Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 144

“Jump out of the car if you want.” Shaun deliberately stretched out his necktie as he instructed Hadley, “Speed up. Drive at the speed where she’ll die instantly if she jumps out right now.”


Catherine was speechless.

This man was the devil himself.

Upon realizing that Hadley was actually speeding up, she glared at him angrily but her courage to jump out of the car had instantly diminished.

“Come here.” Finally, he gestured to her impatiently.

“As long as you don’t tie me up,” she said worriedly.

“Did I say I want to tie you up? You’re the one entertaining these filthy thoughts.” He impatiently grabbed her close and placed her on his lap.

There was someone else in the car! Her cheeks flushed instantly, and she dared not move around simply. To play safe, she initiated a neutral conversation topic.

“What would you like for dinner tonight? I’ll make anything you request to thank you for your help today.”

“It’s always food with you.” He threw her a mocking look before laughing sarcastically. “What else do you know apart from cooking for me?”

She was at a loss for words. He was the one who always ordered her to cook for him.

He snorted when she did not reply. “Why were they here today?”

“I don’t know.” She blinked innocently with her round eyes.

“You’re prohibited to meet those two stupid things again,” he warned.


She blushed with shame at his arrogant comment. Ethan was empty-headed but Wesley was at the very least a successful, young businessman.

“You don’t seem to agree with me?” Shaun asked. Beneath his raised eyebrows were eyes overflowing with dangerous intent.

“Of course I do.” Catherine instantly tried to curry his favor. “You’re right that they’re not on your level. The way you triumphed over the enemy at the courtroom today was incredibly awesome. I’ve no idea how you did that. Those horrible doings of James were well-hidden yet you managed to dig them out. You’re totally my idol. Incredible!”

She gestured a thumbs up and looked as if she was completely infatuated by his charms.

Despite that, she was speaking the truth. Initially, she thought it would be a challenge to win this case. It was not an easy feat to defeat someone as treacherous as James.

However, it seemed that Shaun handled it almost effortlessly.

The woman’s eyes sparkled with brilliance. His thin lips curled upward slightly and he instantly became delighted.

He had won countless court cases before but this was certainly his proudest achievement so far.

Shaun lazily placed an arm on the headrest while he played with her long chestnut-colored hair with his free hand.

“Do you know how much effort I poured into this case? Every piece of information and evidence did not come by easily.”

“I know, and I really appreciate it.” Catherine felt even more sorry upon hearing this.

He stole a glance at her out of the corner of his eyes. Suddenly, he massaged the area between his brows, looking exhausted. “I’m tired,” he said through his thin lips.

“Let me give you a massage.” She quickly sat upright and started rubbing his temples.

He shut his eyes and quietly enjoyed this moment.

Hadley, who was sitting in front, twitched the corners of his lips. He was shocked by Young Master Hill’s shamelessness.

‘Please, all you did was give the orders. I was the one who ran back and forth tirelessly for the information.’

The car slowly pulled up at the villa.

Catherine’s hands were hurting slightly from the long massage. Shaun opened his eyes and got out of the car. “I’m going swimming. You should start on dinner, and make more food than usual.”

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