Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 109

Catherine believed him and patted Fudge dearly. “Fudge, you’ve worked hard. You’re so brave. You’re the best.”

Fudge mewled weakly, completely exhausted.

“She’s hungry,” Shaun said.

Catherine thought so too. Giving birth was a laborious process.

“I’ll make something delicious for her.”

The lights and stove lit up the kitchen, and she put on the apron she used to wear before.

Shaun stood behind her, finding the sight pleasing to the eye. Sure enough, she looked right in her element at home. “I’m hungry too.”

Catherine pretended not to hear him, so he went up to her and breathed into her ear. “I said I’m hungry. Did you hear me?”

Her eyes trembled, and she almost dropped the spatula.

Looking back at his brazenly handsome face, she gave a small smile. “Mr. Hill, I seem to remember you saying I’m as dirty as the women standing by the side of the street and that you never want to eat my cooking again because it’ll ruin your appetite.”


Shaun’s handsome face imperceptibly stiffened for a moment. Had he said that?

Even if he had, was there a need for her to remember it so clearly?

“I was… Can’t you tell when I’m just speaking out of anger?” He raised a sharp brow. “Which man can remain calm and not get angry when he’s hurt by improper means? Are you saying that we don’t even have the right to be angry anymore just because we’re men?”

Catherine was rendered speechless.

Fine. He was a lawyer. He was best at refuting words.

“Cook.” Shaun knocked on the kitchen counter when she remained silent.

“Fine, I’ll cook.”

Shaun revealed a smile.

Although she had not been here for a while, the fridge was pretty well stocked with ingredients. In fact, they were all expensive and premium ingredients.

She whipped up salmon meatballs and cat pudding for Fudge. When it was Shaun’s turn, she randomly made a bowl of noodles, then sprinkled some scallions and added a little soy sauce in it. Lastly, she added a big spoonful of chili paste inside.

“That was quick.” Shaun walked over and froze when he saw the bowl. Then, he glanced at Fudge’s meal. It was the difference between heaven and earth.


Fudge had not eaten Catherine’s food for a long time and happily bit into the meatball. It was too delicious.

Shaun sneered. “I’m not even as good as a cat now?”

“I guess so. I’ve always lived like this.” Catherine played with the cat. How would she be comparable to a cat in his heart?

“Are you getting back at me?” Shaun stared at her profile and suddenly smiled.

“You’re overthinking.”

Catherine had just finished speaking when her features became contorted as she looked straight into his dark eyes.

“I don’t believe you aren’t enjoying this at all.”

“I’m not.”

Clarissa felt the need to be completely clear with him.

“I admit that I shamelessly chased after you before and even used improper means to get you. I was probably possessed back then.

“I don’t blame you for the names you called me because what you said was right. A relationship like this is only meaningful if both parties are harmonious with each other. Besides, you saved me twice before and I’ve been your nanny for free for so long, so let’s call it even. No one owes the other anything.”

Shaun stood up and smiled coldly. “You pestered me endlessly before. All the things you did and all the things you said, are you writing that off with just a simple ‘I was probably possessed’?

“Back then, who was the one who said that she was overjoyed because she had met her darling?

“Who was it who vowed that she would be good to me alone and do everything that she promised?

“Who was it who said that all my flaws are merits in her eyes and that she liked my tone?”

Damn it, why did he remember all the sweet words she had previously said so clearly?

The more he spoke, the more furious he became.

“Uh…” Catherine was completely stunned and stammered, “I… Did I say… such sappy things?”


Shaun stared at her fiercely for a moment before laughing in exasperation.

How could there be such a heartless woman? She said those words then turned around and forgot about them. She was simply scum.

Catherine seriously thought that he would pour the noodles over her head. She shrank back in fear.

“Well… If you’re this angry, could it be that you’re… in love with me?”

“Dream on.” Shaun immediately bristled like a tiger whose tail got stepped on. His voice went higher. “In love with you?”

He still had that condescending look on his face that really made Catherine uncomfortable.

“Which part of me is unworthy of you? You’re just a lawyer, and I’m a chief designer. We earn about the same amount of money, right?”

“Heh.” Shaun sized her up and down. His eyes seemed to exude the question of ‘Who do you think you are?’

Did this woman not know who he was?

Catherine said defiantly, “What, aren’t you just relying on the fact that you’re good friends with Young Master Harrison? You really take yourself too seriously.”


Shaun felt his stomach hurt in anger.

Catherine saw him fall silent and thought that she had poked his self-esteem.

“If you don’t want to eat the noodles, then throw them away. In any case, I’m not doing this again. Let me make this clear, I cooked for you before because I was pursuing you. Now that I’m not, I have no obligation to cook for you anymore.”

She looked at his livid face as she spoke and did not dare to stay any longer. She stood up and took her bag.

Shaun’s cold eyes locked onto hers tightly, and his voice was full of resentment. “Catherine Jones, of all the women who have pursued me before, you’re the one who used the shortest amount of time. Did you really even like me?”

Catherine’s heart beat faster as he stared at her, suddenly feeling guilty.

How could she say that she had only pursued him because she thought he was Ethan Lowe’s uncle?

Now that she knew he was not, she naturally could not continue wasting time on him.

However, she might die if she told him the truth.

“Answer my question.” Shaun gripped her arm tightly and pinned her to the edge of the dining table.

“Of… Of course, I did.” Catherine calmed her mind and tried to keep herself from being exposed. “You… You’re so handsome, so I was captivated by you the moment I saw you…”

“Then why did you stop liking me?” Shaun lowered his head. The tip of his nose almost brushed against hers.

The woman’s sweet and fragrant scent reminded him of the kiss in the restaurant before, causing him to almost kiss her again.

Catherine’s scalp tingled as she said incoherently, “Because… Because after looking at you more, I discovered that your personality is too horrible and I can’t stand it…”

Shaun’s thin lips which were about to kiss her suddenly paused. His eyes gradually darkened as a surge of anger rose in his chest.

“Since you like me, shouldn’t you also like my temper? Are your feelings so shallow and superficial? Were you playing with me?”

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