Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 99

His good looks were undeniable, but his temper… Forget it, it was off-putting.

However, why was he here? Catherine instantly had the urge to pick up her bag and flee.

“Mr. Hill, Young Master Harrison.” Wesley stood up in surprise and shook hands with the two.

However, when he reached out to shake Shaun’s hand, Shaun simply looked at him lazily with his long lashes.

A few seconds passed and Wesley started to feel embarrassed. Just as he thought Shaun would not shake his hand, the man extended his hand and shook it. “Sorry, I’m not in a good mood today.”

Wesley had dealt with Shaun Hill several times before, especially when he planned to ask Shaun to take on a commercial lawsuit for him. The talks initially went well, but later the law firm said that he was not available.

To be honest, he was feeling a little discontented with Shaun Hill.

However, Shaun was a legendary figure in the lawyer world. Since he had a good reputation, Wesley had to show him some respect. Perhaps there might even be opportunities for them to work together in the future.

Thus, he smiled and asked, “Who has offended Mr. Hill?”

Shaun’s slender fingers pulled out a rose from the bouquet on the table and he fiddled with it. “Do all women like these tacky things?”

Catherine suddenly had a very bad feeling about this.

Wesley’s elegant face froze. After all, he had just given those flowers to Catherine, but they were now called ‘tacky’ by someone else. Shaun was not taking into consideration his dignity at all.

“It might be tacky to you, Mr. Hill, but to a woman, flowers are always their favorite.”

“No wonder.” Shaun’s eyes sharpened as his long eyelashes cast a shadow under his eyelids. “Maybe it’s because I don’t even know this much that my wife is seeing a man outside behind my back.”

“Pfft.” Catherine, who was sipping on juice nervously, spat out her drink.

Wesley hurriedly handed her a paper towel and she accepted it with a lowered head. “Thank you.”

Shaun put on a fake smile and tilted his head at her. “Miss, what are you getting all worked up for?”

Catherine silently gritted her teeth and pushed down the anger in her belly. She smiled cheerfully.

“Sir, I think you’re too extreme. Did you see your wise kissing another man with your own eyes, or did you see her climbing into another man’s bed? If you didn’t, then it’s better to watch your words. Don’t just pin the title of cuckold on your head by yourself. You’ll just embarrass yourself.”

At that moment, Shaun’s exquisite features were extremely dark despite the bright lights.

The atmosphere between Catherine and him immediately became tense.

Wesley coughed softly and said quickly, “Mr. Hill, Cathy isn’t very sensible, so don’t hold it against her. I’ll apologize on her behalf.”


How intimate they were.

His woman was actually making another man apologize to him on her behalf.

Tsk, it was as if he were dead.

Shaun barked out a laugh, and only Chase, who knew him best, knew how much anger was mixed in that little laugh. It was the precursor of a storm.

Chase hurriedly dragged an empty chair over and said with a light-hearted tone, “Rin, what’s your relationship with President Lyons? Are you two…”

After a pause, he quickly shot a look at Catherine, telling her to think of a way to explain herself.

Catherine did not want to be accused of cheating while in a marriage and explained, “Our company is working on a project that involves President Lyons’ villa, but there have been some problems recently so we’re currently discussing them.”

Shaun sneered in his heart. Was there a need to laugh and joke together when discussing business? Was there a need to come to a western restaurant to discuss business?

“Young Master Harrison, do you know Cathy?” Wesley was a little surprised.

“Of course. Melbourne is not that big and I’ve met her several times at business parties or dinners.” Chase grinned and said, “It’s fate that we could meet today. Why don’t we eat together?”

Wesley. “…”

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