Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 106

“How did I not realize before this how shameless you are? Did you forget how you slapped me at the entrance of the design institute? Or how you pushed me because of Rebecca Jones? Or how you paid someone to flood the villa in order to frame me just a few days ago? If I hadn’t found out about it earlier, not only would I have needed to pay for the compensation, but my company would also be dragged down.

“Ethan Lowe, your viciousness chills me, and just the mention of our past relationship makes my hair stand on end. But you? You have no remorse and no intent to apologize, yet you’re shameless enough to stand in front of me.”

Ethan’s face burned red from her scolding, but he could not say anything due to his embarrassment.

In fact, he had been too angry that day and vaguely regretted his actions. Even so, his pride made him unable to bow his head.

Catherine glanced at him and looked around, then suddenly sighed.

“Forget it. Don’t say I’m too cruel. After all, isn’t the problem just about Golden Corporation withdrawing their investment? Won’t the problem be solved if you just dump money back? I was at Summit for a while and though I’m not familiar with the other matters, I know that my father still has more than 20 billion in liquid assets. You’re going to be his future son-in-law, so he should be willing to help.”

Ethan was stunned. “The Jones family still has so much money?”

“Duh. He also secretly invested in several companies, so his income is pretty good.”

Catherine said her piece and walked away. As she left, she glanced back at Ethan who was standing there thoughtfully, and her lips curled.

She had not lied, but it was not certain whether the Jones family would be willing to help him through this difficult time.

Ethan quickly drove to the Jones family’s residence.

However, his trip was in vain. A quick question to the nanny revealed that the family of three had just gone abroad to travel yesterday.

They just had to go on a vacation when he needed them most.

Ethan clenched his fists and took a deep breath before calling Rebecca, but he could not get through.

It was not until the next day that Rebecca called back. “Sorry, Ethan. I was on the plane yesterday.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were going abroad?”

Rebecca sounded wronged. “My parents have been in a bad mood because of Cathy, so we decided to go abroad while things die down. I didn’t have time to tell you because it was a last-minute decision.”

Ethan pressed his temples. “Rebecca, there are some problems with several projects I invested in and there’s a shortage of funds. Can you let your dad inject the capital?”

“I’m sorry, Ethan, but I really can’t help you. Summit is short of funds recently too,” Rebecca said, “My dad definitely won’t agree.”

“Rebecca, can’t you think of a way? I’m your fiancé.” Ethan almost begged. “Don’t you love me very much?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m really not in charge of the Jones family’s funds. The signal here isn’t good, so I’ll hang up now. Let’s talk when we get back, okay?”

Then, the call was cut. Ethan’s heart was chilled to the bone.

This was the woman who claimed to love him, yet she was not willing to ask for help for him.

Soon, Lowe Corporation called to urge him and he could only rush to the company for the shareholders’ meeting.

“Ethan, you’ve been going to Golden Corporation the past few days, but have you solved the problem yet? Why are they still bent on canceling the cooperation?”

“In the beginning, it was you who swore that this plan was feasible. Do you know how much money the company has invested in it?”

“Can you do this or not?”


Faced with the accusations of the shareholders, Ethan turned pale.

At that moment, his father’s illegitimate son, Percy Lowe, stood up and said, “Everyone, stop pressuring my brother. You don’t have to worry. Although Golden Corporation has canceled all cooperations with us, I’ve talked to the boss of Helios and he’s willing to cooperate with us.”

“Helios is also a big enterprise. Second Young Master is truly capable.”

“Yes, much better than a certain someone who only knows how to use women for a marriage of convenience.”

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