Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 102

Catherine hurriedly hung up. When she met Shaun’s eyes again, she felt her entire body turning red like a tomato.

Shaun also noticed this and was inexplicably happy for a few moments. His sexy lips curled. “Do you have a stomachache?”

Catherine glared at him, growing increasingly ashamed. “I can’t be bothered with you. In any case, if you don’t want me to cuckold you, I suggest you divorce me soon.”

“You dare threaten me?” Shaun grabbed her again, his tone cold. “Catherine Jones, if you dare to cuckold me, I’ll make you pay a painful price.”

Catherine was not afraid at all.

“I know you’re a lawyer and there are a hundred ways to make me lose my reputation, but it’s useless against me. My reputation was ruined a long time ago, and the law doesn’t stipulate that cheating in a marriage is illegal, right?

“There are no properties we acquired after marriage, so there’s nothing to dispute. I have no money and no reputation. What can you do to me?”

She raised her eyebrows triumphantly. Shaun did not know whether he wanted to laugh or get angry.

“Who said you’re not breaking the law? During the marriage, the wife violated the husband’s will, tried to force the other party to have sex with her by unfair means, and used drugs to endanger her husband’s health. Would you believe me if I said that with my ability, I can get you sentenced to five years in prison?”

He leaned into her ear and warned word by word in a magnetic but dangerous voice.


Catherine froze.

Was that true?

He must be kidding, right?

“Tsk, it seems that you really don’t know the law. You’re leaving with me. If you have dinner with Wesley Lyons again, I’ll send the lawyer letter directly to your company.”

Shaun smiled coldly and grabbed her hand, pulling her out of the restaurant.

Shaun sat in Chase’s car, but Chase was still eating upstairs.

When he hesitated on whether to call Hadley Young to fetch them, Catherine flung his hand away and rushed up to the bus stop ahead.

“Stop right there.” Shaun subconsciously chased after her.

Just as he was about to hop onto the bus, the driver stopped him. “Hey, hey, hey, young man, you have to pay.”

“I didn’t bring cash.”

“Do you have a travel pass?”

Shaun’s face darkened. “I don’t have a travel pass.”

He never needed anything like that.

The driver’s expression also darkened. “If you don’t have anything, then get off. You look like a model. How dare you try to ride the bus for free?”


Shaun had never been so humiliated before. He glared at Catherine who was sitting at the back. “Come here and pay for me.”

Catherine looked out the window, pretending not to know him.

The group of people on the bus stared at Shaun. His aura and attire made him even more handsome than those male stars from Korean dramas.

A girl sitting in front said shyly, “Sir, I have money. I can help you.”

“Me too, I have a bus card. I can cover your bus fare for a year.” Another girl scrambled to speak.

Shaun was unmoved but suddenly looked amorously at Catherine before saying loudly, “Honey, don’t be angry. I know I was wrong and shouldn’t have gotten jealous just now. Can you just help me pay the bus fare?”

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