Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 27

“You’re saying she stole your concept?” President Sawyer frowned.

“That’s right. I have evidence on my laptop too. I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time and effort putting these ideas into drawings, even starting the 2D sketch from scratch. I have the rough drawing with me as well.”

“Show me.”

Catherine immediately retrieved her laptop, but to her utter shock, all the documents had vanished. She failed to locate the initial sketches she kept in her purse too.

At the speed of lightning, she snapped her head toward Henry who was standing nearby. “Did you delete my documents?”

She could not think of anyone else apart from this man.

“Have you lost your mind? I’m your colleague.” Henry sprung to his feet in rage.

Rebecca, who was still standing on the podium, said in a stern voice, “Cathy, that’s enough. We can solve our personal dispute some other time, but this is a huge moment for Summit. Must you accuse me in front of the public simply to embarrass me?”

President Sawyer appeared dismayed. “You two know each other.”

Rebecca replied before Catherine had the chance, “She’s my younger sister. Things have been tense between us because of some personal matters…”

James slammed his fist on the table as he sprung to his feet. “Rebecca, you don’t have to be so nice to her. She’s trying to ruin your reputation so that she can inherit the Jones family’s business. This vicious woman must’ve had a peek at your design plans.”

“I did not.” The rage inside Catherine burned furiously.

“Then show us your proof. You’re now accusing others without concrete evidence. Do you know how much blood and sweat Rebecca has poured into this project? Yet you have the cheeks to blame her.”

Henry suddenly rose to his feet. “Oh, no wonder the sketches you showed us were better than mine. It’s because you copied someone else’s work. Apparently, you’re still working for Summit. President Yates, this woman is tricking us.”

President Yates was evidently displeased. “Catherine Jones, are they telling the truth?”

In all honesty, he did not believe Catherine could come up with this spectacular piece of work alone, given her young age.

“President Yates, can you not see that Henry has been bribed?” She defended helplessly.

Henry quickly explained himself, “I don’t know a single person working at Summit. President Yates, I’ve been working with you for many years now. Don’t you know what kind of person I am?”

“Alright, I’ve heard enough. I can’t afford to lose more of my dignity here.” President Yates stood to his full height looking dejected. “We’re not qualified to participate in this bidding. Catherine Jones, you’re no longer an employee of our company.”

Then, he left alongside Henry.

Disdain filled James’ eyes. “Even the people from your company are not taking your side. Your reputation must be terrible.”

“James, Rebecca, remember that what goes around comes back around.”

Catherine lost her cool. She picked up the mineral bottle and threw it at them.

President Sawyer was truly upset. “Get her out of here. How did they allow this kind of person into the bidding this year?”

Soon, two security guards rushed in and took her away by force.

It was pouring outside. Catherine was pushed to the rain by the guards. Rainwater mercilessly poured on her from above, drenching her completely from head to toe.

The burning fire inside her was extinguished by the rain within seconds. What replaced it was grievance and sorrow.

She did not understand. Did she somehow wrong Rebecca in their past lives?

Catherine had spent so much effort to start over again.

However, Rebecca kept targeting her repeatedly, even ruining her reputation in the interior design industry. Who else still dared to hire her in the future?

Right at this moment, she felt that her life was miserable.

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