Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 120

Wesley said, “Before this, he had been living in seclusion for years. He suddenly came to Melbourne a while ago, but it’s way too difficult to get him to help. Previously, I asked him to settle a business lawsuit for me by offering him a pay of 300 million dollars, yet he declined.

“Of course, he has declined many offers, including those from the business and political powerhouses. In his eyes, money and power are nothing.”

Freya was at a loss for words.

In a daze, she wondered if Wesley was referring to that Shaun Hill.

Cathy’s husband was also Shaun Hill, and he was a lawyer.

Cathy said that her husband’s income was pretty much the same as hers, though.

She also said that her husband behaved arrogantly and cruelly only because he was Chase’s friend.

My God. What kind of a f*cking powerhouse had her best friend offended?

Not only had she offended him, but she was also unaware of his identity despite staying with him for over two months.

“Don’t worry. I’ll beg him,” Wesley said.

“Uh…” Freya gave a light cough. “If you’re referring to the same Shaun Hill… I got acquainted with him back then. I’ll look for him. If I can’t get him to help, there’s no need for you to beg him then.”

If Wesley were to go and beg Shaun, the situation would involve a love rival asking for the official husband to save his wife whom he was going to divorce. Not only would Shaun refuse to save Catherine, but he might also cause her to end up in jail forever.

In this case, Wesley must not beg Shaun.

“You know him?” Wesley looked at Freya with a different expression.

Ethan was astonished as well. “I’ve heard about Mr. Hill. I didn’t expect that you’d know someone like him, Freya.”

Freya said embarrassingly, “I don’t know much about him, but I have a friend who’s familiar with him.”

“Your friend is brilliant.” Wesley praised. “We’ll wait for good news from you.”

Freya was speechless.

‘Yeah, right. My friend is still in the detention center, waiting for you guys to save her.’

Once they parted, Freya gave Chase a call. “Young Master Harrison, I’m sure you heard that Catherine has been arrested by the police. Apparently, the evidence available is all against her. I’d… I’d like to get Mr. Hill to bail her out.”

Chase sighed. “These days, Shaun doesn’t want to hear Catherine’s name at all. He’ll definitely not help her. What’s more, he has made the decision to divorce her a few days ago.”

Freya was at her wits’ end. “Where’s he now? Can you give me a chance to talk to him face-to-face?”

“Unfortunately, he has accepted a case recently. He flew to Perth for work yesterday and will only return the day after tomorrow.”

Freya was overwhelmed by frustration deep down. It was proving impossible to save Catherine by tonight. “Can you tell me the hotel he’s staying at in Perth? I’ll fly there to meet him.”

On the other end, Chase remained silent for a while. He eventually told Freya the address. The plan’s success would ultimately depend on her.

That night, Freya booked the soonest flight to Perth and headed there.

After she arrived at the hotel, she knocked on the door of the room.

It was a slender young man who opened the door. She subsequently felt the warm air emanating from the room. The man wore a white shirt with its neckline hanging below his collarbones, revealing a small part of his sexy chest.

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