Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 113

Catherine was surrounded by a crowd of reporters with microphones in their hands.

She wanted to explain, but no one could be bothered about her. They kept shoving her even though she was wearing high heels. In the end, she was shoved to the ground.

None of the reporters helped her up. They were just busy taking ugly pictures of her.

“What are you guys doing? Get out of the way!”

Ethan, who came here just in time, happened to catch sight of the situation. He immediately pushed the reporters away and helped Catherine up. “Are you okay, Cathy?”

Catherine had a sinking feeling upon seeing him. Sure enough, the reporters grew enthusiastic.

“It’s Ethan! He rushed here promptly!”

“Sure enough, the two of you are having an affair.”

“How disgusting!”

Ethan flew into a rage as more insults were hurled at Catherine and him. “Mind your words. All of it has nothing to do with her. I’m the irresponsible one. The person I hurt is Catherine, not Rebecca.”

“Pah, of course, you’re protecting Catherine because you’re in love with her.”

“How pitiful Rebecca is!”

“Exactly. Rebecca is really unlucky to have such a sister!”

Catherine was enraged at Ethan who was causing even more trouble at this crucial moment.

Catherine and Ethan failed to jostle their way out, and worse still, the crowd was now blocking their way even more aggressively.

Amid the commotion, a security officer hurriedly dispersed the reporters.

Wesley forced his way through the gaps, only to notice Catherine’s unkempt hair. He then told the reporters off fiercely.

“Are you guys interviewing or interrogating her? Are you bullying a weak woman by acting so violently? Are you guys even qualified to be reporters?”

When the reporters noticed an air of authority around him and his costly outfit, they were not bold enough to carry on with the forceful attack.

Nevertheless, someone was dissatisfied with his behavior. “We just want to get their relationship clear.”

“They have nothing to do with each other.” Wesley pulled Catherine violently toward him. “She’s my girlfriend. If you guys ever cause her trouble again, I’ll definitely do something about it.”

Ethan was shocked.

Catherine was in shock as well. Damn. If Shaun found out about it, she would be viewed as having betrayed their marriage.

As Catherine was rooted to the spot, Wesley thought that she was startled. He put his arm around her shoulders, then brought her into the car.

Ethan followed them right away. After he got into the car, he anxiously asked, “Uncle Wesley, are you guys really in a relationship?”

“I can get together with her as long as she’s ready. In fact, I used it as an excuse to deny your relationship with her just now.” Wesley glanced at Catherine helplessly. “Sorry. Do you mind?”

Catherine was speechless.

Now that she was married, could she say yes?

However, it was Wesley’s well-intentioned effort.

She nodded. “I understand.”

Ethan let out a sigh of relief upon knowing that it was a pretense. “Cathy, I—”

“Stop addressing me this way. It’s disgusting.” The minute Catherine saw him, anger welled up inside her.

“Ethan, are you trying to push me into a dead end? You know that everyone is against our relationship, yet you came to meet me. Are you trying to add fuel to the fire, thinking that I deserve to be attacked more bitterly? Did I wrong you in our past lives? Why are you going against me again and again on purpose?”

“I… I didn’t mean to.”

In the face of her criticisms, Ethan was at his wits’ end.

If this situation had happened earlier, he would have lost his temper. However, his mind was full of Catherine’s positive aspects and Rebecca’s negative aspects at that point.

“I came here simply because I want to apologize to you. When I saw you being surrounded just now, I was afraid that you’d get hurt, so I couldn’t help but act that way. Sorry, Cathy. I’m really sorry. It was very foolish of me to get deceived by Rebecca. Now I finally know that you were the person who treated me the best.”

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