Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 105

When he said that he ‘had no choice’, the words were full of spoiling and helplessness.

Chase was speechless. “So, where is she now? She dumped you here after eating?”

“Shut up.” Shaun glared at him. He opened the car door and closed his eyes after getting in. He was in so much pain that he did not even want to speak.

Chase looked at his pale profile and secretly took a picture of him to send to Catherine’s WhatsApp.

[Sister-in-law, Shaun hurt his stomach in order to accompany you to eat hotpot. I’m sending him to the hospital now. Catherine, don’t be mad at him. He doesn’t say it out loud, but he does care about you.]

“What picture did you take just now?” Shaun suddenly opened his eyes and snatched Chase’s phone. He read what Chase typed and felt like he had lost his dignity and reputation. “I care about her? I think your head is missing a few screws.”

“This is my plan to let her come back and cook for you. It’s the trick of using an injury to win against the enemy.” Chase sighed. Was it that hard to admit that he liked her?

Shaun scoffed but did not speak.

However, he kept looking at the message on the phone.

Soon, the phone made a noise.

Catherine attached the number to a hospital and replied: [This is the best hospital for treating stomach troubles. Register early and take him there. Oh, by the way, he was the one who wanted to follow me to the hotpot restaurant. It’s none of my business, so don’t think you can extort money from me.]


Chase rubbed his neck silently and held his hand out toward Shaun. “Can you give me my phone back? I just bought it not long ago…”

Before he could finish, Shaun had already viciously smashed it by tossing it out of the window.

Chase bit his lip in silent aggravation, but glancing at the man who looked like he was about to explode, Chase did not dare to make him pay.

Not only was Shaun having a stomach ache now, but his heart was also flooded with a trace of pain.

He did not understand how a woman’s heart could change so quickly. She had loved him to death not that long ago.

The next few days, Ethan and Sonya repeatedly went to Golden Corporation.

However, Wesley refused to meet them and did not even answer the phone.

Ethan had no choice but to go to the villa in Green Mountain to find him.

However, Wesley was on a business trip these days and Catherine was responsible for everything on the construction site.

“Cathy, can you help me contact my uncle?”

Ethan went up to Catherine. In just a few days, his once handsome silhouette became haggard and dull.

Catherine wanted to sigh.

Back then, Ethan Lowe was considered one of the best bachelors in Melbourne, but now, he really became uglier and uglier.

“Why should I help you? You’re my enemy.”

“Don’t say that. Did you forget that we grew up together?” Ethan said bitterly, “If I don’t restore the partnership with Golden Corporation, the board of directors will depose me from the position of president and I’ll lose my inheritance rights…”

“That’s none of my business. You’re not my fiancé anyway. Go find Rebecca instead.”

Catherine spoke as she ate a bun. She had not eaten since breakfast and was very hungry.

“My uncle doesn’t even like Rebecca.” Ethan grabbed her hand. “Cathy, I know you hate me, but I had no choice. I got engaged to Rebecca in order to consolidate my position. Besides, I haven’t married her yet. My heart will always be filled with you. Have you forgotten the feelings we shared for each other when we were still growing up?”

Catherine quickly shook him off, so disgusted that she almost lost her appetite.

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