Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 33

At that moment, Janet’s phone rang. Someone called her and said, “Miss Campbell, Zayn has been arrested by the police.”

“Find a way to bail him out.”

“Well… I’m afraid that’s not possible. Young Master Harrison pulled some strings and requested us to put Zayn in jail forever. We can’t afford to provoke the Harrison family.”

Janet’s heart sank. “Try to tell Zayn to shut his mouth for the sake of his family.”


In the hospital.

Catherine woke up because of the pain on her face.

She opened her eyes, only to find herself in the hospital. She wondered who sent her here.

While she was in a daze, Shaun’s handsome face flashed across her mind.

“You’ve woken up,” the man beside her spoke.

When she turned her head, she saw Shaun rising to his feet from the couch with a reproachful look. “As a married woman, you actually went to the pub alone for a drink. Catherine, you’re brainless.”

At first, she was slightly touched. Before she could even speak, it felt as if a bucket of cold water was poured on her. She felt deeply ashamed.

“You’re right. I almost forgot that I’m married.”

Shaun’s eyes expressed fury. Back then, she was the one who had confessed to him on her own accord and kept pestering him. Now, she claimed to have forgotten that she was married. She simply wanted to deny everything.

“You still haven’t learned your mistake. If it weren’t for me who managed to come in time, you would’ve been ruined forever. I do care about my dignity even if you don’t.”

“Don’t worry. No one knows I’m married to you.”

Catherine was bitterly disappointed. When he showed up at the last minute, she initially saw a ray of hope, thinking that he cared about her. It turned out that he only cared about his dignity.

Shaun was offended by her attitude. “Well, it seems that I acted superfluously. I shouldn’t have saved you, is that right?”

As she was exhausted, Catherine did not feel like arguing with him anymore.

She dropped her gaze silently. Clutching the blanket, she pulled it closer to her body and snuggled in it like a helpless quail.

Looking at her wounded face, Shaun got restless.

He was not sure what was wrong with himself. When Catherine was unconscious earlier, he had felt like killing Zayn. Now that she was awake, he could not help but target her for failing to protect herself.

Seeing her not uttering a word at that point made Shaun sullen.

The ward remained silent for a while before Chase dashed in. “Zayn has confessed everything… Eh, what happened to the both of you?”

One was sitting on the sofa quietly, while the other was snuggling under the blanket. The atmosphere was bizarre.

“What did he say?” Shaun asked icily.

“He claims that he’s Sister-in-law’s high school friend. He had fallen for Sister-in-law since then, but she wasn’t interested in him because of his ugliness and poor background. As such, he began to hold a grudge against her. Then, he happened to see Sister-in-law drinking alone in the pub. He also heard that she has been kicked out of the Jones family’s house and that she has no one to rely on, so he made her unconscious to ruin her…”

Shaun frowned, then turned his gaze to Catherine. “Is that true?”

Catherine nodded with a pale face. “He has had a bad reputation since our school days as he always dallied with the girls in our class and even frequently peeped into the female restroom. I’m disgusted by this kind of person. It has nothing to do with his money or appearance. I didn’t know that things have become so distorted to him deep down.”

Chase sighed. “This is what happens when one is unlucky. You’ll easily meet a crazy person. Don’t worry, he’ll stay in jail forever.”

Catherine moved her dry lips but did not say anything.

Shaun cast a glance at her and said, “During the live video, many people were watching it. Was her face visible?”

Chase nodded bashfully. “However, whatever that has to be removed from the video has been removed. The video won’t be circulated online, but… quite a number of people from Melbourne’s entertainment industry were watching it at that time. Many must already know about it.”

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