Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 32

“Who are you?” In a panic, Zayn got up swiftly.

Shaun felt like vomiting at the sight of his fat body. With a glance at the bed, he noticed Catherine’s flushed face and her loose shirt that was torn in half.

In a fit of fury, Shaun punched Zayn violently in the face.

“The person who’s sending you to jail.”

Given that Shaun was strong and brutal, Zayn was beaten to the ground in no time.

Shaun frantically removed the cameras and threw them at Zayn. After that, he took off his suit and quickly wrapped it around the woman on the bed.

“Catherine, how are you feeling?” He did not dare to touch her swollen face. He just patted her on the back.

“Don’t… Don’t touch me.”

Catherine was still quite dizzy. Upon her realization that someone was trying to touch her, her lips subconsciously quivered as a sign of resistance. Tears began to pour down her face as well.

She had always been arrogant, pretty, and mischievous.

At times, she would cause Shaun to grit his teeth. Nevertheless, seeing the woman’s current situation, Shaun was upset by her foolishness deep down and pitied her encounter at the same time.

“Don’t be afraid. It’s me. No one will hurt you.” He touched her head softly.

Upon smelling a soft masculine scent that was familiar, she naturally felt relaxed.

Her blank eyes slowly showed a sign of understanding. She became conscious of who the person in front of her was. “Shaunny, am I dreaming?”

Someone had actually come to save her in her dream.

“This isn’t a dream. You’ll be fine.”

Shaun gently wiped away the tears at the corners of her eyes. Suddenly, he heard a flurry of activity behind him.

As soon as he turned around, he saw Zayn struggling to get up in an attempt to flee secretly.

“Wait here.” He put Catherine down lightly, then his eyes darkened. “What did you do to her just now?”

Zayn was so frightened that he went weak at the knees. Just as he wanted to run off, a chair hit him from behind. He was unable to get up at all.

Seeing the tall man approaching him, Zayn was gripped by fear. He had no idea why there was a powerful man behind Catherine. “I didn’t touch her. You came when I was tearing her clothes open, really. I swear.”

“You hit her, right?”

Shaun dragged Zayn up, then lifted his hand to slap him.

Soon, Zayn’s fair and chubby face swelled like a ball.

“It’s thanks to you that I slapped someone for the first time.”

Shaun let go of Zayn when a few police officers came to arrest him.

Catherine sat on the bed in a weak condition, watching the situation. When Shaun turned around, she forced a smile. A moment later, she experienced a blackout and subsequently fainted.

Shaun carried her and dashed outside.

Chase, who just rushed here, caught sight of the situation and got a shock. “Is she… okay?”

“Find out what happened tonight. I don’t want to see that person anymore.” Shaun suppressed his anger and gave Chase an order. With that, he headed to the hospital speedily.

The Campbell family’s house.

Upon noticing the abrupt pause in the live video, Janet had a sinking feeling.

The figure who suddenly appeared in the live video just now seemed to belong to the mysterious man who was present in Grapefruit Restaurant the other day.

Later, she got someone to look into the man and realized that he was just a lawyer.

She heard that he was a prominent figure among the lawyers these days. However, his identity was still incomparable to that of the Campbell family.

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