Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 103

In an instant, more than ten pairs of eyes fell on Catherine. Those girls’ eyes were full of jealousy and envy.

Catherine was speechless. It had only been a moment yet he was already attracting the attention of other girls. Even so, he still had the nerve to say that about her.

She snapped at him. “I’m not your honey. Don’t speak nonsense. I don’t know you at all.”

“Honey, you can shout at me at home. Why do we have to fight outside?” Shaun helplessly let out a bitter smile and took out a document from his pocket. “Fortunately, I brought my marriage license today.”

He unfolded it for everyone to see.

An old man said, “She really is your wife. Lady, you’re going too far. We were almost cheated by you.”

The driver also got angry. “Hurry up and pay for your husband’s fare. The bus isn’t a place for you to have a fight.”

Some girls grumbled, “You have such a handsome husband yet you don’t want him. Some people wouldn’t know fortune if it slapped them in the face.”

Catherine. “…”

She was going mad. Shaun Hill was crazy. He even brought their marriage license out with him.

Amidst the accusations, she had to force herself to pay for Shaun.

Shaun wrapped his arm around her slender waist and breathed into her ear while saying in a magnetic voice, “Thank you, honey.”

His breath sprayed on her earlobe in full view of the public, making her turn red with shame.

She could only glare at him powerlessly and use her eyes to tell him, ‘Piss off!’

Shane remained unmoved and followed her to sit at the back.

Catherine ignored him and lowered her head to send Wesley a message: [President Lyons, I’m sorry. My Aunt Flo suddenly came, so I have to go back first.]

Shaun glanced over and his mood immediately soured.

Not only had she changed her WhatsApp name, but she was even sending a message to Wesley in front of him. She did not care about him at all.

“When did you have an Aunt Flo? Are you still in contact with the Jones family?”

Catherine was stunned, and then the corners of her mouth twitched hard. “Brother, Aunt Flo is a common name for menstruation.”


Shaun, who had always thought of himself as someone knowledgeable about all sorts of things, coughed softly. “You’re quite good at lying, aren’t you?”

“I don’t want to hear that from you.” Catherine snapped back. “Why are you following me anyway? I’m going to work.”

“I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten.” The man looked at her with hungry eyes.

“That’s none of my goddamn business. I couldn’t care less if you starved to death.” He could continue dreaming if he wanted her to be at his beck and call.

The woman’s cold and ruthless expression made Shaun annoyed, but his emotions were complicated at the same time. He really did not understand women. Their moods switched at the drop of a hat.

“If you don’t feed me, I’ll follow you to the company.”

Catherine wanted to vomit blood. Feed him?

Brother, are you a dog or a cat?

However, to be honest, she also had not eaten and was feeling a little hungry.

Looking out the window, a crafty light flashed in her eyes as she got an idea.

“It’s impossible for me to cook for you, so we’ll eat at a shop. I pick. If you don’t like it, then you’re on your own.”

Shaun looked at her. For some reason, he subconsciously wanted to stay with her a little longer. “Deal.”


Ten minutes later, the two people stood at the door of a hotpot restaurant.

Shaun hesitated and frowned at her. She was doing this on purpose. She knew that his stomach was sensitive and he did not like spicy food.

Catherine pretended not to notice and walked straight in.

These days, in order to cook for him, she had not eaten her favorite hotpot for a long time.

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