Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 104

After entering, she asked for the spiciest hotpot and ordered all kinds of tripe, mutton rolls, beef rolls…

When the food arrived, she took a piece of tripe and put it in her mouth after swishing it in the hotpot for a while.

It was too delicious, too fragrant!

Shaun’s expression was as unpleasant as it could be. She was completely focused on her own food and did not look at him at all.

If this was in the past, she would definitely have ordered what he liked and then enthusiastically introduced how to best eat it.

Now, she no longer thought about him. It was as if she did not see him at all.

He suddenly felt a stuffiness in his chest and ordered in a cold voice, “Give me one.”

“Don’t you have hands? If you want to eat, then do it yourself.” Catherine did not even raise her head.

His temples throbbed, but he had no choice but to pick up the utensils and learn how to cook the meat.

After taking a bite, his handsome face turned red from the spiciness and he spat out the words, “What kind of hotpot did you order?”

“The spiciest one.”

Shaun smiled coldly. “You’re trying really hard to spite me.”

Catherine frowned and looked up at him, her face flushed from the heat. “I’m not. I’ve always liked to eat spicy food, but in order to accommodate you, I didn’t put peppers in the dishes I cooked. Now, I’ll only eat what I like to eat. I’m not going to devote myself to anyone anymore, understand?”

Shaun felt conflicted. She liked to eat spicy food?

He had previously thought that she was the same as him.

However, her attitude made him very unhappy, and his words were as cold as ever. “You should know that I never told you to devote yourself to me. You did it yourself.”

The implication was that she deserved it, and she reaped what she sowed.

Catherine understood and did not blame him. If she had to blame someone, then she would blame herself for being stupid and mistaking him for the wrong person.

She lowered her head and continued to eat.

After the meal, she asked for the bill from the waiter. She scanned the QR code and said, “I’ll pay for half and he’ll pay for the other half.”


Both the waiter and Shaun froze.

A moment later, Shaun put down his spoon unhappily. “Put it down. I don’t let women pay for meals.”

“I’m very sorry, but you’re a lawyer, so I don’t want to get into a money dispute.” Catherine paid her half of the bill and took her bag before leaving happily.

It was not easy for her to earn money, but she did not want Shaun to spend money on her.

Shaun rubbed his temples as a headache built up. He swiped his card and hurriedly went after her.

However, a sharp pain suddenly hit his stomach, making his handsome face pale. He could only slowly sit down and rest.

A few minutes later, Chase called and complained angrily.

“Mr. Hill, you really embody the spirit of brotherhood. You were the one who insisted on coming to this restaurant, but then you left me here with Wesley Lyons and abducted Sister-in-law. You made me so embarrassed. If I hadn’t covered up for you and explained things to him, Wesley would have suspected that you eloped with her.”

“Let him suspect it then.” Shane suddenly hissed out a breath.

Chase seemed to hear something he should not have heard and was completely floored. “Holy sh*t, don’t tell me Sister-in-law and you are… Did you toss her in bed so quickly? Way to go, brother! Well then, I won’t disturb your fun times.”

Shane’s stomach twitched in anger as he snapped. “Shut up! I ate hotpot earlier and have a stomach ache now.”

“…” Chase became embarrassed. “Why did you eat hotpot anyway?”

Shaun was annoyed. “Come pick me up. Buy a bottle of stomach medicine on the way.”

More than ten minutes later, Chase saw Shaun bent over a telephone pole on the side of the road.

He ran over and passed him the stomach medicine as well as a bottle of water. He said sympathetically, “Brother, your stomach is weak. Why did you go eat hotpot? Who gave you the courage? Celine Dion?”

“She wanted to eat it, so I had no choice.” Shaun downed the stomach medicine before tilting his head to drink some water to wash the medicine down.

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