Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 25

The project manager exclaimed, “It’s not that easy. Among the bidders are two listed companies, not to mention the several other companies with decades of experience in the field and numerous branches. I think Summit is probably going to be the winner of this competition.”

Catherine felt a tightening feeling in her chest.

It was not unusual that Summit was participating too. After all, big projects like this not only brought lots of profit but also honor. She had no idea which designer would represent them for this project. However, she was not concerned anyway. No one knew the designers working at Summit better than she did. Those people had plenty of experience but lacked creativity.

After a brief consideration, she said, “President Yates, we should be courageous and take on the challenge. The Culture and Technology Center will be open to the public in the future. I think we can combine both cultural aspects and science concepts into the design to give users a different experience of the future advancement.”

“Good point,” President Yates complimented. “Well, you and Henry can collaborate to work on the design. We have half a month left until the deadline. Leave the other projects aside and focus on refining this idea.”

Catherine was concerned upon hearing this.

Although they had not spent much time together, she noticed that Henry could be quite an impulsive person. He was always using the fact that he was two years her senior to criticize or give her orders when he did not have the capability to do those tasks well himself.

More often than not, he simply imitated the designs from available images. This style of working could work for common interior designs, but he was not at all qualified to handle big projects like this one.

She suggested politely after giving this some thought. “President Yates, I think it’s better if Henry and I work independently. After all, every designer has different ideas and working together might create conflicts. Besides, we’re still young, thus a friendly competition might give us new inspiration.”

President Yates remained silent as if considering the proposal. On the other hand, Henry took this as a personal insult. “What do you mean? You think you’re better than me—”

“No, I’m suggesting a fair competition.”

“You’re a few years younger than me and lacking experience. Instead of learning from your senior, you aim too high and are overconfident in your abilities.”

Henry’s tone was harsh. “15 days isn’t enough for a big project like this. Not only do you refuse to assist me, but you’re also wishing to create a design of your own. Is showing off more important to you than the company’s success?”

President Yate’s impression of the woman evidently changed upon hearing this.

Catherine took a deep inhale. “It’s true that I’m a few years younger, but I’ve participated in several large-scale projects like this before. Not to mention that I studied abroad—”

The corners of Henry’s lips twitched into a sarcastic smile. “So what if you’ve studied abroad? Does speaking an additional language somehow make you more special? You wouldn’t have joined our small company if you’re as capable as you claim. Show us evidence instead of blowing your own trumpet. I can also claim to have taken part in designing the queen’s palace.”

“I’ve said that this should be a fair competition based on abilities.”

Catherine turned to face the boss. “President Yates, I was the one who secured us a place to participate in the bidding. Anyway, 15 days later, you can pick the design sketch you prefer more. I trust your judgment and will not have any objections to it.”

The last sentence that was said with genuine respect pleased President Yates.

“Alright, that settles it. Moore, watch your tone. Jones is not your assistant, after all.”

The meeting ended on that note. President Yates then left the room.

After this incident, Henry took it as a personal mission to mock and ridicule Catherine at every possible chance.

She was not bothered by the man at all. His ability could never compare to hers in a million years.

In the next 15 days, she completely immersed herself in the designing process for the center.

Sometimes, Shaun would wake up in the middle of the night to see her room still brightly lit. The dark circles beneath her eyes every morning also became more prominent.

He did not comment on that. After all, it was good that the young woman had the will to fight.

It was that fighting spirit that made him who he was today too.

The deadline arrived in the twinkling of an eye. Shaun returned home after spending a day disputing a lawsuit. He noticed the radiant smile that lit up Catherine’s face.

“Is it done?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

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