Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 35

After finishing a bowl of rice, Catherine lay down with Shaun’s help. “That… Have you seen my phone?”

“No, I haven’t. Someone probably threw it away after you fainted. I’ll buy you one afterward.”

Once Shaun was done speaking, his phone rang.

He walked out with his phone and saw Hadley waiting outside.

“Young Master Hill, I’ve investigated the issue regarding the bidding. I heard that when the designer of Summit, Rebecca Jones, introduced her masterpiece during the bidding event yesterday, Miss Jones claimed in a state of agitation that Rebecca had stolen her masterpiece.”

“Was there such a thing?” Shaun’s eyes revealed astonishment.

“President Sawyer had asked Miss Jones to provide evidence. Miss Jones claimed that the evidence was stored in the laptop but later said that the evidence has been destroyed. She criticized Henry Moore from Imperial Design, saying that it was his doing despite not having evidence of it. After that, she fell out with Imperial Design in public and was subsequently dragged out of the venue.”

“Dragged out?”

Shaun repeated the phrase.

“Yes.” Hadley nodded. Having spent years working for him, Hadley was aware that Young Master Hill was simmering with rage.

“What design did Summit display yesterday?”

“I’ve asked someone to snap a picture of it.” Hadley handed his phone to Shaun. After Shaun glanced at it, his handsome face flashed with coldness.

He had seen Catherine’s design before. It was exactly the same as Rebecca’s.

It was no wonder Catherine did not seem right when she got back yesterday. She was discontented and probably holding a grudge against him.

It was because he had made her participate in an unfair bidding event.

A moment later, Shaun returned the phone to Hadley.

“I’m guessing President Sawyer has done quite a lot of stuff like this in recent years. It’s time to expose them to the world.”

Hadley immediately understood his message. “Got it. Since President Sawyer is going to lose his position, the project that involves the collaboration between Melbourne Culture and Technology Center and Summit…”

“Of course, it’ll be canceled,” Shaun said indifferently, “Block those companies that are planning on working with Summit recently. As for Rebecca… Provoke her verbally.”

“Okay. By the way, if the bidding event is reorganized, is Miss Jones going to handle the project? However, Imperial Design has fired her.”

“Forget the project. She’s capable of designing, but she can’t manage such a challenging task from Imperial Design…” Shaun scoffed twice. “Bring Henry here.”

When Shaun returned to the ward, Catherine was struggling on the bed, seemingly trying to get up.

However, she stopped moving the minute she saw him enter.

“What are you trying to do?”

At the thought of her being badly bullied, Shaun spoke in a rarely gentle tone.

Catherine’s eyes lit up. “You… Can you get me a caregiver? I’ll pay her.”

All of a sudden, Shaun raised his eyebrow light-heartedly. “Are you planning to go to the restroom?”

Now that he had seen through her intention, the blood rushed to her face right away.

Shaun walked toward her. Then, he pulled up the blanket and carried her.

She screamed in shock and subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck. “Put me down now.”

“Fine. You go there on your own, then.” Since she was so stubborn, he decided to put her on the ground straight away.

Catherine lost her balance. She tottered unsteadily and fell into his arms directly as if she could not resist hugging him. She then blushed.


“You’re the one who fell into my arms.” Shaun found it interesting to see her rarely embarrassed expression.

How terrible this man was! For the first time, Catherine was so irritated that she became speechless.

After that, Shaun promptly carried her again and headed to the restroom.

She was dejected. “I told you to just get me a caregiver.”

“Do you think I can get you a caregiver immediately?” Shaun asked sarcastically, placing her on the toilet seat.

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