Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 131

“Stand right there.” Shaun cast a bunch of keys and a card on the desk. “I’ve moved to Riverside Mansion. These are the keys to the villa’s main gate. That’s the same card you used before to spend for household expenses.”

This took Catherine by surprise. “Why did you move all of a sudden?”

“Fudge has three kittens now and the old place isn’t spacious enough. They need a garden to sunbathe,” he replied flatly.


She was speechless. Why was she not a cat instead? It was too tiring to be a human.

A cat did not have to cook and enjoyed the privilege of staying in a renovated luxurious villa.

“Don’t be jealous. Stay by my side loyally and you can live like that too.” The man twitched his thin lips slightly. As long as she stopped messing with other men and behaved well around him, he could let her be Mrs. Hill forever.

Anyhow, he had to remarry again if they ever divorced. That was too troublesome for him.

“Oh.” She pouted softly. She did not want to be his personal chef forever. Her goal was to keep earning money so she could repay the 400 million dollars debt as soon as possible. “I’ll move in two days later.”

“No, do it right now. I want to see you there when I go home later.” He frowned. “Your case is a tough one. I might lose if I don’t eat and sleep well.”

“Um… Sure. I’ll move in right away.” She tried her best to force a smile.

After leaving Jennings Solicitors, Catherine headed back to Freya’s place to pack her belongings.

They had lunch together as well. Before finally leaving, Freya placed a small box in her hand while smiling mischievously. “Remember to protect yourself. Don’t get pregnant.”

Catherine threw the thing away as if it was a piece of burning coal. Her cheeks were the color of ripe tomatoes. “Stop being so silly.”

“Well, I thought of using it myself. Patrick came to stay over that night. I thought something would happen then but he suddenly had to leave.” Freya shrugged nonchalantly. “You don’t have to use it, but don’t blame me for not warning you when you get pregnant.”

On second thought, Catherine picked up the box and placed it inside her luggage.

Perhaps Shaun wanted to do that with her? Just in case.

Soon, she arrived at Riverside Mansion.

He had moved into a double-story palace-style mansion. The garden was massive with lots of space to run about.

Upon discovering Catherine’s arrival, Fudge immediately ran over with the three kittens.

She picked up one of the kittens with pure white fur. How adorable!

“Miss Jones? I’m Aunty Linda, the housekeeper.” A woman in her mid-50s walked over to introduce herself.

A look of surprise flashed across Catherine’s face but was soon replaced with a smile. A mansion of this size would certainly need a housekeeper. If she were to handle everything in here, then she would certainly become a faded old woman in less than three years.

“Let me show you to your room.” Aunty Linda led her upstairs to one of the rooms. “This is your bedroom.”

“Oh, right. Thanks.”

She was overwhelmed with surprise. This bedroom was spacious like a master bedroom, not to mention that it was so clean and tidy that even the bedsheets had been taken care of. It was way more luxurious than the place in Jadeite Bay.

Aunty Linda said, “Towels and toothbrushes are already in there. Let me know if you need anything else.”

After the woman left, she began taking out her skincare products and laid them on the table. She noticed a hairdryer inside the drawer too.

She secretly thanked Aunty Linda for her thoughtfulness. She planned to put away her clothes, but the room had heated flooring and the environment was warm and cozy.

It was winter outside but it felt like the end of spring in here. She began to feel sleepy all of a sudden.

Since it was the evening anyway, she changed into thin loungewear and snuggled under the duvet. A familiar scent engulfed her.

The mattress was so comfortable, not to mention the soft and snug duvet. Besides, the lawsuit had been troubling her lately that she had not been able to sleep well at night lately. Finally, she did not have to worry anymore. In a matter of minutes, her mind went blank and she fell fast asleep.

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