Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 108

“Is Fudge about to give birth?”

“So you’re finally willing to call me back now, huh?” Shaun’s voice was very cold.

“I asked you a question!” Catherine was anxious. She had taken care of Fudge for a long time now, so cared about the cat.

“It’s a difficult birth.”

“Then send her to the vet!” Catherine yelled irritably. How could he bear to let such a cute kitty suffer?

“She’s in labor now so I can’t move her. You’d better come over. Fudge misses you and needs your encouragement at this time. Of course, if anything happens, you can still see her for the last time.”

Shaun did not mention how upset he was. When he had stomach pains before, she simply threw the contact number of a hospital to him. She was more concerned about a cat than she was about him.

Catherine snapped at him. “Don’t talk nonsense. I’m coming over now.”

“Hurry up. I’m afraid she won’t hold on much longer.” Shaun hung up after speaking.

“Lalalala, my darling little Cathy, I’m done with my makeup so let’s go.” Freya had changed into a red dress and came out with a spin. “Do I look pretty?”

“Freya, I’m really sorry but Fudge is giving birth now so I have to go over. We shouldn’t go out tonight.” Catherine tossed her a few words and hurried out the door.

Freya. “…Are you going to be the midwife?”

However, what answered her was the sound of the door closing.

How infuriating!

It had taken a long time before she finally picked this dress, but Catherine left her behind because of a cat.

Catherine sped all the way to Jadeite Bay.

When she reached the door, she realized that the password had not been changed.

The lights in the room were bright. Shaun was squatting in front of the room where Fudge was delivering, quietly looking inside. He was like an old father waiting for his beloved daughter to give birth.

“How is it? Has she given birth?” Catherine rushed over.


Shaun looked at her with a complex expression. Ever since she moved out, she had begun dressing more youthfully.

Tonight, she wore a brown beret along with a short white down jacket.

It was the first time he saw a woman pull off a heavy down jacket so well. The furry snow-white collar lined her delicate face, almost making her look like a snowman.

Further down were black socks and short boots that wrapped snugly around her slender legs, looking extremely seductive.

Catherine was not in the mood to notice his gaze. She rushed to the delivery room and saw Fudge lying on the blanket weakly.

Laying next to her were three very small kittens. The kittens had their eyes closed and were still damp. It was clear that they had just emerged from their mother’s belly.

Her heart almost melted. “They’re so cute.”

Shaun took a look inside. Cute?

How were they cute? Their fur was all matted and they looked more like bald mice.

However, it had been a long time since he saw her revealing such a gentle expression.

“Do you like them?” He looked at her. If she did, he could reluctantly make her their master.

“Of course I do. Who wouldn’t like such little kitties?” Catherine poked them with her pinky finger and suddenly remembered something. “Didn’t you say Fudge was having a difficult birth?”

How were the kittens already born by the time she arrived?

Shaun replied calmly, “It was very dangerous just now.”

He had not lied. After all, births were difficult, so he was right when he said it was a difficult birth.

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