Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 18

Ethan’s thin lips opened and closed elegantly.

Catherine had heard him saying sweet words countless times. This time, however, she was heartbroken.

“Yeah, I’m awful. So are you here to take revenge against me on behalf of your fiancée?”

“You still haven’t realized your mistake at this point,” Ethan furiously added, “Mr. and Mrs. Jones are already upset with you. Why can’t you behave yourself? People out there are calling you small-minded.”

“Yeah, I’m small-minded,” Catherine admitted it openly. “I’m not a saint either.”


Ethan could not help but knock on the car with his fist.

“You’ve really let me down. I’ve been trying hard to endure for the sake of our future, hoping that I’ll be able to take over Lowe Corporation soon. What about you? Look at what you’ve done. Not only did you leave Summit and end up being jobless, but your reputation has also been ruined. Can’t you push yourself a little harder?”

“I’m working hard.”

‘I’m working hard to consolidate my identity as your aunt, you scumbag.’

Ethan sneered with rage, “You’re just working hard to bully Rebecca, aren’t you? If you go on doing this, Rebecca is going to surpass you. Yes, she might have lower educational qualifications and she may have grown up in the countryside, but she’s smart, diligent, and always burns the midnight oil…”

“Oh, you’ve actually noticed so many plus points in her,” Catherine mocked.

Upon hearing that, Ethan thought that she was jealous. With that, he displayed a helpless expression.

“Now isn’t the time to feel jealous, Cathy. You should understand the concept of the tortoise and the hare—”

“Who’s jealous? Ethan, you ditched me and got engaged to her. What gives you the right to force me into working hard for you? Does it mean that you’ll give up on me if I stop working hard? Actually, do you want a woman you love or a woman who matches your status and is capable of helping you?”

“If I’m not into you, would I waste my time meeting you here? Listen to me. Go home and apologize to Mr. Jones, Mrs. Jones, and Rebecca so that you can return to Summit soon,” Ethan answered impatiently.

“What’s the point of returning to Summit? No matter how hard I work, Rebecca is capable of ruining my achievements at any time.” Catherine suddenly scoffed. “Actually, in your eyes, those achievements don’t belong to me but to you who fought for them.”

Her aggressive words made Ethan boil with rage. “If it hadn’t been for me, could you have won the hotel project? Why won’t you reflect on your weaknesses? No wonder you can’t get along with everyone.”

“You’re right. You’d better stay away from me, then.”

Catherine was so furious that her teeth chattered. Upon pulling open the door violently, she said fiercely, “Don’t come and meet me anymore. I’m disgusted by your face right now.”

“What are you saying?”

Ethan showed a grim expression arrogantly. “Haven’t you looked at yourself in the mirror before telling me off?”

“Yes, I look terrible. I don’t deserve to be with a noble person like you, Young Master Lowe.”

Catherine gave a cold smile, then closed the door forcefully. She started the car which quickly drove out of view.

Ethan, who was left there, lifted his leg and kicked the tree beside him.

At that moment, Rebecca called him while speaking with an anxious tone.

“Ethan, you went to meet Cathy, didn’t you? Just advise her nicely. Be easy on her.”

At the thought of Catherine’s unkind expression, Ethan could not help but say, “She treated you so badly, yet you’re putting in a good word for her.”

“I just have to help her. I empathize with her, actually.” Dejected and aggrieved, Rebecca added, “From her point of view, I do seem like a robber who snatched her things away from her. Having said that, I’m not the one who can make decisions regarding the company’s matters. It’s my dad who decides it all. As for you, I’m truly in love with you. Despite knowing that you have feelings for her, I can’t help competing for your love. Will you blame me for being too selfish, Ethan?”

If this had happened earlier, Ethan would have actually blamed her.

However, when he recalled Catherine’s lack of effort to work toward their future together, he suddenly felt that Rebecca loved him more than Catherine did.

There was nothing wrong with loving someone.

All of a sudden, he felt a twinge of guilt. “No, I’ve never blamed you. Don’t think too much.”

“Okay, Ethan. I’ll work hard so that you can take over Lowe Corporation. I know you’re planning to work on a project with the Campbell family these days, which is why I’m in frequent contact with Janet…”

Ethan finally saw why she did that. Deep down, he was rather sympathetic toward Rebecca as he knew that it was not easy to get along with Janet. “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. I’m willing to do anything for you.”

It was the first time Ethan went blank. He wondered if it was worth going to great lengths to win Catherine’s heart back.

A Maserati moved along the wide road.

Throughout the journey, Catherine shivered as she felt both physically and mentally icy.

Never did she expect that she and Ethan would one day end up being so harsh to each other. It left her wondering whether he was the one she used to love. Why would he lose faith in her, have a bad impression of her, and act selfishly?

It could be because she had never penetrated his mind.

Shortly afterward, her phone rang.

It was a call from Sally. It was the first time Catherine received a call from Sally since she left the house.

Catherine knew for sure that the call was not about letting her return home, yet she answered the call in spite of herself. “Mom—”

“Don’t call me ‘Mom’. I don’t have such a cruel daughter!” Sally’s angry voice came from the other end. “Come back and apologize to your sister right now!”

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