Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 114

Catherine’s anger simmered down. At the same time, she still found Ethan’s words ridiculous. “How silly of you to say that. Rebecca is smart, diligent, gentle, and generous, whereas I’m evil and brutal.”

Upon hearing the sarcastic remark, Ethan was so embarrassed that his handsome face flushed.

“Cathy, forgive me for hurting you back then. I’m really sorry. I’ll slowly make it up to you for the rest of my life. Are you willing to come back to me? I promise that I’ll never repeat my mistakes again.

“I used to be too naive back then. You were right in saying that I’m still young and can work hard on my own. Everything will be fine as long as you stay by my side.”

With that, he gazed at her eagerly.

Wesley’s face darkened. Little did he know that his nephew was such a shameless person.

What worried Wesley most was that Catherine would be touched by Ethan’s words. After all, Catherine and Ethan had feelings for each other.

“Think wisely, Cathy. He has betrayed you once, and it can happen a second time…”

“Uncle Wesley!” Ethan roared, “I know you like Cathy, but you can’t force a relationship. After all, I’m the one whom she loves deep down.”

Their argument caused Catherine’s head to hurt. She then interrupted their argument loudly.

“Alright, Ethan. Shut your mouth! You’ve hurt me enough. How dare you say I like you?! Have you no shame? I’m deeply disgusted just by looking at you. If time could rewind, I wish I wouldn’t have gotten to know you.”

Not wanting to be involved in their argument anymore, Catherine opened the door and got out of the car straight away.

“Don’t leave!” Ethan hurriedly clutched her. “Give me another chance. I won’t give up.”

“Stay away from me. Hands off.”

Wesley said, “Let me send you home. Ethan is the one who should leave. Someone’s trying to incite the incident secretly. I’ll solve it for you.”

“No need. I’ll find a way to deal with it.”

Catherine broke free from Ethan’s grasp and left without turning back.

She felt that she would explode with anger if she stayed any longer with Ethan. Furthermore, she did not want to owe Wesley any favors.

On the other side.

As Chase watched the video of Wesley announcing in public that Catherine was his girlfriend, he was at his wits’ end at that instant.

Ugh, it had to do with Rin again.

Recently, Shaun would go to court with a long face as if he was going to a battlefield.

In addition, the atmosphere of the law firm was as icy as the South Pole. Everyone was in fear.

If Shaun found out about this top search, Cathy would be in deep waters where she might be killed.

Chase had to contact Hadley immediately to stop him from informing Shaun about the incident.

He could not reach Hadley after making a number of attempts to call him.

He had no choice but to race to the lounge. As soon as he pushed open the door, the dart that Shaun threw landed right on the red bullseye.

A strong sense of fierceness permeated the lounge.


“If you’re planning to let me know about the incident of Wesley publicly announcing that Catherine’s his girlfriend, you don’t have to tell me.” Shaun turned around and took another dart. His person conveyed a sense of coldness and intimidation.

Chase glanced at Hadley who was standing upright. Hadley then said, “I’m the one who revealed it. This woman betrayed Young Master Hill.”

Chase was at a loss for words.

Damn. Cathy had to fend for herself now.

He coughed lightly. “Regarding this incident, there should be a reason…”

“Why are you always standing up for her?” Shaun suddenly turned around, his eyes expressing coldness. “Is it because you’re into her?”

Chase nearly bit his tongue. Words were stuck in his throat.

“How’s that possible? I clearly know that I shouldn’t snatch my friend’s wife.”

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