Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 34

Catherine clutched the blanket. Considering that the Jones family already disliked her, she could no longer return to their house for sure.

She laughed while feeling inwardly upset. “It’s okay. I’m not bothered.”

Anyway, no one really cared about her.

After not speaking for two seconds, Shaun turned around and said to Chase, “Go and pull some strings to get the police to praise Catherine on their public platform for being an undercover agent. If it hadn’t been for her who cooperated with the police, the police wouldn’t have been able to seize those people who broadcast illegal live videos such as Zayn Larson.”

Catherine was momentarily stunned. She gazed at him with a puzzled look.

Was he afraid that she would destroy his reputation or did he really care about her?

She could not seem to figure him out.

Chase raised his thumb. “Awesome. That way, I believe people won’t gossip about Sister-in-law but praise her instead. I’m going to settle it now.”

After Chase walked away, Catherine was suddenly left at her wits’ end in the face of the man. “Thank you… for today.”

Shaun bent over calmly and snorted. “You’re finally talking like a human being.”

Catherine was speechless.

Given that so much had happened these few days, she did not have the strength to talk to him at that point already.

“Do you want to eat something?” Shaun asked.

Now that he mentioned it, it occurred to Catherine that she had not taken her lunch and dinner. She would not feel good if she were to receive an infusion on an empty stomach. Nevertheless, she did not want to trouble Shaun. “I’ll just order takeaway using my phone…”

“Fine. If you don’t know what to say, you’d better shut up.”

Shaun was really pissed. Despite his presence, she would rather get something to eat using her phone than seek help from him. In her eyes, was he actually a cruel person?

“Just lie down and rest. I’m going to get you something.”

After he left, Catherine gave a bitter laugh.

It was not because she did not want to rely on him. In fact, she did not have the audacity to do so.

After all, he was Ethan’s uncle—someone who could abandon her at any time.

20 minutes later, Shaun came in with a food container.

Catherine attempted to get up arduously, yet she failed to support her body after a long while.

“Stop struggling. The doctor mentioned that you need at least two days to recover.”

While speaking, Shaun helped her to sit up by hugging her. His chest stuck to her back through his thin shirt, which passed on some warmth to her. Catherine then began to blush.

Luckily, he was quick enough to stuff a pillow behind her back and let go of her afterward.

When she opened the food container, there were three dishes and some soup.

She stretched out her hand, only to discover that she could not lift the spoon.

“Sit still. Stop moving.” Upon ordering her, Shaun scooped a spoonful of soup to feed her.

Catherine was astonished as he usually gave her the cold shoulder.

However, she was having an upset stomach. Without bothering about it, she lowered her head and sipped the soup. She assumed that the food sold in front of the hospital’s gate would taste bad, yet it turned out to be tasty.

Fearing that he would grow impatient, she quickened her eating pace. After having half the bowl of rice, she said, “Okay. I’m done.”

“No. Eat a bit more.” Shaun frowned and continued to feed her.

Catherine had no choice but to continue eating with her head lowered.

She secretly lifted her eyes to glance at him from time to time.

The man’s exquisite face was well-defined, yet not a sense of impatience was visible in his attractive eyes. His dark gaze was fixed intently on her while she was eating.

As she was eating, her face turned even warmer.

Her face was originally swollen, which Shaun did not notice. Later, when he caught sight of the redness at the tips of her ears, he found it amusing deep down.

Normally, her skin was as thick as the defensive wall. He did not expect her to flush when she was being fed. How interesting.

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