Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 107

Ethan glared at the person who spoke. “I dare you to say that again.”

The person was a female manager of the company. She stood up and said, “Am I wrong? Who in Melbourne doesn’t know that the great President Lowe abandoned his girlfriend of many years in order to be the successor? Not only that, he even stepped over others just so he can be justified as a casanova. What a disgrace to Lowe Corporation!”

“That’s right. Chairman Lowe, this son of yours needs to be taught properly. His virtues are unworthy of his position,” another shareholder said to Zachary.

Zachary was completely humiliated and could only say coldly, “Ethan, let Percy manage your position as president temporarily. You don’t have to participate in the upcoming projects of the company.”

Ethan was incredulous. “Dad…”

“You’ve really disappointed me.” Zachary simply walked away.

After the meeting, Percy walked up to Ethan and smiled cheerfully. “Don’t worry, Brother. I’ll manage the company well, so you can retire to the logistics department without worry.”

Percy walked out of the conference room and heard the sound of something being smashed inside the room. He curled his lips.

The person in charge of Lowe Corporation had changed.

The news spread to all the big shots of Melbourne immediately.

When news of this reached Rebecca, who was far away from home, she became so angry that she almost smashed her cup of tea.

However, she restrained herself and jumped into Sally’s arms instead. “Mom, what should I do now? Ethan isn’t the successor to Lowe Corporation anymore. He doesn’t even have the position of the president now.”

Sally patted Rebecca’s back, her heart aching. Her daughter was too unfortunate. How could this happen right after she got engaged?

“It’s all Catherine’s fault. I’ll deal with her sooner or later.”

Jeffery looked at the mother and daughter duo. “We have to change Rebecca’s fiancé. Only the best bachelors are worthy of my daughter.”

“But everyone knows that Ethan is my fiancé now,” Rebecca said, aggrieved. “If I cut off my relationship with him now, the public will definitely talk about me.”

Jeffery smiled meaningfully at her. “If he goes back to Catherine behind your back, then no one can blame you.”

When he finished, he pulled up some photos on his phone. They had been taken at the entrance of Green Mountain where Ethan was seen clutching Catherine’s hand.

Rebecca’s eyes lit up. “Dad, when did you take that picture? You’re amazing.”

“When I learned that Golden Corporation withdrew their funding, I naturally had to save my cards,” Jeffery said smugly. The older one grew, the wiser they became.

In Melbourne.

Catherine only found out about this matter from Freya when she went back in the evening.

“Sob, sob, sob, that damn scumbag finally got his just desserts.” Freya hugged Catherine excitedly. “Thank you, dear uncle.”

Catherine winced. “Don’t bring him up. You’ll give me a headache.”

“Hehehe.” Freya, the initiator, also changed the topic in embarrassment. “Do you think Rebecca will die of anger?”

“She won’t die, but I guess she’ll soon rid her relationship with Ethan.”

Freya blinked innocently. “No way. Doesn’t she really like Ethan Lowe?”

Catherine smiled faintly. “Unscrupulous people like her put interests first. Moreover, my parents are also snobs, so they’ll soon abandon Ethan since he has lost his position as successor.”

“Serves him right. Anyway, this calls for a celebration. Let’s go to a bar for a good time tonight.” Freya tugged at Catherine’s hand.

Catherine readily agreed. It had been a long time since she went out to relax.

However, just as she was about to go out, she suddenly received a call from Shaun. She glanced at the phone screen and declined it.

Soon, Shaun sent a video.

Fudge was squirming about and letting out pained mewls. There was also a wet spot under her body.

Catherine was so distressed that she immediately called him back.

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