Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 146

When Catherine went round to the front again and their eyes met, his gaze was burning.

Catherine’s face flushed red from his stare and she hurriedly lowered her eyes, not knowing how seductive her appearance was.

The strings in Shaun’s brain seemed to have easily snapped and he suddenly held her waist. “Is that thing of yours finished already?”

Catherine was a little bewildered and could not react. She could only subconsciously nod.

Immediately after, her body was lifted from the ground.

“What are you doing?” She hugged his neck in fright.

“Catherine Jones, I admit that your seduction skills are getting better and better.” Shaun’s voice was husky as he carried her to the bedroom upstairs.

The woman was going crazy. ‘When did I seduce you? Brother, you’re the one who told me to wipe you down. Aren’t you supposed to have superb self-control? Didn’t you think I was disgusting before?’

When Catherine was thrown onto the bed, she shuddered.

Although she had already expected this day to come after signing the contract that day, she was still very afraid. After all, her previous experience had left a deep trauma on her.

Shaun pinched the tip of her little nose, teasing her.

Catherine, “…”

“Wait.” Catherine pushed his chest with red-rimmed eyes and an expression of pain. “Shaun, we can’t do this. I don’t deserve you.”

“You’re quite self-aware.”

Shaun paused as he said with interest.

Catherine was choked up, but she could only steel her nerves and barrel on.

“It’s because I know your identity now. You’re a lawyer who stands above others while I’m just a small-time designer with no backing. There’s a whole world of difference between us. I can’t use my lowly body and pull you down from your altar. That’s blasphemy. It’s an insult.”

“Didn’t you want to climb into my bed before?” Shaun raised his brows.


‘That’s only because I thought you were Ethan’s uncle.’

However, Catherine did not dare to tell the truth and could only say weakly, “It’s because I didn’t know anything back then. I thought that conquering your body would gain me your heart, but then I found out that I was wrong.”

“You were wrong.”

Shaun stroked her chin over and over again with a deep smile. “I hate being schemed against by women, but I’m still a man. Since you just so happened to appear, I gave you a chance.”

Catherine’s eyes widened. Every pore in her body seemed to scream, ‘No!’

Seeing the man’s lips getting closer and closer, she was at a loss. She was just about to close her eyes when Shaun suddenly stopped. “You wait here. I’m going to take a shower.”

He remembered that he had just come out of the swimming pool and was not clean. It would be a problem if her body became infected with germs.

Shaun stood up and elegantly went to the bedroom, while Catherine lay on the bed and fought with her conflicting feelings for a long time. Although she had already told herself many times before to be brave, when it was finally time for it to happen, she suddenly felt afraid.

After struggling for a long time, she still turned tail and ran.

When Shaun came out of the shower, the bedroom was empty and there was no one left on the bed.

He went downstairs to find her with a dark expression on his face. Aunty Linda asked curiously, “It’s almost time for dinner. Why did the madam run out?”

Only then did Shaun realize that Catherine’s struggles earlier was because she was unwilling.

Damn it. He kindly gave her the opportunity to legitimize her position, but she refused!

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