Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 122

‘Boo-hoo. Sorry, Cathy. I’m doing this for the sake of saving you. Please forgive me for talking nonsense.

‘You’ll have to fend for yourself after you get out of jail.’

At that instant, the boisterous private room became so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. Shaun kept his face impassive when he knocked on the cards on the table with his fingers.

It was hard to decipher the look on his face, and only he would realize the surge of emotions within him.

It could be true that Catherine had not gotten over him. Considering that she loved him so much that she could disregard her dignity previously, she could not possibly have moved on.

In fact, Catherine was mentally weak.

They said the deeper one loved, the more one suffered.

Nevertheless, he was very upset at that woman’s capability to lure men.

“I’ll sleep on it. You may leave now.”

After what seemed like an eternity, Shaun finally opened his mouth to speak.

“How long do you need to think about it? Cathy has been locked for eight hours.”

“Is eight hours very long just because she’s precious?” Shaun took his cards again. “If you continue staying here, she might be locked until she’s 80 years old.”

Freya’s eyes glowed as she detected a glimmer of hope in his words.

With that, she readily left the room.

Once the door was closed, Chester Jewell shuffled the cards in his hands with a fancy technique and asked curiously, “Are you really going to save her?”

Shaun took his cup and sipped some coffee without saying a word.

Rodney could not help but say, “Well, the woman looks crafty. I don’t think what she said is true.”

“Which sentence do you think is fake, then?” Shaun squinted his eyes which revealed annoyance.

Inexplicably chilled to the bone, Rodney was a little speechless. Was he supposed to comment that Catherine could not possibly have fallen for Shaun or that Shaun’s wife had probably fallen for someone else?

If Rodney did so, he would basically be digging a hole for himself.

“You’re offended, huh?” Chester asked with a laugh.

“You’re overthinking.” Shaun calmly took a sip of coffee while holding the cup. “After all, she’s technically my wife, and her involvement in such a serious issue will bring shame on me.”

“Well, you can still spend two more days in Perth before you return to save her. It’s not a matter of life and death anyway. It’s been a long while since we met up together.” Rodney sat on an empty seat. “Deal the cards, Chester.”

“Okay.” Chester glanced at Shaun impassively.

About half an hour later, Shaun threw the cards and yawned. “I’m tired. I’m going to stop here.”

“Didn’t we promise to play until late at night?” Rodney was stunned.

“I just remembered that I haven’t dealt with an urgent lawsuit in Melbourne. Let’s meet again next time.”

The corners of Rodney’s mouth twitched violently, expressing incredulity. “Brother, we put our work on the back burner and came to meet you in Perth all because of a call from you. Now you’re planning to leave when we haven’t even gotten to spend a day together? Are you fooling us?”

“He says that he has something urgent to deal with. I understand.” Chester leaped to his feet and patted Rodney on the shoulder with a smile. He said to Shaun, “We’ll visit your wife in Melbourne when we’re free.”

“Hah. Let’s see.” Shaun curled his lips and left straight away.

Rodney rubbed his eyes, thinking that he had mistaken something. He somehow sensed a sugar-and-ice personality in him. “Has he really fallen for that woman?”

“Come to think of it, has Shaun even defeated us in any rounds since the woman left?” Chester asked.

The thought struck Rodney. Normally, it was almost impossible to defeat Shaun considering his intelligence. Nevertheless, he appeared absent-minded just now.

The main entrance of the hotel.

Freya was pondering whether to wait there until dawn broke.

Less than half an hour after she sat down, she suddenly saw Shaun walking out of the elevator in a windbreaker. Behind him was his assistant, who was dragging a suitcase.

“Mr. Jones, are you sure about this?” Freya could not believe what was happening either. She had been under the impression that she would have to wait at least until dawn broke.

“I’d better return to Melbourne since I’ve run out of luck.” Shaun remained emotionless when he got into the car.

Freya was about to scream with joy. It turned out that the man was just a liar.

She did not believe that Shaun had no feelings for Catherine. What a fool Catherine was. She actually did not realize it at all!

Upon arriving in Melbourne, Shaun headed straight to the police station.

The procedure of bailing Catherine out was done in less than 20 minutes. At that time, Freya saw a female police officer bringing Catherine out.

In just ten hours or so, Catherine was completely drenched. She staggered out with unkempt hair.

Her beautiful face had become swollen and badly scarred. A lot of fingernail scratches were visible on her skin.

Shaun stood at one side, his dark eyes conveying an overwhelming sense of hostility.

Why would this damned silly woman fail to protect herself every time? She would always end up badly injured when he was not around.

“My God. What happened to her? Did you guys punish her illegally?” Freya screamed and immediately held her. Catherine was much weaker than she imagined. Freya could barely support her.

A pair of large hands was stretched out and subsequently carried Catherine horizontally.

The familiar coldness exuded by the man made Catherine struggle to open her swollen eyes. Staring at Shaun’s handsome face under the hazy lights, Catherine was not at all intimidated. In fact, she felt an inexplicable sense of warmth.

In particular, his chest that felt like charcoal appeared to serve as a haven for her.

Why was he the one who came to save her every time without fail?

She really did not want to owe him anymore.

However, she was exhausted and in terrible pain at that point. All she wanted to do was to lean on him in silence.

Frozen, the woman curled up in his arms like a cat. It had been ages since Shaun last saw such a scene where she was so feeble.

Someone actually trampled on his wife and hurt her this way.

“Who did it?” His grim gaze was fixed on a female officer.

The female officer gave a shudder. “It was the prisoners’ doing. It has nothing to do with us.”

Shaun scoffed upon hearing that. “Looks like you guys aren’t clear about things. She’s a litigant whose only subject to the investigation here. She hasn’t been proven guilty, so she’s not a convict.

“You guys should’ve taken care of her safety during this period, but clearly, you didn’t. You’d better give me an explanation. Otherwise, as her lawyer, I’ll sue all of you who are in charge of this place.”

The female officer was frightened. She had heard that he was a legendary lawyer in Melbourne who was bold enough to sue anyone.

“Don’t… Don’t worry. I’ll inform my superior about it. Those who beat Miss Jones will be heavily punished.”

“I must see the outcome of the punishment.”

Once Shaun finished speaking, he turned around and left while carrying Catherine. After that, they got into the car.

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