Well, I’m going to the ladies.” Catherine really did not want to stay. She got up and left her seat.

Before long, Shaun also stood up. “I’m going to make a call.”

In the washroom, Catherine deliberately dawdled inside for a while before coming out.

She saw a tall figure standing by the door and smoking when she came out. Her head immediately felt like exploding.

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