Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 110

Damn it. This was the first time he wanted to strangle a woman so much.

Catherine’s legs were trembling with fear. She wanted to cry. Why had she come tonight?

“I was wrong. I’m just that shallow and superficial. Please let me go.”

The woman’s face flashed with a deep fear, and her clear and watery eyes were like a kitten’s. She did not dare to approach him at all.

Shaun’s heart was inexplicably seized in pain. It was the first time his heart was moved, but it was because of a complete scum of a woman.

“Get out.”

He could not control his anger and flung her to the ground. “Don’t let me see you again.”

The man’s force was very strong, and Catherine ended up knocking her knee on the floor when she fell. It hurt like hell.

She forced herself to stand up, also becoming angry. “If it weren’t for Fudge, do you think I wanted to see you? You’re temperamental and moody. Who can stand you?”

Then, she swiftly slipped away.

This time, she was no longer coming back.

In the house, a tight string in Shaun’s mind completely snapped.

He grabbed the noodles she cooked and was just about to smash the bowl on the ground, but then he remembered that he had not had a good meal these days. He put the bowl down and smashed a cup instead.

After smashing it, his heart suddenly became empty and uncomfortable.

Why on earth did he have to be angry because of scum like her?

She said that she could not stand him.

Had she forgotten all the sweet words she said before? She changed so quickly it was like she was acting.


He never wanted her to come back again. He would never look at her even if she came back to him and begged him.

He ate the noodles hatefully. It was really too goddamn spicy, so spicy that his stomach started to hurt again.

However, no matter how much it hurt, it could not compare to the pain in his heart.

When Catherine went back, Freya had a facial mask on at home.

Seeing Catherine back, she joked and said, “Hey, back so soon? I thought you would be staying the night there.”

“What are you thinking about? I only went there because I was worried about Fudge.” Thinking of Fudge, Catherine really had not wanted to leave. The three kittens were adorable.

Freya walked over and sat next to her. “Aren’t you too concerned about Shaun Hill’s cat?”

“What are you trying to say?” Catherine frowned deeply.

Freya peeled off her mask and revealed her beautiful fair, rosy face. “You used to live together every day and he even saved you several times. Have you fallen in love with him?”

Catherine froze, feeling a little conflicted.

“At the beginning, I approached him with a purpose, but I was slightly moved when he saved me when I was being bullied by Zayn. Then, he saved me again when I was locked up at my old house. I really did sincerely want to spend the rest of my life with him, otherwise I wouldn’t have decided to give him my first time, but… What happened later made me come to my senses.”

Freya patted her shoulder comfortingly.

Catherine smiled bitterly. “I want to be cared for and cherished, but with him, all I experience is indifference, dislike, and no respect. It’s as if everything I do is wrong. It’s like I’m a more annoying existence to him than a fly. I don’t even have freedom. I’m tired, and after finding out that he isn’t Ethan’s uncle, I want to leave even more now.”


“It’s better to be with you.” Catherine held Freya’s arm. “We can eat together, cook together, go shopping together, and relax together. Unfortunately, you still have Patrick. How nice would it be if you could just stay with me.”

“Shut up, I don’t swing that way.” Freya pushed her away with a disgusted look. She sighed. “But Patrick is also very busy, so I’ll hang out with you for the time being.”

Catherine could not help but remember Linda Shelby who was with Patrick before. “I met Linda Shelby at the party the other time. What’s her relationship with Patrick?”

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