Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 28

The gates gradually opened after some time.

Rebecca approached her while shielding herself from the rain under an umbrella. A smug look washed over her face. “Cathy, thanks a lot. Your design earned me the right to this project. You really are talented.”

Catherine lifted her head, her eyes glowing with fire.

The other woman smiled. “Don’t get too upset. The project would’ve belonged to me with or without your design. Ethan had already pulled the strings for me. Perhaps you have no idea that his uncle is a good friend of President Sawyer? Your design was just a prop to the plan.”

Uncle… Shaun?

Catherine felt as if a wild animal was tearing her heart into pieces with its sharp claws. Her breathing became erratic.

She had genuinely felt grateful to him for giving her a chance.

Little did she know that he had already decided the ending beforehand. Why did he lie? He knew how much effort she had poured into this project.

Her eyes glistened, but she could not tell if it was the rain or her own tears.

Rebecca naturally took pride in the woman’s suffering.

“It’s a shame no one in the industry will hire you again after learning about your terrible personality. Poor thing. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of our parents well. Leave it to me to look after Summit and Ethan.

“To be honest, Ethan thinks poorly of you. He’s ashamed after seeing you handing out leaflets on the streets. He told me you’re not a good match for him.”

“Rebecca, did I wrong you or something?”

Devastated, Catherine lost the last ounce of self-control. She pounced at Rebecca, throwing the latter to the ground and seizing her by the throat.

Rebecca did not appear flustered but simply revealed an enigmatic smile.

Before Catherine could register the meaning of it, a strong force peeled her back and threw her into the muddy puddle.

She lifted her head only to see Ethan hurrying over to help Rebecca to her feet. He then removed his coat and draped it over the woman.

“I’m fine, but quickly check on Cathy. She’s disheartened from losing the bidding.” Rebecca trembled in Ethan’s embrace.

“Why are you still caring for her?” Ethan glared at the woman on the ground with his teeth clenched. “Look what you’ve turned into. You’re so heartless that you’re even bullying your own sister. I really can’t believe I used to like you.”

The relationship they built since childhood was completely shattered at this point.

Catherine stared hard at his face. She could not even recognize those unfamiliar features anymore. “That’s right, I regret that I used to like you too. I must’ve been blind.”

“I dare you to say that again.” Ethan was incensed by her words.

“Not only have you broken the bidding rules but you also can’t tell right from wrong!” Catherine shouted at the top of her lungs. “Do you think she could come up with that design, given her limited ability? Perhaps you knew it from the beginning but decided to shield her anyway. I don’t care if you love her, but why must you bring me down in order to gain success? You lowly couple!”

“Watch your mouth.” Ethan slapped her across the face, sending the staggering woman to the ground once again.

Catherine’s cheek was burning, but the pain was nothing compared to what she was feeling deep inside her heart.

Where was the man who promised to take care of her forever?

Where was the man who said he had no feelings for Rebecca?

Where was the man who begged her to wait for him just a few days ago?

Fortunately, she had not believed his words. She did not have the courage to.

Ethan narrowed his eyes. Looking at the battered woman, he said bitterly, “Don’t think that everyone is vile like you. I know for a fact that Rebecca had stayed up countless nights to come up with this design. Yes, she started learning late, but she’s talented. Everything that happened today is a misfortune you invited upon yourself. Realize your mistake and start over before it’s too late.”

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