Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 31

Shaun got into a fit of rage after he finished speaking. “Didn’t I ask you to ensure a fair bidding?”

Chase looked grim. “Earlier, I told President Sawyer to give Imperial Design a chance and carry out the competition in a fair manner. Perhaps President Sawyer assumed that I allowed the small company to participate in the bidding to gain popularity. He wasn’t aware of my intention to take care of Catherine.”

Shaun rubbed his forehead. It was no wonder Catherine was eliminated despite her wonderful design. Moreover, she seemed strange earlier this evening.

After some thought, he took out his phone to call Hadley. “Help me check what happened during the bidding today.”

Chase said, “I can easily find out about it by asking around.”

Shaun scoffed. “I have no faith in you.”

Chase turned glum. After giving it a thought, he realized that the issue stemmed from his negligence.

At that instant, the phone kept vibrating due to an influx of group messages.

Upon viewing the messages, Chase shook his head and sighed. “Melbourne’s entertainment industry is mostly filled with unscrupulous people. Having said that, this woman looks quite pretty. Unfortunately, once this sort of incident is exposed, she won’t be able to gain a foothold in the industry anymore.”

Shaun grasped the significance of his message upon hearing it. He casually glanced around and noticed that Chase was looking at a photo of a woman lying on the bed.

Based on the woman’s back, it seemed that she had a slim waist. The way her jeans and shirt outlined her figure made her look extremely seductive.

Shaun recalled that Catherine had been wearing this outfit this evening.

He grabbed the phone. “Where’s this?”

“Not sure. Probably some hotel. Why?”

Shaun raised his head and glared at Chase. “This is Catherine.”

Chase gaped. “Damn. It’s stated above here that there will be a live video at 7:30 p.m. It’s happening in 15 minutes.”

“Call the police right now.”

Shaun hurriedly switched on the computer in the private room. Within a minute, he managed to track the IP address where the live video would be posted.

Fortunately, the location was very close to the hotel.

In the hotel.

Catherine was very dizzy and nauseous.

She opened her eyes arduously, only to discover that she was on a strange large bed.

She had a sinking feeling.

She wanted to sit up, yet she realized she was left with no strength.

“Stop struggling.” A fat, strong man came over with only a towel wrapped around his body.

Catherine nearly vomited. After taking a careful look at him, she found him familiar. “You’re… Zayn Larson?”

“I didn’t expect you to recognize me.” Zayn giggled while staring at her body. “You had complete contempt for me back then, didn’t you? I’ve long since wanted to ruin you personally.”

With that, he seized her.

“Get lost!” Filled with disgust, Catherine lifted her legs with difficulty to kick him. Nevertheless, she was easily clutched by Zayn.

“Hey, don’t rush. Take your time. Look, lots of people are watching us.” Zayn exerted all his strength to drag her legs forward. Catherine did not notice the two cameras placed on the edge of the bed until he reminded her.

An unprecedented sense of panic and frustration swept over her. “Let go of me now, you b*stard! I might be in an embarrassing situation, but it doesn’t mean you can do anything to me. My dad and mom won’t let you get away with it.”

“Forget it. Your parents will just be disgusted by the way you look now.” Zayn pressed her shoulders with all his energy, then tore her shirt forcefully.


Catherine wept helplessly.

Why did God have to treat her this way? She was already very miserable. She had lost her loved ones and family, and even her dignity was being stripped away now.

Her eyes widened all of a sudden. “I won’t let you get away with it even if I were to die.”

She then bit her tongue violently. Zayn slapped her so hard that her head buzzed. It took her a long while before she could regain her senses.

At that point, Catherine’s eyes were dull. It seemed as though she was frustrated at losing her soul…

Zayn flashed a savage smile. “Nobody will come and save you. You’d better listen to me obediently…”

At that very moment, someone viciously kicked the room door open!

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