Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 30


“Catherine Jones! She’s drinking alone at the bar. Ah, she’s still as beautiful as ever.”

Janet instantly became agitated. “That b*tch.”

She would never forget the humiliation she suffered from being thrown out of the restaurant last time. That incident made her the laughing stock among the elites of Melbourne.

She was pleased to hear about what happened in the bidding event today.

However, that was not enough. She wanted to destroy her completely. Little did she expect the opportunity to fall upon her so soon.

“Zayn Larson, are you still interested in her?”

“Well, not really, but she has always looked down on me back when we were in school. I’m quite curious to see what it’s like,” Zayn said crudely, “for her to beg for my forgiveness.”

“Sure, I’ll give you the opportunity.”

Janet told him the plan. A surge of passion washed through him like waves. “Are you sure about this—”

“Don’t worry, I’ll back you up. Catherine has no one on her side now. If something like this happens, the Jones family will be even more eager to cut off ties with her.”

“Alright, then I’ll perform well tonight.”

The corners of Zayn’s lips curled into a malicious smile as he watched the silhouette of that beautiful woman.

Catherine was pretty drunk at this point. She vaguely remembered seeing a server approaching her with another cocktail.

She could not recall if she had ordered it, but her glass was empty so she drank the cocktail without hesitation.

Not long later, she fell onto the couch with her eyes closed.

Inside the clubhouse.

Fudge was curled up next to the stool. Shaun filled her bowl with small fishes. The cat munched on it a couple of times before turning away in disdain.

Chase scoffed. “Your cat is so picky. This fish is the specialty of my clubhouse.”

“It means your chefs are not up to standard.”

Shaun helped himself to a piece of chicken but lost interest to continue eating.

He was accustomed to eating Catherine’s home-cooked meals. These dishes placed in front of him tasted like trash compared to the food she made.

“You should head home for dinner, then,” Chase commented angrily, “Your home-cooked meals are the best. Go home and get Catherine to prepare a feast for you.”

“Don’t mention that woman again.” Shaun’s face fell.

“How did she offend you this time?” Chase was suddenly reminded of something. “Today was the day of bidding, right?”

“I said, don’t bring her up,” Shaun warned.

Chase pursed his lips without commenting further.

He spoke on the phone briefly a while later. “Wesley Lyons from Golden Corporation is in the private room next door. He wants to discuss the business project we mentioned last time.”

“You go ahead. I’m not interested in cases that don’t require brainwork.”


Chase was speechless.

‘Of course, you’re better than everyone else because you’re so smart,’ he thought silently.

He went to the room next door, frustrated.

When he returned 20 minutes later, the dishes on the table remained pretty much untouched.
Chase pulled the chair back and sat down. “Guess who was in the room earlier? President Sawyer, the person in charge of the technology center, and also Ethan Lowe from Lowe Corporation. I heard he used to go out with Catherine.”

“Will you stop?” Shaun was evidently annoyed. Hearing that woman’s name sent his blood boiling.

“Listen.” Chase put on a serious face. “Ethan and Rebecca are to be engaged next month, not to mention that he’s Wesley’s nephew. Summit Group officially bagged the project from today’s bidding. Don’t you think something is strange once you connect the three of them together?”

Shaun was unfamiliar with the network in Melbourne, but he kind of understood the picture now. “Summit played dirty?”

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