Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 112

Less than ten minutes later, Ethan received a sudden call from Sonya.

“What’s going on, Ethan? Rebecca announced publicly on Facebook that she has canceled her wedding with you because you still have feelings for Catherine.”

Ethan was dumbfounded as he did not expect Rebecca to act so swiftly.

He immediately clicked on Rebecca’s Facebook profile.

She had written: [An innocent girl, who had just moved up the ladder, thought that she had met her prince, only to discover that he went after her simply because of her identity as a corporation’s successor.

[Recently, many have been criticizing me for being the third party between my sister and her boyfriend. In fact, I was unaware of it.

[He said he loved me, and I believed it. Therefore, I got together with him at all costs. I wouldn’t be bothered even if a commotion arose during our wedding.

[However, I just found out that he still has feelings for someone else. He pretended to get engaged to me before this and merely treated me as a stepping stone to secure his position in Lowe Corporation. I was dumped afterward.]

Following the messages, Rebecca posted a photo of Catherine and him in Green Mountain.

From the angle of the photo, it showed that he seemed to be having a deep talk with Catherine while he held her hand.

It turned out that someone had taken a shot of them at that time.

In fact, the Jones family had planned to sling mud at him early on, which allowed Rebecca to get away with this.

It was too late for Ethan to regret it.

It was because Summit, Janet, Cindy, and other people had liked and shared the post that caused the topic to become a top search.

A lot of people criticized him for being a betrayer, calling him a scumbag.

They even criticized Catherine and him for being involved in a conspiracy to cheat the pure girl who came from the countryside.

Sonya anxiously said on the other end, “Are you having a complicated relationship with Catherine again? You’re out of your mind. Now you can only count on the Jones family to turn things around…”

“No, Mom.” Ethan’s words were stuck in his throat. “Can’t you see that Rebecca’s throwing mud at me in an attempt to keep a distance from me?”

Sonya was astounded. She appeared to have figured out everything at that instant.

“Little did I expect that she would be such a character. I was barking up the wrong tree. You’re now at the lowest point in your life, and there she is trying to ruin your reputation.”

“Exactly. I didn’t expect that as well. Perhaps this is karma.” Ethan was heartbroken. He was not sure if Cathy, whom he owed a lot, was hurt as well.

Talton Design.

When Catherine found herself on the top search and being criticized by a bunch of people for no reason, she had the urge to fling her phone.

How dare Rebecca falsify the issue?! Rebecca was the one who snatched Ethan away. She ended up dumping him and was now accusing Catherine and Ethan of scheming together.

Furthermore, Cindy only aggravated the matter by using her identity as a celebrity, which got more people to criticize Catherine.

What kind of people were they?

“A lot of information online is fake. Don’t bother about it.” Joseph, who had noticed the issue, comforted her. “Go home early and rest if you’re not feeling well.”

“Okay.” Indeed, Catherine did not want to get her colleagues to stare at her with strange looks. After nodding, she packed her things and headed home.

Who knew, just as she got downstairs, a crowd of reporters came out of nowhere to surround her.

“Miss Jones, are you getting back together with Ethan?”

“Getting back together? In fact, you guys never separated. You guys just pretended to have separated so that Ethan could cheat on Rebecca!”

“Rumor has it that you’re very jealous of your long-lost sister. Is that true?”

“According to a relative of the Jones family, you used to tell your parents that Rebecca and you couldn’t coexist, right?”

“That’s very evil of you. She’s your biological sister who has suffered so much since young.”

“Are you bullying her just because she came from a rural area?”

“What’s wrong with coming from a rural area? You look down on rural people, huh?”

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