Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 101

Shaun pinched the cigarette between his fingers and took a hard drag. Smoke lingered as he exhaled.

He put out the cigarette butt in the trash can beside him and walked toward her with long strides.

“Come with me.”

He dragged her to the other side of the restaurant.

Catherine was pulled by him behind a hallway of wine cabinets.

The light inside was dim, and the man’s face exuded an invisible sense of danger as he looked at her from above.

“What are you doing?” Catherine pushed his chest but could not get him to budge.

“You took the words right out of my mouth.” Shaun grabbed her hand, his face dark. “Are you having a good time with Wesley Lyons? Did you forget that you’re married? It’s no wonder you keep trying to divorce me. You’ve already found your next target, haven’t you?”

“Shaun Hill, watch your words.” Catherine trembled in anger at the humiliation. “There’s nothing going on between Wesley and me—”

“Would he send you flowers if there’s nothing going on between you? Would he bring you to a high-end restaurant? Would you smile so happily at him?!” Shaun’s anger grew as he spoke. He gripped her face and forced her to face him.

Catherine was annoyed and upset. “How can I blame him for liking me when I’m so talented and beautiful? It’s not my fault I’m so charming.”

Shaun laughed in anger and was just about to speak when Catherine interrupted him.

“I know you look down on me. I’m worthless and shameless in your eyes, but that doesn’t mean that I took the initiative to seduce another person into liking me. I want to divorce you because I feel that I can’t go on with you any longer. It has nothing to do with anyone else.”

“You can’t go on with me?” Shaun sneered bitterly. “You climbed into my bed one moment and say you can’t go on with this relationship the next moment. How am I supposed to believe you?”

At the mention of that incident, Catherine could not help but feel bitter about it. She wanted nothing more than to absolve their relationship immediately.

“That’s right, don’t you despise me because I climb into men’s beds? Did you forget how you humiliated me those days? You said that I’m cheap, dirty, and just looking at me disgusts you. Shaun Hill, I’m a human being, not a saint. I’ll feel upset too.”

The more she said, the more angry and aggrieved she became. She even let out all the emotions she had been suppressing these days.

“I’m really fed up with you as a person. You’re derogative, selfish, and only take without giving. It’s like I married you to be your free full-time nanny. I’m not even respected! No, maybe I’m not even worth the position of a nanny in your eyes. I must have been out of my mind to ever want to stay with you till the end.”

“Shut up,” Shaun warned grimly.

“I won’t. Yes, you’re handsome, but will looks feed me? I’m sick of you… Mmh…”

Catherine’s eyes widened as the man pressed himself against her. He lowered his head to seal her lips, pressing her against the wine cabinet.

She pushed him hard but could not budge one bit.

Shaun originally only wanted to stop her chatting mouth. Perhaps she had applied something on her lips because they were extra sweet and soft like jelly, making him unable to stop and wanting to taste more.

Catherine wanted to resist, but the faint tobacco smell mixed with the unique scent of his body made her dizzy and faint. She was unable to exert any strength.

After an unknown amount of time, her phone suddenly rang.

She immediately returned to her senses and shoved him away.

This time, Shaun let her push him.

Catherine turned her burning body away from him and answered the phone, “Hello…”

When she spoke, she found that her voice was indescribably charming. God, how did she become like this? Fortunately, Wesley did not notice.

“Cathy, you’ve been in the washroom for half an hour. Why aren’t you back yet?”

Half an hour…

Catherine was shocked. Had she been kissing Shaun for that long? She had not noticed at all.

“Oh, I… I have a stomach ache. I’m almost done.”

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