Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 29

With that, Ethan picked Rebecca up into his arms and walked toward the Lamborghini.

When his car sped into the distance, leaving her behind for the second time, Catherine truly lost all hope in this man.

Starting from this moment, any love she felt for him before was replaced by hatred and despise.

“Oh, you poor thing.” James walked toward her while holding an umbrella, smiling with his eyes narrowed. “The young lady of the Jones family who was once above everyone else has now lost all her power.”

Exhausted, she could not be bothered to deal with the man. She started walking toward her car in silence.

His voice rang behind her. “Uncle Jeffery and Aunt Sally will definitely be informed of today’s incident. It’s obvious that they favor Rebecca over you. Don’t dream of heading back to the Jones family anymore because no one there welcomes your presence.”

Slam! She shut the door and drove away.

His words were not news to her, but it did not matter. Her life was miserable enough. No one really loved or cared for her.

6.00 P.M.

Shaun came home from work.

In the past, even if Catherine was occupied at that moment, the house was always brightly lit and filled with a delicious aroma. He could always catch a glimpse of her silhouette as she moved across the kitchen diligently, preparing dinner.

Today, however, there was only darkness.

He turned on the lights only to find Catherine curled up on the couch. Her hair was disheveled and her eyes appeared sorrowful. She rested her chin above Fudge’s head as she held the cat close in her arms. She looked lifeless and defeated.

She had always appeared energetic and radiant in front of him. It felt slightly strange seeing this unprecedented side of her.

“The bidding didn’t go well?”

He removed his coat and threw it on the couch casually. “Failing once isn’t a big deal. You’re still young—”

“I’m allowed to be deceived like a fool because I’m young?” She shot him an angry look. “People like you who are at the top of society don’t even care about other people’s feelings, right?”

A hint of annoyance flashed across his face. He assumed the upset woman was projecting her rage at him. “With this behavior, failure serves you right.”

“That’s right, I’m a failure. My biggest failure is having trusted you.”

Catherine clenched her fists. Although it was clear that he did not love her, she was his wife by law at the very least. Even so, he had tricked her like a fool.

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Shaun was irritated by her remark. “You wouldn’t even have had the chance to participate in the bidding if I hadn’t lent you a hand. If I knew this was how you were going to behave, then I definitely wouldn’t have bothered.”

“Thank you very much. I beg you to stay out of my affairs in the future.”

She scoffed while getting to her feet. Fudge leaped up from her embrace. The cat felt the tense situation between her two owners and scratched the woman’s shirt helplessly.

He was not only furious with her attitude but also truly disappointed.

Initially, after seeing her designs, he thought she was really talented. However, plenty of people in this world were born with talent, thus there would always be someone better and stronger out there. One failure was enough for him to see her true colors.

Honestly, he despised people like this.

“Remember what you said. Starting from today, apart from looking after Fudge, I don’t want anything to do with you. You don’t have to cook for me either. It’s only going to make me sick.”

Then, he picked up the cat with one hand, grabbed his coat with another, and left the house.

An eerie silence enveloped the room. She had a warm cat to comfort her cold heart earlier but that was now gone too.

Catherine’s mind went blank. The sun slowly faded into the darkness.

She left the house and headed to the bar.

The server brought her several bottles of beer. She popped the cap off one of them and started taking big gulps.

She had never liked drinking before. It was only now that she discovered the benefit of drowning one’s sorrow with alcohol.

She glanced at the young people dancing on the stage nearby as she drank.

How easy her life was in the past.

A life without worries with everyone by her side.

Gradually, her vision began to blur.

She did not notice the person watching her closely from a corner. A brief moment later, the person made a phone call. “Janet, guess who I saw?”

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