Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 16

Shaun suddenly curled a smile and raised his eyebrows. “You can leave, but you have to leave in the same way as they were dragged out just now.”

Catherine was stunned as her eyes settled on Shaun. She was caught in a moment of contrasting emotions.

She did not expect him to stand up for her. Somehow, she could not help but find him rather attractive.

At that moment, Rebecca and the women could no longer keep their cool.

Janet roared, “Who do you think you are? Do you know who we are?”

Shaun kept still, throwing a glance at Chase.

Chase looked sideways at the group of servers with a smile. “Should I personally give your boss a call? The strongest person to drag them will be rewarded.”

Everyone in the restaurant was aware of Chase’s identity. Even the servers’ boss would treat him courteously.

The group of servers immediately rushed to drag Rebecca and the two other women out with one server treating them crueler than the previous one.

All of the three women had come well-dressed. However, their hair soon became messy while their shoes dropped to the floor when they were being dragged. Even Rebecca’s long dress was torn after it got hooked on the flower bed.

Catherine and Freya watched the situation with their mouths agape.

Kneeling in front of the two of them, Manager Lorenz begged, “I must’ve been blind just now, Miss Jones and Miss Lynch. It was very careless of me. I hope the two of you will be generous enough to forgive me. Don’t sink to my level.”

Catherine secretly glanced at Shaun. Upon realizing that he was not uttering a word, she then said, “How lucky we are to come across Young Master Harrison here. Otherwise, we would’ve been the ones who got dragged out. In that case, I wouldn’t have forgiven you and complained about you guys to your boss in person.”

Chase said with a smile, “You don’t have to do it in person. I’ll call their boss in a minute and make him get lost.”

Manager Lorenz plopped down on the floor in pain.

Freya was indeed delighted by the situation. Coincidentally, she saw Catherine standing frozen by Shaun’s side without saying a word. Struck by a sudden thought, she used her shoulder to hit her best friend violently.

With a sudden push, Catherine, who had been spacing out, missed her footing and subsequently fell into Shaun’s arms.

She had never been so close to him. A soft scent then filled her nose.

She had a brain fart at that instant. Never did she expect that the man would smell so lovely. It was completely different from his aura.

Catherine sensed that Shaun’s eyes were sweeping over her. Hit with a realization, she got out of his arms in a hurry. “I’m sorry, it was an accident.”

“Stop explaining. It’s not the first time you’ve done such a thing,” Shaun replied knowingly.

Catherine was speechless.

Had she really done such a thing?

Why was she unaware of it?

Furious at being falsely accused, she turned her gaze to the instigator. She noticed that Freya and Chase were staring at her curiously.

Chase gave a light cough. “It must be fate that brought us together. Let’s have a meal together, okay?”

Freya’s eyes sparkled. “Sure. I was just planning to have a toast with you to thank you for the help.”

“Let’s go.”

As Freya and Chase were chatting, they entered the restaurant first.

Catherine was dazed. How dare Freya act so without asking Catherine for her opinion?

Catherine hesitantly looked at Shaun, yet he did not bother to even take a glimpse at her. He shoved his hand into the pocket of his trousers and went straight into the restaurant.

She quickly went after him as she wanted to find out about Fudge’s condition as well. She was quite anxious about it, considering that she had casually left the house the day before.

A server led the four of them to a private room. Once Catherine stepped into the room, she gasped at the luxurious atmosphere.

Freya approached Catherine excitedly and whispered in her ear, “Sure enough, it’s your husband who booked it. This is Calia Pavilion, it’s the most luxurious private room in the entire restaurant. Even my dad wasn’t qualified to book it last time.”


Freya said, “Only people with a net worth of at least 50 billion dollars are eligible to book the private room.”

Catherine was at a loss for words.

Freya pinched Catherine’s waist out of jealousy. “Actually, your husband is pretty good. Although you had hurt his dearest cat, all he did was kick you out of the house. Look, he has forgiven and forgotten what you did. He even helped you just now. How awesome he is!”

Catherine said disdainfully, “Let me remind you who’s the one who kept criticizing him earlier.”

“Oh well, I only looked at him from afar back then. Little did I know that he’d turn out to be a very attractive man upon a closer look. The point is, he’s Ethan’s uncle. Think about the man’s wealth, status, and appearance which put your ex-boyfriend in the shade. Ethan will lose his cool if he appears in front of him, and this will also make Rebecca feel very jealous.”

Catherine suddenly became eager at the thought of Rebecca’s pretentious manner.

“What are the two of you whispering in each other’s ears?” Chase asked, amused.

Only then did Catherine notice that the two men in the private room had shifted their gazes to her. She was instantly embarrassed. “Thanks to the both of you, I have the privilege to enter this luxurious private room.”

“I thought both of you were talking about Shaun’s attractiveness,” Chase replied with a grimace.


His sharp words left Catherine feeling ashamed. “You must be joking, Young Master Harrison.”

“Let’s start ordering food.”

Shaun flipped open the menu, his eyes revealing coldness. After casually ordering two dishes, he placed the menu on the table.

Chase spun the lazy Susan with his fingers until the menu reached Catherine. “Order some food, Sister-in-law.”

Catherine, who was drinking coffee, nearly choked upon hearing it.

She coughed violently a few times. From Chase’s mocking eyes, it dawned on her that Chase had already learned about her marriage with Shaun. Apparently, Shaun and Chase had a close relationship.

“Don’t call me that. I’ll lose my identity anytime.”

She took the menu embarrassingly. She noticed that the dishes Shaun had ordered were quite bland, so she chose some bland dishes as well.

Without much thought, Freya said, “The signature grilled lamb chop here tastes good and is quite spicy. Don’t you like spicy food?”

A few seconds of eerie silence befell the private room.

After a while, Chase gave a chuckle. “She knows that Shaunny’s on a bland diet and that’s why she’s being considerate toward her husband.”

Freya was momentarily stunned. She then shot a flirtatious glance at her best friend.

Catherine blushed with shame. Although she was thick-skinned when dealing with Shaun privately, she could not help feeling embarrassed when such a matter was discussed in public.

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