Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 26

“Yup, this is my sketch. Let me know what you think.”

Catherine opened the laptop and handed it over.

A mysterious dark blue color spread across Shaun’s eyes. At first glance, he felt as if he was traveling through a space-time tunnel surrounded by dazzling starlight.

She began explaining the concept behind the design. “This sketch is titled ‘Cosmic Eye’. Look, don’t you think the countless nebulae here resemble pairs of twinkling eyes? I believe the main focus of our future expedition lies in the universe. Over here is the Fourth Dimensional World, designed using Escher style…”

He listened attentively as she explained the details with assurance. His eyes remained as still as water although he was secretly overwhelmed with astonishment on the inside.

This creativity with a touch of exploration was perfectly suitable for the interior design of a technology center.

Indeed, he had underestimated her in the past. He did not expect a young lady born with a silver spoon in the mouth would know much about designing. However, her performance far exceeded his expectations.

She was even better than numerous popular designers whom he had worked with before.

This woman was extremely talented in this field.

There was this inexplicable charm when she was engrossed in work.

“What do you think?”

Catherine blinked eagerly at him after introducing the design. The sparkle in her eyes showed that she was definitely fishing for compliments.

“Satisfactory,” Shaun said simply, pretending not to see the excitement in her eyes.

She pouted at the man’s remark as she thought her idea was brilliant. “Do you think I stand a chance?”

“Don’t be so full of yourself. There’s always someone more talented out there.” He dampened her enthusiasm.


She was frustrated for not receiving the praise she anticipated. It seemed like the end of the conversation.

“I’ll definitely win this.”

She closed the laptop with an affirmative nod before turning around and walking away, swinging her ponytail proudly in the air. She did not know that the man behind her had his lips in a faint smile.

The following day, President Yates could not stop smiling when Catherine showed him her sketch. He decided to proceed with her sketch right there and then.

Henry’s face reddened with anger. He lowered his head to the ground so that others would not notice his grimace.

The day of the bidding. Catherine hurried over to the location.

Upon arriving, she noticed Rebecca and her team getting out of the company car.

A lump formed in her throat. It was a strange feeling to see the familiar faces with their new leader.

Those people who used to work alongside her were now closely trailing after Rebecca. They threw glances filled with disdain and ridicule at her.

“Hey, look, it’s the great designer, Catherine Jones. You’ve been fired from your post but still show up for the bidding? What cheek,” James said in mockery.

“I’m here as a representative of the company I’m currently working for,” she replied coldly. “Laugh all you want, but you should know my ability.”

“Ability?” He scoffed. “You only secured a place at ours because of the president. You’re nobody after leaving Summit.”

“Cousin, don’t say that. She’s our sister, after all,” Rebecca said jokingly, “Cathy, which company are you representing today? We might be rivals, then.”

“You’re the designer for Summit?” Catherine was rendered speechless. Jeffery really spoiled this daughter enough to pass on the project to her. Rebecca only started learning designing less than half a year ago. How capable could she really be?

“That’s right. I designed the entire sketch by myself.”

A strange feeling materialized in Catherine’s heart upon sensing the meaningful smile that was spread across Rebecca’s face.

“I don’t have faith in your moral standing.” She scoffed as she presumed Rebecca probably took credit for someone else’s work.

“Cathy, I know you’re jealous that Ethan and I got together, but you shouldn’t be humiliating me in such a situation,” she said in a voice full of grievances.

“Catherine, you really are vicious to the core,” James insulted her.

“You’re a sick bunch.” Catherine could not be bothered to continue arguing with them. She turned around with the intention to leave.

“Stand right there. You can’t leave without apologizing to Rebecca,” he shouted behind her.

“Let it go. She didn’t mean that,” Rebecca pleaded.

Catherine quickened her pace. She was about to lose her mind dealing with that hypocritical woman. Rebecca should have joined the entertainment industry given her natural talent in acting. She certainly stepped foot into the wrong industry.

She gathered with President Yates and the others on the second floor.

He drew lots for their team. “Our slot is right after Summit Group.”

Her brows twitched into a frown at the coincidence. However, she did not give much thought to it. After all, she was well confident with her ability.

The bidding commenced soon after.

The first person who showcased their concept was a representative from a household furniture company. Catherine noticed that President Sawyer of the organizing committee only nodded without showing much interest.

Five other interior design companies presented after that. Their sketches were not bad but not attractive in any particular way.

Soon, Rebecca’s turn was up as the representative of Summit. She was wearing a neat yet somber brown business suit. She was by far the youngest designer out of all who had presented their ideas up on the podium.

The audience showed contempt on their faces because of her young age. However, by the time she displayed her design, everyone was stunned.

Catherine leaped out of her seat, overwhelmed by astonishment. This was the piece of work that she produced after half a month of sleepless nights.

How did it fall into Rebecca’s hands?

She clenched her fists into balls, her eyes glowing with savage fire.

“Hey, the one at the front, can you sit down, please? You’re blocking our view.” Someone from another company shouted behind her, annoyed.

It was as if she could not hear any of that. Her eyes remained glaring at Rebecca murderously.

The latter flashed a smug smile at her from the podium before continuing to explain the concept. “This is the Fourth Dimensional World that I designed. It’s a mysterious, undiscovered world…”

President Sawyer’s eyes were now twinkling with brilliance, and even the others among the audience began giving their compliments. “This young designer from Summit is pretty impressive. Not bad.”

“I heard she’s Jeffery Jones’ daughter. The young lady of Summit Group.”

“Really? She’s really talented and knowledgeable. There’s certainly a bright future awaiting her.”

Catherine interrupted loudly as she could not hear more of it. “Are you going to mention Cosmis Eye and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea? As well as academic research areas and artistic exchange spaces using high-end technologies like photoelectric curtain walls, cool river water, and LED new light systems?”

A pin-drop silence enveloped the hall. Rebecca paused her speech to look at her with a frown and a shocked expression.

“How do you know the details of my concept?”

Catherine scoffed, her blood now boiling beneath her skin. “These are my designs and concepts. You’ve literally stolen every detail of my ideas. Is this how your large-scale company gets to the top of the industry, by stealing other people’s work?”

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