Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 24

Of course, Chase dared not voice out his opinion. “I know the person in charge of the center quite well. Should I just pull some strings to give her company the project? As far as I know, many other big companies, Summit included, are participating in the bidding too. It’s a fierce competition.”

“There’s no need for that. The chance is already presented to her. If she fails to acquire the project, it simply means that she’s not capable. Just ensure it’s a fair competition.”

Chase was impressed. This man really showed no mercy even to his own wife. “Right, I’ll do as you say.”

Five minutes later, Catherine returned with a bag of streaky pork. “It’s sorted,” he said casually.

She appeared startled. Was that all it took? This uncle of Ethan must be a powerful man.

“Thank you,” she said sincerely.

The corners of his lips curled into a smile. “Now, let’s head home for roast pork.”

A look of mock surprise washed over her face. “I wasn’t going to make that. I’m thinking of making pork and potatoes stew.”


He was speechless.

His face changed as a whole range of emotions flashed across it. “Pfft.” She chuckled. “I’m messing with you. I’m planning to make roast pork.”

“Catherine Jones,” he enunciated each word carefully. How dare this woman tease him?! Was she taking advantage of him after he displayed a hint of kindness?

Upon realizing he was getting upset, she quickly stuck out her tongue and said in a playful manner, “Is it that difficult to admit you like roast pork? There’s no shame in admitting one’s guilty pleasure.”

He gave a snort of disdain.

She questioned with a grin, “Do you know what I like to eat?”

“Cat food,” he said.


She did not know what to say.

What the hell? She should stop cooking for him.

“I like to eat you the most.” She pouted her lips adorably and winked flirtatiously.

Shaun threw her a sideways glance. “Did no one warn you about flirting with a man in the car?”

Catherine became nervous. What about flirting in the car? Could it be possible that he wanted to…

Cough, thinking about that made her blush. She was not that open-minded.

“It’ll lead to a rollover accident.”

His tone was as cold as a bucket of ice water.


She kept quiet.

He smiled slightly upon seeing the embarrassment written all over her face. “We’re here.”

Once home, she made him a delicious lunch. He did not return to work until his stomach was full and satisfied.

Meeting room.

President Yates had already received news from the center. Like a child bubbling with excitement over a popsicle, he ordered for an emergency meeting.

The ones participating in the meeting included Catherine, President Yates, the project manager, and another designer, Henry Moore.

“Jones, I didn’t think a young woman like you could be this capable. You actually got us the chance to participate in the bidding. This is the mega project that Melbourne has been building for the past five years. It’s going to be one of Melbourne’s landmarks in the future.”

President Yates could not stop showering her with compliments. “Even if we can’t get this project, being able to participate in the bidding is also a tremendous push for our company’s future.”

“President Yates, I’m sure we can win the bid with a great concept. We need to have faith in ourselves. Although the size of our company is small, perhaps we can subcontract to other designers. This is no small feat, but we can take it on,” Catherine said earnestly.

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