Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 17

“That… You guys have misunderstood me. My stomach hasn’t been feeling well recently, so I’m opting for blander food…”

“You don’t have to explain further. I understand.” Freya patted Catherine on the back of her hand while chuckling.

Catherine was dejected. Sure enough, her friend turned out to be her betrayer.

Shaun, who had been quiet, raised his long, thick eyelashes and glanced at the woman opposite him.

She was wearing a pink knitted top today. The skin on her neck was milky, yet her face had reddened. The redness had even spread to the delicate skin around her ear lobes.

His eyes sparkled without him realizing it. However, he soon stifled the look, then took a sip of coffee.

Struck with an idea, Freya took out her phone and pretended to discuss something with her best friend. “Which place are you planning to rent? I think this apartment is pretty good. It only costs 800 dollars per month.”

Chase said, “What kind of a good apartment are you able to rent with 800 dollars? Who’s planning to rent a place?”

Freya sighed. “It’s Cathy. She has no choice but to rent a place since she has been kicked out of the Jones family. She has nowhere to stay at the moment and is left with very little money. She stayed at a budget hotel last night. There weren’t any windows in the room, and what’s more, the bed linen didn’t get changed. Also, there were always people sliding little cards under the door. How dangerous.”

Lowering her head, Catherine drank her coffee quietly. Freya, who was a fantastic drama queen, was indeed her best friend.

Shaun frowned imperceptibly.

Chase turned his head to look at him, then moaned. “Shaun, how could you let your pretty wife stay at such a dangerous place? How incompetent you are at taking care of her!”

Catherine immediately turned into a drama queen. “It’s my fault. I fed Fudge with chips, causing her to vomit. Shaun was right in kicking me out. By the way, how’s Fudge now? Is she fine?”

Chase responded while smiling, “Don’t blame yourself. Fudge is—”

“Not in a good condition.” Before Chase could continue, Shaun interrupted his speech. “Your apology is useless.”

With a strange expression, Chase felt sympathetic toward Catherine whom he felt did not deserve the blame. This was very cruel of Shaun.

Catherine turned pale all of a sudden. She was under the impression that Fudge’s condition had gotten better and that Shaun gave her a hand because his anger had subsided.

“Tell me how you’re going to make up for it,” Shaun suddenly spoke again.

Catherine was in a daze. “With money? I don’t have any.”


Shaun’s brows furrowed. This woman was usually quite shrewd, yet why was she so foolish at this crucial point?

“The doctor said that Fudge needs some rest. Her diet and living habits need to be managed well too. If you really feel guilty, you can take care of her meals three times a day during this period. Don’t let her take oily food. Instead, prepare more fresh and nutritious food that’s easy for her to digest.”

“Cough, cough.” Chase choked upon hearing the man’s shameless remarks.

Tsk. It finally dawned on him that Shaun wanted to get a pretty sitter for free.

Clever. How clever.

Catherine was momentarily stunned. She then probed him by asking, “You mean I can return to your place and live there?”

Shaun flatly reminded, “Put aside all your other thoughts. From today onward, you’re going to serve as Fudge’s sitter.”

“Sure, no problem.”

Catherine was so excited that her eyes sparkled. By the look of things, she still stood a chance of being Ethan’s aunt.

After all, she managed to serve as the cat’s sitter for the time being. This would mean that she could become Shaun’s personal sitter in the future.

Shaun’s eyes flashed with satisfaction. Not only did he not have to apologize for what happened the previous night, but he had also gotten Fudge a sitter. This way, he managed to kill two birds with one stone. After the meal, Chase went to settle the bill while Catherine stood beside Shaun.

All of a sudden, a card was flung into her arms. “Go and get some food in the mall for Fudge’s dinner later.”

“What does she eat?”

Catherine held the card with a dazed look as she had never reared a cat.

Shaun threw a contemptuous glance at her. “I’ve told you earlier. Something nutritious, clean, and fresh.”


What a headache. These days, a cat’s life was better than a human’s. Was the food meant to nurture her pregnancy or soothe her stomach?

“So are you coming home tonight? What do you feel like eating? I’ll prepare it for you.”


After saying this, Shaun left with Chase.

Watching the two of them walk away, Freya said with a chuckle, “I wonder how much money there is in the card? With this card, you probably won’t be strapped.”

“I’m not sure. I won’t spend the money since it’s his.” Catherine shook her head. “I have to search for a job as soon as possible within these two days.”

“Alright then. Keep it up. Since you won’t be looking for a place to rent anymore, I’m going to watch a movie with Patrick. He just came to pick me up.”

After Freya got into her boyfriend’s car, Catherine walked toward her car.

The moment she caught sight of Ethan leaning against her car door with his tall figure, she was filled with coldness.

They said one loved someone as much as one hated him or her. That was exactly how she felt at that point.

“Was it Rebecca who told you I’m here?”

She lifted her head and stared at Ethan’s stunning face.

At that instant, Ethan’s familiar eyes displayed a hint of frustration.

“Cathy, no matter how angry and jealous you are, you shouldn’t have done that to your sister.”

Catherine was astonished, yet she soon smiled and said, “She told you about it, didn’t she?”

“I found out about it even without her telling me. Someone posted today’s incident on Snapchat,” Ethan replied with a reproaching tone. “You got someone to tear your sister’s long dress in public and drag her out of the restaurant in an embarrassing manner. Besides your sister, Janet and your best friend, Cindy, were also put into trouble. Your awful behavior is indeed upsetting.”

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