Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 145

Catherine nodded. She would do that even without being told.

In order to express her gratitude, she made herself busy in the kitchen to prepare all of Shaun’s favorite dishes.

At this moment, she was checking her social media.

Well, the entire online community was criticizing Summit. Although Jeffery was not being investigated this time, the netizens did not believe the president of the company was innocent.

There were even petitions across the internet to boycott Summit.

Summit was going down!

The people from before who misunderstood her for accepting bribes all changed their minds and started to feel sorry for her after knowing that she had been framed.

She used to have one million followers but now the number had increased to over ten million. She was even more popular than some celebrities.

After dinner was ready, Aunty Linda could not help admiring the delicious-looking feast. “I didn’t know you’re such a great chef. No wonder Young Master Hill isn’t willing to eat what I prepare.”

This was a surprise to Catherine. She knew Shaun was reluctant to admit it but he had undoubtedly become accustomed to her cooking.

“Aunty Linda, I can show you how to make them next time. This way, you can cook for him even if I’m not around.”

“Sure, but why wouldn’t you be around? You two are married now, and you should stay together for the rest of your lives.” Aunty Linda smiled as she tidied the space. Evidently, she had not thought twice about the remark.

Catherine was speechless. She needed to try harder to earn money now that the case was closed. She could not let herself be tied up to Shaun forever.

Aunty Linda was busy at the moment, thus she went upstairs to get a clean set of loungewear before heading to the swimming pool.

A strong and fit figure moved swiftly in the water like a dolphin.

Catherine, who was standing by the pool, appeared dazed. His swimming skills were as good as professional swimmers.

The man sprung out of the water like a predator. His short dark hair was plastered on the edge of his forehead. Water droplets trickled down his hair, across his face, over his tall nose bridge, red lips, clavicles…

She was holding her breath without even realizing it. Goodness, this man ate so much every day yet his figure was still perfect.

Embarrassed, she looked away. “Dinner is ready. I’ve brought you a set of clothes.”

She placed them on the side and intended to leave.

Shaun placed both palms on the edge of the pool and propped himself out of the water in a swift manner.

He was wearing swimming shorts and nothing else. His thighs were toned, and the water droplets emphasized every line and curve on his beautiful tanned body. He looked immaculate like the sculpture of David.

“Pat me dry,” he ordered as he wiped the water off his face with the back of his hand.

She was taken aback. “Um… It’s not a good idea. You should do it yourself.”

“I’m tired.” A weary look washed over his face.


She was speechless.

‘Are you sure? You were still energetic a second ago in the water.’

“Hurry up. I’m cold,” he urged. “What’s the matter? I just won you the court case but you can’t even do this little thing for me?”

“I’ll do it right now.”

She inched forward and spread out the towel. She tried drying his hair first but the man was much taller than her, thus she had to stand on her tiptoes. She did not notice that her upper body was almost pushing against his chest.

The woman’s pleasant scent filled the air around him.

She did not take much notice of that. Instead, she was frustrated because she could not dry the back of his head due to the height difference. Left with no choice, she walked to his back and went on her tiptoes, unintentionally pressing up against his back again.


The man was speechless.

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