Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 121

Staring at the man’s chest, Freya was stunned. The man caressed her chin, his bewitching eyes displaying a captivating smile. “Tsk, you guys actually asked a woman to come over. She looks great, though.”

Freya’s face darkened. She seriously wondered if she came to the wrong place.

However, she heard the sound of people playing cards inside the room. She then asked, “I’m looking for Shaun. Is he here?”

In a daze, the man turned his head and looked into the room, “Someone’s looking for you, Shaun. That’s strange. When did you get into a relationship with someone in Perth?”

“I’m a friend of his wife.” Freya pushed away his hand that was blocking the door and entered the room in a huff.

There were three men in the living room, and all of them had an impressive aura. One of the men with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth said, “Rodney, I just asked you to open the door. Why did you let her in?”

“You can’t blame me.” Rodney Snow sat on an empty seat. He took a cigarette and lit it up, then gazed at Freya enthusiastically.

Shaun, sitting on the seat of honor, cast a casual glance at Freya while holding his cards. He threw a card onto the table.

“Throw her out.”

“Wait a minute.” Freya rushed toward Shaun without a second thought. “Catherine was tricked by her parents and is now in the police station. You’re the only person who can save her now. The police said that the case will be closed in three days, and she’ll be sentenced by then.”

“None of my business,” Shaun blurted out these four words indifferently.

“But she’s your wife.”

Shaun suddenly curled his lips. “You’re mistaken. She’s Wesley’s girlfriend, and her life has nothing to do with me. Get lost.”

The mention of that heartless, scummy woman ruined his mood.

“Enough. Shaun asked you to get lost. Hurry up and leave now.”

Rodney, who let her in just now, dragged her toward the door.

Knowing that this was the only chance, Freya clutched the threshold, trying her best not to let go.

“No. Cathy has never gotten into a relationship with Wesley. Wesley deliberately said that in front of the reporters the other day. You’re the one Cathy loves. You’re the only person who has a place in her heart. Ever since she met you, she has fallen head over heels for you. Although she’s been living with me these days, all she thinks about is you. She’s been weeping every day.”

Shaun’s eyes finally twitched. He tossed the cards and subsequently leaned backward. “Let go of her. Carry on with what you were saying.”

Freya’s eyes sparkled as she saw hope. She quickly added, “Cathy told me that ever since you saved her from Zayn, she started being madly in love with you. She just wants to be your woman. However, no matter what she did, you never paid attention to her. She feels worn out and miserable, so she chose to leave you.

“She said that it really hurts her that you don’t love her back. It hurts her even more when you treat her with disdain. She initially planned to go out with me when your cat gave birth to her babies the other day. The moment she learned about it, she ditched me and went to your place instead. She said that Fudge is your sweetheart, so if anything happened to Fudge, you’d be heartbroken.”

Shaun’s attractive brows furrowed in spite of himself. “Really? But that was not how she behaved when she came that day.”

“Of course, she wouldn’t express her feelings directly.” A look of distress crossed Freya’s face. “She wants to cook for you forever and not just for the time being. She wants to be your wife and not your sitter. You really don’t understand women.”

Freya waved emotionally with tears rolling down her face.

Shaun was stunned, his heart racing uncontrollably.

Was this really the scummy woman’s thoughts?

Freya continued to spice up the story. “Mr. Hill, do you think Wesley is as attractive as you? Has Wesley ever saved her? Think about it. How could she possibly fall for Wesley and not you? Is she blind?

“She said that even though you don’t love her and both of you can’t be together, nothing can ever stop her from loving you.”

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